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Episode 3: The Indoor Kids
Emily V Gordon and Pete…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #3: Emily V Gordon and Pete Holmes

The Indoor Kids welcome comedian Pete Holmes (Conan, Fallon), and Emily Gordon (G4’s Feedback, Program Director of the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics). We discuss the pros and cons of couples gaming, as well as whether there is a difference in the way that girls and guys approach gaming in general. Also, serial killers & drug dealers in The Sims, those infernal murder-crows in Resident Evil, and extremely terrifying flower patches.

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  1. Jessica-Star says:

    As an avid Nerdist & outside gaming podcast listener, this is like a best of both worlds moment. I enjoy that it’s a mix of comedy and jumping from game to game discussing concepts and trends more than going deep into just a couple games. It’d be totally cool if you went that way too, but almost all the other gaming podcasts I listen to are news and then in depth on one or two games.

    Speaking of other gaming podcasts, thank you for having Emily Gordon on! I felt like Feedback had been waning since Abby Heppe had left, and since Emily started being a regular on there I’ve listened to every episode. She’s great, and hopefully you can have her on again!

  2. Bobby G says:

    ……well, I guess you can have too many, but if I did I’d build a robot.

  3. Bobby G says:

    I just started listening to this podcast and its wonderful, I’ve listened to all four of them already can’t wait for the next one, I’m glad to find a place where people discuss video games. Anyway, I don’t understand why when they moved in together (Kumailn and Emily) and found out that they had two xboxes that one of them had to get rid of one, WHAT!!?!?, they could’ve linked them and played co-op or put it in another room. You can never have too many xbox consoles.

  4. Blappy Mason says:

    I…LOVE…THIS…PODCAST! I’ve done something I’ve never done with a podcast before. Listened to it TWICE. I heard this one on the way to work, and then on the way home I just played it again because I enjoyed it so much!!! Surprisingly me and my wife really got into mass effect. I’ll play and she’ll watch and comment like its a movie. Its such a fun time! I’m also a HUGE NBA buff and have played the NBA2k series since 2009 and before that NBAlive. My wife HATES it. her statement is “It just looks like your watching an nba game”.

  5. Gabe says:

    An excellent game to play with others is Eternal Sonata. It’s incredibly fun, and the story is so crazy it’s great. I recommend checking it out. It kind of got overlooked, and it’s really amazing. Loving the podcast by the way.

  6. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Ben Z. If you have a PS3, co op gaming doesn’t get any better than Little Big Planet 1 & 2. Super fun, not that difficult, gorgeous graphics, very imaginative. And some really awesome user made levels too. Beyond that, the Splosion Man games are amazing, though they ramp up in difficulty very quickly. As for shooters, I think Halo co op on the easiest setting may be a good way to get her into fps’s. Borderlands is great too.

    Also, a cinematic game with an engaging story might be a good way to hook her in. We would switch off playing Uncharted 2, and that was a lot of fun. Not a super tough game. Oh, Peggle is fun! Again, we would switch off trying to beat levels. Braid was fun because its a puzzle game, so while I would control it, she would help me figure out the puzzles. Felt pretty co-oppy.

    Anybody else have any good suggestions for couples gaming? I’ll keep trying to think of more.

  7. HighonFailure says:

    I can’t find the 2nd episode anywhere. I heard the Steve Agee Ep and was hooked.

    You guys need to get this on stitcher, Nerdist podcast is up there and makes listening extremely easy.

  8. Ben Z says:


    I was the Ryu commenter. Sounds like your guests understood exactly what I meant. I agree with all of you that said you want to play a match and have fun, and if someone does something cool I will comment. I really hate spammers, because that’s not a match, it’s just a lesson in annoyance.

    I listened to this ep, because couple gaming interested me as a topic. I wish there had been more discussion though. I’m trying to figure out how to get my fiancé more into games. We play Rock Band (but like you said, that’s not a game), Super Mario, and the new Donkey Kong Country. The problem is that so many games are first or third person shooters. I think she doesn’t like them, because she doesn’t really know how to play them. Any tips on games she could play to help her learn? I would love to be able to play more games co-op with her. What else do you play with your wife? Any non-shooter recommendations?

  9. Dano says:

    Great Show… Keep up the excellent work.

  10. Vincent S says:

    Is it bad that I’m reading Kumail’s comments with his “stand-up voice/accent”?

  11. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Also, MacD’s, you guys. Are. Adorable.




  12. Kevin* says:

    Still enjoying hearing from people who aren’t deep in the game industry — there’s enough of that.

  13. Hey, guys, I’m just posting this as a test to see what’s going on with our comment system. Some folks are complaining that their posts are disappearing. We’ll see if this works…

  14. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks so much for listening guys! I feel like we are still trying to figure out what we want this podcast to be, and your feedback is super helpful and greatly appreciated!
    Rob O. I agree with you about appreciating story lines not having anything to do with gender necessarily. In fact, Pete at one point says he adds story lines into fighting games to get himself more involved. Also, I always get really into the stories, and listen to every second of dialogue, but Emily’s eyes glaze over whenever a cut scene starts up. So, I think you are right about that.
    And we definitely want to get video game industry people on. We wanted to have a few episodes under our belt so we could get comfortable etc, but we’re definitely going to be pursuing that. So you will see industry types on the show very soon.
    And thanks again everyone!

  15. Tim says:

    I just wanted to write in to say I’m loving the new podcast! It had me resisting chuckles in my office which is always a good thing.

    On second thought maybe what I should have said… was nothing.


  16. Emily says:

    Hooray Indoor Kids!

  17. Rob O. says:

    Also: Selling stuff in GW1 sucked. Let’s hope that GW2 has a functional auction house.

    I used to look at my 40k and 100k transactions in GW and wonder what it would be like to have that much in real life, so easily. :/

  18. Rob O. says:

    I don’t think appreciating the story line in a game has anything to do with gender. I buy few games and those I do get usually draw me in through their stories and character, which is why I was such a huge fan of the Resident Evil and MGS series. This is also why I don’t play fighting or sports games.

    My girlfriend moves the controller when she plays, though — again, I think that’s less about gender and more about being a new player. I remember doing that when I was 10 while playing Super Mario Kart on the SNES, which is about when I started to play games.

    It’d be nice if the podcast would consider getting on some guests that maybe are from game studios, or are active in game development — guests who might be able to share some stories, advice and their general experience in the industry of video game design. That’s not a sarcastic comment, just a “this would be cool” comment.

  19. G. MacD says:

    That’s because all of my guns are awesome. Collecting and hoarding totally aren’t the same thing… Shut up! Don’t judge me!

  20. Vincent S says:

    I was hesitant to listen to this podcast ONLY because it takes awhile for anything to get it’s “voice” but I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode (?). Keep it up.

  21. Brad says:

    I’ve now finished the ep, and it was great! The ending reminded me of something I forgot we used to be able to do. I used to love putting Playstation one games in CD players and my computer because a lot of the time their sound bites and soundtracks were playable. I got a lot of free Rob Zombie music that way. Thanks, Twisted Metal!

  22. Brad says:

    For the people interested in reading about the couple that killed their own infant while nurturing virtual baby, here is the link:

  23. Jeff Whaley says:

    i remember cops! with bulletproof and longarm, me and my brother watched it together everytime it was on, which was like three times sadly

  24. J. MacD says:

    All girls I have played games with do that ammo/item hoarder thing. My wife does it all the time like every game is Katamari, especially Borderlands because of all the guns. She carries 100 guns she’ll never use around with her.

  25. Wow. At the current rate, the 100th episode of Indoor Kids will be posted on December 6th.

  26. Matt says:

    I love this podcast. Keep up the awesome, guys!

  27. It’s official you guys! The Indoor Kids is my new favorite podcast…it’s just such a good mix of comedy and video games…LOVE IT!