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Episode 31: The Indoor Kids
The Games That Changed…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #31: The Games That Changed Gaming, or….Game-Changers (with Jensen Karp)

Today Kumail and Emily welcome Jensen Karp, owner of Gallery 1988 and curator of all things pop culture, to discuss the games throughout our lives that have caused us to rethink how video games work. We also try and address the games that changed the gaming industry as a whole, but mostly we just talk about ourselves. Plus Jensen discusses his rap career, and Kumail and Emily wrap up their thoughts on Uncharted 3!


Check out Gallery 1988’s brand new show, Multiplayer x2, honoring video games, opening on February 10th!
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  1. Auilix says:

    Also by the way on the shocking abortion subplot section – Lady & the Tramp has that pre-marital sex subtheme which I never noticed as a kid. Lady and the Tramp spend a night together, then wake up in the morning together, then that very night Trusty and Jock, the neighbor dogs, see her right after she gets out of the pound and the first thing they talk to her about is proposing to her (sensing she is pregnant, they propose so that she can have puppies in wedlock?). weird.

  2. Auilix says:

    Wah! The street fighter aspect of Puzzle Fighter DID have a tie-in though… It’s a fighting-esque puzzle game, not just a regular puzzle game. You are fighting against someone (computer or player) and it is quick and strategic, like SF. Characters attack each other when you blow up the pieces, and do larger “attacks” (which sends more blocks to your opponent’s side of the screen) if you blow up more blocks at the same time. Did he never play Puzzle Fighter two player? It’s really fun. Also – it IS on PSN – and the demo has a free 2P versus mode, so you don’t even have to actually buy the game (although in the demo you can only play two characters, but it barely changes the game mechanics so it doesn’t matter).
    Anyway I’m not sure he really explained it very well is all.

    Also I’d have to chime in that I completely agree with never changing character’s names (why should you for a storyline you’re supposed to really get immersed into?), which I thought might have been more because I’m a girl (and all the boys I knew who played games changed the main character’s name to their own name, but it doesn’t make sense having someone like Link, Ash, or Cloud have a name like “Ami”). But apparently it’s not just a girl thing.

    Oh and my game changers – Duck Hunt (never owned a NES, but it was this moment at someone’s sleepover where I first played video games and stayed up all night when everyone else fell asleep shooting ducks), Lion King for Sega (my first game purchase – it came with the console), Toejam & Earl for Sega (first time i could convince my sister to play along with me and got her hooked on 2P coops), Day of the Tentacle for PC (first game with humour), RE2 for PSX (my reason for buying a PSX and the first time a game really scared me), FFVII (first RPG i played, first time i got so attached to characters from a video game, to this day it is one of the only games i can replay without boredom), Shadow of Colossus (first time i felt like i went on a journey with a character, without having need for speaking or an obvious plot), Pokemon (first handheld game – stayed a constant throughout my life and just when i thought i’d “grow out of it” i got hired there and now there’s really no escaping each new one, although I feel it really needs an update).

    Wow, that was a rant, sorry. Greatly enjoy the podcast guys! Love these general-topic shows as I can’t play first-person games, most of which seems to dominate the Indoor Kids playlists.

  3. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Chiming in late, Origin’s Ultima IV (1985) introduced sleep as a necessary part of game play. Space Rogue (1989, also by Origin) featured a game-in-a-game. I’m not 100% they’re the first occurrences of such, but they definitely beat out Shenmue by over a decade.

  4. Damein says:

    Wow i just saw the Hot Carl video, now i see why he had them all taken down. lol It might be the greatest thing ever, but I might blow my brains out if i had made it.

  5. How come you’ve never mentioned Final Fantasy Tactics? In my opinion that game was THE game changer.

  6. gary says:

    Nerdy Batman Trivia:

    Zur En Arrah – The phrase reverts Batman into another personality that runs on automatic when his mind has been taken over by someone else. It is the last words he heard from his father before they walked in the alley after watching Mask of the Zorro and got shot, “If Zorro really existed, he would be in Arkham.”

  7. Jeff says:

    BTW — I really love the show!!!!!!

  8. Jeff says:

    I know there are a few eps I have not listened to yet, but this is the first time I’ve heard you guys even mention my favorite video game series: Metal Gear Solid. What’s the deal?

  9. devon. says:


  10. DrdrMD says:

    This was a particularly good episode! Emily V. Gordon was on fire! Keep up the awesome! I love hearing about the early games that i otherwise wouldn’t know about.

  11. Gospel X says:

    @orangewaxlion, I’ll be “That Guy” to your “That Guy”. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, or Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki, allowed you to go into an arcade and play Gradius. It was released two years before Day of the Tentacle. And I have a feeling it still wasn’t the first game to let you play a game within it.