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Episode 22: The Indoor Kids
Church of Skyrim 2 (with…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #22: Church of Skyrim 2 (with Dan Harmon)

Dan Harmon (creator of Community, Channel 101) visits The Indoor Kids again to discuss our obsession with Skyrim. We talk about how our real life personalities affect our characters and behavior within the game, and we try and ascertain specifically what makes this game so awesome and immersive. Plus we talk about celebrities. Something for everyone!

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  1. Colin says:

    I gotta say, it’s gonna be hard playing the next Elder Scrolls game, years from now, with environments and features that blow you away even more…and not being the Dragonborn, with no shouts, and no dragons.

  2. Riverwood_Tim says:

    my midnight laughter woke up everyone in the hotel room. thanks a lot, you three.
    seriously though, that was hilarious. Dan Harmon is brilliant.

    having said that, you bashed three movies that I adore: Good Will Hunting, Amelie, and Chocolate. Open your hearts!

    p.s. were you on skooma when you saw Amelie, because your interpretation was way off 😉


  3. onReload says:

    Definitely agree with you guys on how emotionally forced some of those overhyped movies were, but MY highlight in that segment was Dan Harmon calling Robocop the greatest movie ever made. yes, he did say he felt that way when he was a teenager, but it really is the best movie ever made. it’s scientifically provable.

  4. Raistlen says:

    Hi Guys, first off great show. In general I mean. You have quickly become one of my favorite Pods. In regards to the Skyrim episodes, Fucking Amazing! When I’m not playing Skyrim it’s really great to listen to everyones Skyrim stories. Most of my friends are not up for an epic fantay adventure and my girlfriend is bored to tears by videogames so I have very few outlets for joy that this game brings me, and even though I have no way to contribute to your conversation it still fells like I’m participating when I listen. So sincerly, Thank You.

    As a point of interest I thought you guys might want to know of another way to experience the books in Skyrim. I found the folowing article on and it has links to both .EPUB and .MOBI files that contain all the books of Skyrim. I don’t have an E-reader myself but there is free software available to read these file types so I use my laptop. I am obsessive about not cheating so I jot down the name of 5-10 books at a time that i have found but not read. If I don’t find it, I don’t read it. This allows me to read at work during my downtime and when I get home I can concentrate on playing Skyrim without feeling like I am missing out on the books. It should be noted that I still read anything I encounter immediatly if I thinks its relevant to my current quest and not just part of the general history and mythology that provides backstory. I think this is a good balance and keeps me from missing experiences like the one Dan describes with the Dadrae in the house. Anyway guys keep up the great work, I’ll definitely keep listening.

    Here’s the link.

  5. DefconDan says:

    Loved this one as well.. I’m totally hooked on Skyrim but 2 awesome points from the ‘cast for me was:

    1. Dan’s line about he’s just a NPC in everyone else’s gameworld… dont remember the quote. That was AWESOME. Immediately was a Facebook post :).

    2. The whole OCD thing that games inadvertently introduce with the get 20 of X or 10 of Y… its like they tap into the whole hunter/gatherer // collector core instinct in humans… Its the same reason why baseballs/CCGs always seems to click. We just have to collect something… cracks me up and maybe scares me a little.

    What’s the next quest in Skyrim? Arrange this furniture symmetrically? Omfg that would be like awesome and hellish at the same time!? #Skyrimiscallingmehome #nerdistrules #hashtagsmustbedonein3s

  6. Al says:

    Great episode again guys! I’m loving that each episode bends to accomodate the guests rather than forcing the guest to fit the show. Please ignore the Deeznuts and Davos types; narcissists overweight their opinions and adjust their volume accordingly.

  7. ironring1 says:

    The biggest thing about Skyrim for me is that the bodies of people that I’ve killed seem to stay around forever (I haven’t checked to see if they decompose); there’s no “garbage collection” of objects once you get far enough away from them like in other sandbox games. Like, if I wreck a car in GTA and then walk far enough away and then walk back, it’ll be gone without a trace

    That, and Skyrim’s ambient soundtrack kicks ass (Red Dead Redemption’s soundtrack also is fantastic in the same way)!

  8. GimpyDingo says:

    And keep up the good work!

  9. GimpyDingo says:

    Where is the link to sign up/sign in so I don’t have to type my info every time? I found it one…I know you are here!

    Thanks Kumail! I guess I should speak to my followers more often. They should do more of a Mass Effect/KOTOR treatment where you can learn more about them. ANYWAY…

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll had to Riverwood.

    You can also grind your armor skills (and restoration). Find something that hurts you when you walk into it, like flames, spike pit, etc… Take damage and then use your healing spell, rinse, repeat. Should start leveling both armor and restoration.

    Also when I mentioned the speech grind, make sure to sell arrows that are worth at least 1 gold to the buyer, doesn’t seem to work with items with 0 worth.

    You should definitely go back and play Oblivion, not sure Morrowind would hold up after playing the games in reverse. If you have a pc that can handle it, play it with some of the HD/realistic texture mods and others that limit enemy leveling or adds level caps, to help balance the experience.

  10. Lee Benningfield says:

    I’ve played Skyrim for over 100 hours according to my save file. I think I’m about halfway through, taking all the major quest lines into account.

  11. ani says:

    more church of skyrim please

  12. Deeznuts says:

    See there back to basics and you guys have another awesome podcast. Hats off for doing it during Thanksgiving. I promise to only tell you the honest truth. I’ll try not to bait you, which was not my intention begin with; but you if you say annoying shit, I will be as free with my words as you . The nature of exposing yourself to the public.

    Again great work.

  13. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks all for listening! This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. Super fun to record. I’m sure we’ll have Dan back on again and often.

    GimpyDIngo, Thanks for those tips! Another tip: You know the people who you can have follow you around, like Lydia? Well, some of them can train you. Pay them for the training, ask to trade with them, and just take the money back! I know Faendal in Riverwood will do that for you, as well as many others.

    And thanks again for listening all! You guys are awesome and the best. Love each and every one of you. Individually. Like in a creepy way.


  14. Russ says:

    O frabjous day! Davos has deemed you worthy of his blessings! All Praise Davos.

  15. davos since says:

    This episode serves as a reminder why you’re not film critics. Or video game critics. This is just a casual chat among casuals.

    As long as you accept that and don’t pretend you have insights to offer, we’re all good. Keep it up.

  16. Zuri says:

    We don’t even have the ability to spell correctly. I second Ben’s opinion.

  17. Ben Clarkson says:

    I think if we cast ourselves back in time we would discover that Emily is Kumail’s miracle pixie dream girl.

    Or actually maybe Kumail is Emily’s.

  18. Zuri says:

    Your show is awesome. As an aside…don’t insult the magic pixy girl, that’s all some of us have for a personality.

  19. Alex says:

    Yeah, Glass Man exclicitly explains to Amelie and the audience why what she’s doing isn’t healthy and why whimsy isn’t enough.

  20. Dan had developer patois nailed. It’s like he works in games instead of writing comedy. On rails, Sandbox, immersive , all the jargon. With a testers level of patience for getting deep into a game.

    The horse ignored by thugs in the castle. That means a mounted character no longer carries a trigger for thug behavior. It just reacts to the horse collision in a certain canned fashion.

    Great talk.

  21. FILMCRITHULK says:


  22. michele says:

    John Mayer seemed racist because he is a racist. Just putting that out there.

  23. Andy says:

    Garden State is awesome.

  24. Markus says:

    I was with you until Amelie. Amelie has nothing to do with “I’m going to change your life, I’m a magic girl!” Amelie is about Amelie, not anyone else. I can only assume you were latching onto random shit, as you tend to do.

    If you’re going to get anyone else to talk Skyrim, at least get someone who has played Morrowind. It’s pretty ridiculous that neither of you have even played Oblivion despite having a video game podcast, so you have to rely on the dude from Community to tell you about Elder Scrolls. This is all in the last ten years, I think you can manage it.

  25. Dennis says:

    I discovered about a week ago and I am completely addicted to this podcast probably because I’m around the same age as Emily and Kumail and married as well. You guys are so much more fun to listen to than the usual uber gaming nerds who drone on and on about the same boring thing. You just have such a fresh take on things. I don’t know how many listeners you have but I’m sure it should be a TON more. You have the most hilarious stories and interesting guests. I am definitely hooked. Keep up the good work!

  26. Jack says:

    Loved the Skyrim talk, but someone seemed a bit obsessed with his Skyrim story.

  27. Alex says:

    OK, I can accept that you don’t like Amelie. But if you guys also dislike Pushing Daisies, then you’re all dead to me.

  28. pbnews says:

    I thought she was saying “Vaginomite” as her Twitter handle… I thought it was weird, but I’m even more confused by “thegynomite”.

  29. Aeshir says:

    >I think you should just make Dan the third cohost.

    Can’t wait to listen to this, aaaauugghhhhhh, Dan you beautiful, radiant man.

  30. Oh I loved that episode.

    Made me put Skyrim on my Christmas List. It better deliver. Oh and I like Amelia.

    No hate please. Oh I enjoyed the last podcast as well. The Dude with Jessica was a lucky man.

    Thanks for keeping on doing this.

    Oh can I be a guest co-host?

  31. GimpyDingo says:

    Great episode, I could talk Skyrim for days ( I had a long conversation about it last Friday). With these games I usually do not look online for clues or cheats, but my friend mentioned the blacksmith grinding. I figured I’d get around to blacksmithing eventually, until I realized how easy it was. Just make iron daggers (and then leather braces if you run out of iron). I raised quite a few levels, almost maxed out my blacksmithing and have some awesome armour and weapons, pretty early on too.

    Speech you can raise (I know there is a character you can talk to, to raise it as well), but you can just sell shoes or pants or anything with nearly no weight and quickly level up speech by selling as much as you can find. I am going to try to sell 1 arrow at a time and see if that has any impact as well.

    The mountain climbing was mentioned. This is one thing that I do a lot of. I get lazy and try to go up and over vs. around the mountains. Morrowind you could climb, but was a bit tougher and you got stuck more. This was fixed in Oblivion and you climb even more. For some reason Fallout added invisible walls, even though I could clearly climb that slight crest I was looking at – drove me nuts!! Now Skyrim lets you climb the impossible mountains even easier, love it!

    Also mentioned was the leveling of skills as you use them, which I think is pretty awesome – the blacksmithing could be tweaked, only giving a slight amount of skill points for making smaller items vs higher end dragon armour, etc… But in Morrowind every skill was a grind. Good luck casting magic, you have almost no chance to cast magic if you level is too low in a particular magic skill. So all you would see if your magicka draining and you aren’t even truly casting. Same with attacking, it was more of a dics roll to even see if you strike an enemy!! I liked the hardcore aspect and do miss it a bit in Skyrim.

    The John Mayer story is funny. Enjoyed him on Chappelle show and that was about the only time. Did anyone heckle him during his “stand up”?

    Had to look up the story online. Also pulled up your (Kumail) stand up on youtube and find it amusing that the related videos are all of, I guess you could say, minority comics. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I blame Mayer and his cock…no….chicken choking…no…chick strangling.

    A bit long winded this time, oops

    Keep up the good work!

  32. Jon Bishop says:

    Just started the Thieves Guild quests. My character is terrible at lock picking and pickpocketing so I had to craft armor that gave me +130% in both. #SkyrimHumbleBrag

  33. Roberto says:

    I think you should just make Dan the third cohost.

  34. Yeah I get to listen to Dan Harmon again. I will comment after I listen to it. Thanks K & E for this awesome show.

  35. Ben Z says:

    It’s too bad you aren’t giving away Skyrim stuff. I already have Gears 3. Though, I’m not very creative anyway.

  36. Amy D. says:

    I’ve been playing Oblivion to get my Elder Scroll fix in but I think I have to cave and by Skyrim. I need to run around in some m’fing snow!

  37. Charlie says:

    skyrim. Dan Harmon is great. still waiting for the conclusion of laser fart.

  38. Matt says:

    Wow, it’s really frustrating listening to this at work. I just wanna play Skyrim now.

  39. Bucky says:

    Okay, someone buy this game for me already. I’m tired of playing Dragon Age.