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The Indoor Kids #21: The Church of Skyrim (with Blair Herter and Jessica Chobot)

G4’s Blair Herter & Jessica Chobot visit The Indoor Kids to share how they broke into the gaming industry, and to give tips on how you can too. Then everyone starts raving about Skyrim. It’s all Skyrim this and Skyrim that and Kumail starts formulating a new religion based on the teachings of Skyrim. Then, in Side-Quest, Emily & Kumail discuss the big Gears of War contest some more, and share tips on how to game on a budget.

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  1. Aubrey says:

    Okay, I don’t usually comment, but I have to throw this in. On the topic of nerdy names, I have a friend named “Lorien” from Lord of the Rings “Lothlorien.” It’s the perfect name for a LotR fan, since it’s geeky, pretty, and close enough to normal sounding that she doesn’t get any “wait, WHAT did you say?” looks from people.

  2. onReload says:

    They’re usually not game critics, Charlie; they just play games and talk about them.

  3. Charming Charlie says:

    That was embarrassingly uncritical. I feel like if you all had sat down and watched Transformers 2 you would be talking over each other to say how cool it was when that building exploded, and then when the jet crashed into the building, and do you remember the fight on the bridge?!

    I believe Skyrim does a number of things that are exciting and should be praised for, but your approach to consuming the game doesn’t appear to have any critical element. You are so amazed by the books in the game, most of which were written for Morrowind or Oblivion. Their existence adds something to the verisimilitude, but does not make “the game so deep!” Also, dragons, how cool! Not like that stupid post-apoc settings I just didn’t “get,” i.e., has different thematic takeaways I don’t notice, engage, or look for.

    It seems like the majority of the value Skyrim has, for you all, is the mistaken belief that whatever happens to you is unique, imbuing your game experiences with social value. You can’t wait to gush about something quest that references a funny comedy or how impractical it is to pick up every cabbage. Someone admitted though, the game itself though has combat that isn’t that interesting, and scales to suit you (someone even mentions you can beat the final boss as a weakling).

    I would argue the level scaling (which allows you to go anywhere and do everything) diminishes verismilitude, and that the actual gameplay, outside of relating it to some other player, is pretty mediocre. Click click click. Cast cast cast. You don’t have to do anything, the game just lets you romp freely around. I suppose some people never ask themselves why their playing a game, which is why they don’t notice. But as critics, I think that’s part of the job. “What does this game do for its players?”

  4. Lydia says:

    I know this episode is several weeks old, but: when you go to search for clues, you’re supposed to follow the blood trail that starts at the arrow. I had to look that up because I thought it was a bug too!

  5. Hector says:

    Also I am totally hating on Blair Herter. Not because he’s got an awesome job or a sexy wife that plays Skyrim, nope. It’s because he gets to call Todd fucking Howard to ask for Skyrim tips.
    FUCK YOU BLAIR I HATE YOU!!!! PS next time to you talk to him please ask him to fix the White Phial quest, I can’t turn it in! 😀

  6. Hector says:

    Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know I f’in love this podcast. I discovered it last night I believe just looking for Skyrim stories.
    I lost sleep last night listening to both episodes of Church of Skyrim.
    I heard the first podcast at work today and downloading the rest of them now.
    Definitely a new fan of Indoor Kids and new parishioner of the Holy Church of Skyrim. Praise Talos!

  7. Nich Hustler says:

    Guys, this podcast is brilliant. As you said it will get better, and that is awesome too. But I really love all the banter, both about video games and not about. As a gamer I have a life outside of gaming so I love all the talk. The dynamic of you guys as a couple and hosts is awesome. Thanks for putting this out. Think about doing it more often maybe. Twice a week. That would be awesome. Thanks.