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The Indoor Kids #184: Turtles and News with Kumail and Emily
Episode 184: The Indoor Kids
Turtles and News with Kumail and Emily
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #184: Turtles and News with Kumail and Emily

Spend a little time with Kumail and Emily at home today, as they discuss gaming news, come up with X-Files episode pitches, talk about turtles, and way more.

See The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail at SF Sketchfest on 1/31 in San Francisco!

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Photo Credit: Christie Smith

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  1. Rich Bussey says:

    The Microphone is probably just fine.  The problem is you recorded in what sounds like a locker room, which is distracting and harsh on the ears after a while.  I had to pass on this episode unfortunately : (.  The easiest and cheapest fix is to experiment with different rooms.  Find a space with lots of absorptive materials (carpets, couches, heavy curtains, lots of stuff on walls, etc…).  Hang thick blankets behind you and the microphone if it’s needed.  If there’s no choice but to record in a reverberant space, get the mic within a foot of your mouths.  If that’s not possible, your best bet is to use Shotgun Microphones (Boom Mics).  A decent budget Shotgun Mic will run about $200-$350 (Look at RODE and Audio Technica).  Also, the Zoom H6 with it’s separate shotgun mic capsule accessory is great!  It has a low profile for field work (Traveling, E3, etc…), lots of room for expansion with proprietary accessories and 4 mic/line inputs, and the built in stereo pair mics are great by themselves for the price.  Many film sound guys keep Zoom Portable Recorders on their person all day, every day in case they stumble on something cool to capture.  You could also look into the mics that popular YouTube personalities are using.  If they have a lot of views, odds are they value quality sound.  Hope at least something in this was new and helpful.  I love the podcast – been listening since 2012!  I pay bills and put food on the table working as an Audio Tech / Sound Effects Editor if that qualifies my opinion at all. #BUTTS #ChickenSandwich    

  2. LevelledUp says:

    I love these episodes with no guests. You’re going full Intro Kids, the best part of the podcasts.

  3. Marcus says:

    this episode should have been called “Hard Candy from a Rusty Jar”

  4. Marcus says:

    don’t know if #BlackMirror is cynical. the characters are cynical. but not the show. more pessimistic

  5. DH says:

    To “fix” the XFiles puzzle episode: Scully doesn’t do the puzzle face up. She does it face down. She can’t find one piece early on in her run. She’s putting it together throughout the episode. They continue investigating and people describe situations about the puzzle killing people when it completed. One person mentions how they could have sworn the puzzle looked different when their spouse was putting it together than the box, but when it was complete, it looks like the box. Back at the house, Scully’s box (she bought it aware of the investigation, but she’s still a skeptic) clearly shows one thing, but Scully says she found the piece under the table and Mulder bumps it while trying to get it and knocks a few pieces over. Scully retreives the one she was missing, but Mulder, picking them up, notices his face on another piece. He pockets it. The investigation continues and at the end, Scully says she never found the piece. Mulder fesses up, but Scully asks if he wants to put the piece in, now that the case is solved, the puzzles probably won’t kill and his face is gone from the piece. Mulder tears the edge off where his face was and puts the piece in. “There, it’s finished.”

  6. gunt says:

    Hey, remember when this was a videogame podcast? Good times.

  7. drh says:

    Indoor Kids? More like Lindor Kids what with all the candy talk!!

  8. ericmci says:

    Come on everyone the mic sounds awful.Admit it.It sounds like they are on stage at a school play.It’s not their fault  everyone is so afraid to say anything that might sound negative.This microphone doesn’t work for this application.Good episode- bad mic.

  9. Tom says:

    My Girlfriend is also a fan of Maraschino Cherries and Circus Peanuts! I’m baffled whenever she gorges on them…  You guys should hang out some time.

  10. Nikki says:

    the mic actually sounds like you guys are on a stage!Emily – are the caramels you’re talking about called ‘Nips’ ? haha if so, I remember weirdly liking those too. 

  11. Alec says:

    The mic sounds good, but I did notice some sibilance at the start.

  12. Eric says:

    To the point Emily made about MMOs/Destiny, one of the best memories I have of a similar situation was with Star Wars Galaxies. They introduced the holocrons and told nobody what it meant. We found out by rumor and trial and error that they were meant to unlock Jedi. It was random based on your character, but you had to level up certain professions in the correct combination with the holocron and you unlocked the Jedi slot. But I remember it took quite some time for that to happen and there was a huge community rush to do it. Then, even when it happened, the Jedi were in hiding because it was a perma-death class (where you lost everything, not the slot tho).

  13. Hashish says:

    I wrote an article on rare small cats once.  Jaguarundi’s are so awesome looking!