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The Indoor Kids #190: Animal Puns with Trevor Moore
Episode 190: The Indoor Kids
Animal Puns with Trevor Moore
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #190: Animal Puns with Trevor Moore

Today the Indoor Kids welcome their old pal Trevor Moore, member of The Whitest Kids U Know and obsessive gamer, to talk about how he plays video games versus how his wife plays them. Also they get lost in the Twitter game and cannot stop.

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  1. hashish says:

    Fun fact: cats don’t have sweet taste receptors.  So, for Lions, raw meat > cakes.

  2. ghostvilla says:

    It’s called Marble Blast Ultra and it’s awesome.

  3. ericmci says:

    RABBTSOTR   – everyone  know that.

  4. Euphio says:

    Should have been Goat Rider!

  5. Wildride says:

    You know orcas are dolphins, right? Killer whale is a misnomer. So, you can’t be pro-dolphin and anti-orca.

  6. Wildride says:

    That “tooth bullet” thing was Totally Busted by the Mythbusters. (No, wait, just normally busted. Totally Busted would entail nude Playmates. They should do a crossover. But I digress.)
    See website link for dog/tooth removal methods. Not the way you’d expect.

  7. ILikeHats says:

    The Incedible Hawk 

  8. litlfrog says:

    Yeah, Buffy is 100% a superhero. In one episode she twists a gun barrel into a pretzel.

  9. Matt S says:

    The Incredible Bullk, COME ON

  10. crystalp says:

    Buffy is a super hero because she has super human strength and rapid healing abilities. 

    • Wildride says:

      Also, she’s specifically described as such several times during the series. Glory, I recall, makes mention of it (somewhat dismissively).

      • Jen says:

        Also, also. She had a comic book. SO by these facts alone she fills all the super hero criteria. 

  11. OceanBlue says:

    heads up, the MK Ultra / Ted Kacyzinksi connection is covered in the RadioLab episode “Oops”.  I figured Kumail would have loved that as a RadioLab fan.  Go down the rabbit hole of code name “Lawful”