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Episode 25: The Indoor Kids
Everything + Christmas …
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #25: Everything + Christmas (with Matt Mira)

It’s the holidays, which means it’s time for a visit from your friend and ours, Matt Mira. Join us as we discuss superheroes, Christmas memories, old consoles, and the political structure of Super Mario World. No one gets us off topic like Mira!

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  1. Goon Diapers says:

    I recently got into this podcast, so I’ve been running through all the past episodes. Sorry this comment is so belated.

    I can’t agree more about the newer Call of Duty games. All my fwiends were playing all the time and I just couldn’t get into it. The multiplayer was horribly unbalanced as well. The guy that just shot me in the head 15 times in a row now gets to call down an airstrike? Why does he need an airstrike if he can kill anyone at the map at will with just his gun? Severely dislike. I played the hell out of Arkham City though, right up to the red ring of death and then onto my new xBox.

  2. Brandon Bennett says:

    Matt mentioned the Star Trek Interactive Techincal
    Manual I still have my copy of it in the original box it came in.

    Here’s a link to a video to check out:

  3. Kevin says:

    Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. King Koopa is the king of the Koopas, not a land.

  4. Scotty Bot says:

    Please please please an all Skyrim episode. Your church of skyrim eps were not enough. I bought an xbox 360 and a copy of Skyrim because you guys nerded out on it so hard…so now I need more!

  5. Ben Z says:

    The trailer for the Doctor Who console game was on Nerdist. If you aren’t DW fans, I can see why you may have forgotten about it. If you are DW fans (which I was thinking you guys had a Dalek in your apartment), then shame for not reading the Nerdist website.

  6. Chris says:

    Nathan Fillion on Indoor Kids

  7. Sam says:

    Oh, Kumail. Crying during the GTA teaser is a little bit adorable.
    I’m gonna get it when it comes out, of course. And I’m sure I’m going to love the shit out of it, but I was really hoping for a female protagonist for this GTA. I think it just makes sense at this point, right?

  8. Eric S. says:

    Great show guys!

    Was the Commodore 64 game Matt couldn’t remember the name of Stealth?

    I too enjoyed Star Trek: Legacy on the xbox 360, but I think my favorite Star Trek games are the adventure ones that Interplay released in 1992 and 93 – Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites.

  9. Danfried says:

    Oh yes, forgot to make the obligatory mention that this is one of my favourite podcasts, if not THE favourite, thanks to Kumail and Emily — they always bring the funny, and the interaction with and choice of guests has been great. No joke, I hold this podcast in the same high regard as I do Slashfilm’s /filmcast and Dan Savage’s Savage Love. Happy Holidays!

  10. Danfried says:

    It’s funny, there have been Star Trek games going all the way back to the mainframe era. I remember playing a version on the Commodore PET with ASCII graphics! With the possible exception of some adventure games, I think the only good ones have been based on starship battles.

    There is however one good FPS Trek game from the PC era that I could recommend — Star Trek: Voyager — Elite Force. It was done by Raven Software and you played as a redshirt (!). It may not have been as successful as Raven’s Jedi Knight games, but it got solid reviews. It probably looks very dated now (it was released in 2000), but I recall it was very faithful to the TV series and the Borg missions were genuinely frightening. Perhaps it has been forgotten because it was based on Voyager, one of the weakest of the Trek series… (I have to say, though, as a guy who really digs the voices of articulate women I’ve always thought Voyager had the sexiest cast of all the Treks!)

    As for Superman, yeah I too always thought he sorta sucked as a comic book character because he was too powerful, but I thought Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve really made him work as a film character. My biggest problem with Superman Returns was that it was fundamentally a remake of Donner’s film but tried to pass itself off as a sequel. (For example, Luther again has a similar crazy real estate scheme, and his downfall is once again related to his choice of mistresses.) That, and messing up the pure nature of the character by giving him a love child. Though I guess having him lift a frakking continent of kryptonite is also a big mistake…

  11. ragnar says:


  12. Shanghai SIx says:

    Listening to the show right now; as I’ve harassed Matt via email before, I run a military gaming charity called Operation Supply where we build video game care packages to troops deployed overseas. PLUG!

    Absolutely every single console care package wish list I get has a request for specifically a) a Call of Duty or Battlefield game or b) a heavy focus on shooters. It’s a strange phenomenon that, as an ex-Army ranger, I don’t get either.

    Thanks guys, and great show!

  13. onReload says:

    Listen guys. Love the show; a little offended….I…cannot accept the mixture of the live-action Mario movie canon with the games. They have no last names! They’re just expert plumbers-cum-superheroes with no need for recognition…and they have to be, what with pitfalls, chestnut people, and fire spitting plants all down under some toilets.

    Peach = princess of mushroom kingdom YOU GUYS

    parents are a mystery, i think, ’cause kids don’t want to think about parents’ influence. or her parents died under the kingdom in a sewer pipe.

    Bowser/Koopa = king of …koopas. i think he just didn’t have a kingdom and was really jealous of political structure.

    also, – i’m sure people can get it to run on a modern system. try changing compatibility modes on the executable’s properties, and if not, just google it +”windows 7″ or whatever you got <- is this the tour kind of game matt was talking about? there's a few ST games that feature video, including Klingon and Borg, where you make choices and then low-budget looking episodes directed by Riker play.

  14. DefconDan says:

    Great episode guys..
    @Matt : I had that tour …. overrated by today’s standards but in the days of Myst and 7th Guest it was cool… kind of.

    Oh and while it was terrible the cancer part joke cracked me up!!!! I’m going to hell which is filled with Intellivisions and arcades where all the joystick contacts are dirty and mess up your games. Still I’d just play with the Vetrex in the corner.

    Merry Christmas Indoor Kids!

  15. RaphyL says:

    The normal edition of Call of Duty Elite that is free, the premium edition is what cost money. That being said the game is still very unbalanced and can be a horrid experience if you are playing players that are a team. Happy Holidays Indoor Kids fans…I’m going back to Gears of War 3.

  16. Nick says:

    I recently found my copy of the Interactive Technical Manual, and it is fun! Requires QuickTime 2.1 to be installed xD

    Also have the “Captain’s Chair” version that lets you play around on the Ent, Ent-D, Ent-E, Defiant, and Voyager bridges πŸ˜€

  17. Brandon says:

    Merry Christmas Kumail, Bagel and Emily!
    I like you in many ways!
    Hope you guys have a good one πŸ˜€

  18. Branden Dorrance says:

    Sweet! Matt Miraaaa! I’m looking forward to this one forsure. Thanks guys; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.