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Episode 29: The Indoor Kids
Live Show No. 1
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #29: Live Episode No. 1

The Indoor Kids minus Kumail plus Matt Mira host their first EVER live show! In which they basically do the Oscars, but for videogames. Best videogame hair of 2011! Most sexable videogame character of 2011! Other categories! Plus, guests Jordan Morris & Blair Butler! (Kumail could not be there due to completely unavoidable circumstances) Next live The Indoor Kids show: February 11th!

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Special thanks to Carvin for supplying us with the equipment we need to record this podcast! Check out for more information on recording equipment, guitars, amps and more!

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  1. eric says:

    Thanks for the huge Gears 3 spoilers with no spoiler warnings…..

  2. Bo Jackson was good on Tecmo Bowl…but Walter Peyton was THE best!

  3. I enjoyed this episode. Skyrim is indeed the game of the year. I also got to catch Kumail on the Nerdist best of 11. I laughed really hard. It was nice to know he tries his jokes out on the podcast before releasing them in the wild.

    I’d love to see an Indoor Kids live show in Seattle.

    How go play Mass Effect already.

  4. rhzunam says:

    Please put up the Kumail/Mira lost episode. Please pretty please!

  5. Darius says:

    Ahhh, Jordan was doing a great job representing the hardcore fighting game fans…. until he slandered the name of Tekken!!! >XO lol

  6. Aaron says:

    Did anyone else play Shadows of the Damned based on Kumail and Emily’s recommendation? I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as they did and ended up quitting after trying to beat the ‘big boner’ level and failing about 25 times. The worst part was having to listen to Johnson orgasm over and over in the preceding cutscene.

    Love the show guys. This is the only game that I disagreed with and I don’t want this post to come off as dickish.

  7. Vincent S says:

    Congrats on Emily for hosting a very entertaining episode. For some reason, I just want Matt to co-host IDK with either Kumail or Emily in a future episodes. Also, good to hear from Bagel again. 🙂

    :/ KuMatt Nanjimira might just be a cherubic face with gigantic sideburns with Kumail’s deepest accent and a yearning for the Dave Matthews Band.

  8. H says:

    They shit on dead island again in the podcast

  9. H says:

    They shit on dead island again in the podcast 🙁

  10. Matt C. says:

    Btw the thing with Sam and Dom’s tattoo is that he had the tattoo before of his wife’s name in a heart and after gears 2 he asked Sam to change it to a cloud with his wife’s name being held by an angel. Sorry I’m a total gears nerd and have read everything written about it lol. Oh and with the idea at the end of Gears 3 that we were the bad guys, the locust may have been being killed themselves by the lambent, but in all fairness the locust could have come out of the ground, shaken our hands, and worked together to stop the lambent but instead they decided to completely murder us with no explanation.

  11. Matt C. says:

    What Matt was saying about gears with the guns. I would consider that really good balancing.

  12. Ivan says:

    Guys, I don’t wan to brag, but I share birthdays with Dana Gould, David Koechner, Stephen Fry (narrator of Little Big Planet, one of my favorite video-games), AND Hideo Kojima: creator of my favorite video-game series of all time, Metal Gear Solid.

  13. Roger Clendening II says:

    So Jordan Morris looks like Michael J. Pollard? Fun Fact: Pollard played the role of “teenager” Jahn in the Season One Original Series episode of Star Trek called “Miri.” An ironic role: Jahn was supposed to be much older than his physical age of 14 — and the actor himself was 27 at the time.

  14. Ben Clarkson says:

    For the record, people that collect butterflies in real life are creepy.

  15. Emily says:

    Before it’s pointed out to me again, I want to acknowledge the mistake I made in saying “Chocobo Toe” instead of “Cucco Toe” during the live episode, in reference to Zelda’s crotch area. I was very into fake animal breeding in both Zelda games as well as Final Fantasy games, and my brain got them crossed.
    I hope you can forgive me for this slip, and if I’ve caused any stress or fury with my mistake, I do deeply apologize.

    Love always,

  16. odin42 says:

    Another great episode. This had a lot of lols in it for me, causing people at work to ask me whats so damn funny, and then not really being able to explain it to them. Too bad about Kumail, but Mira was just fine as a replacement.

  17. Reed says:

    Oh, also, speaking of putting things on peoples’ heads in Skyrim…

    And relatedly, even more amazing…

  18. Amanda says:

    I love how Emily shouted from the other room in the beginning, and how Bagel was meowing. I don’t know why, I just think it’s adorable.

    Also, I never get tired of hearing you guys talk about Skyrim. None of my friends play it, so I enjoy eavesdropping on your conversations 🙂

  19. Reed says:

    My favorite ingredient to eat:

    Large Antlers.

    “Is that… That Khajiit… Is he eating a tree branch? Is that… I’m gonna get closer, hang on… OK, no. That’s antlers. He’s eating antlers.”

  20. Ross says:

    Great Show! The Zelda timeline caused me some problems when I was trying to choke back the laughter. Getting me in trouble you two.

  21. Brandon says:

    Fantastic show!! Sucks Kumail couldn’t be there, but hopefully there will be many many more of these that he can be on.