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The Indoor Kids #182: Dick Tracy and Helicopters with Rhea Butcher
Episode 182: The Indoor Kids
Dick Tracy and Helicopters with Rhea Butcher
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #182: Dick Tracy and Helicopters with Rhea Butcher

Today we welcome our good friend Rhea Butcher to talk about historical movies, American Horror Story, and Rhea’s obsession with games as a kid, plus we answer the age-old question “What is inside a puffy sticker?”

The Indoor Kids are doing a live show at RIOT Fest in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 18th at 5 pm!

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Artwork by Tyler Ross

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  1. Sean says:

    Could the game you couldn’t think be Time Lord? Time travel NES game with aliens and weird stuff. Made zero sense, but wasn’t too bad.

  2. CJ says:

    Rhea Butcher is a great guest on any podcast.
    Yes, Emily, even THAT one…

  3. Nikki says:

    omg the 90s and 80s commercials…so true. “SEGA!!!”

  4. Jimbo says:

    Rhea Butcher sounds like Mitch Mcconnell Looks.
    Turtle Power… Unsubscribed.

  5. Daniel says:

    I think the flight sims that Thomas Middleditch plays are generally COMBAT flight sims — he did mention IL-2 Sturmovik by name. And the very difficulty of flying the planes is what makes these games rewarding — it’s the difference between playing Guitar Hero and playing a real guitar; the sense of mastery is just that much greater.

  6. Alec says:

    I remember getting the box that included SimCity 2000, SimCopter and Streets of SimCity. It wasn’t one of those hyper-accurate flight sims- it was closer to Crazy Taxi, with you needing to fly from one point to another as quickly as possible, with a few different pretexts. You were piloting an air ambulance, a traffic copter, chasing robbers, etc.

    The big gimmick was that (like Streets) you could import your SC2K cities and see them in a 3D engine. Unfortunately, the gameplay wasn’t very well balanced for cities that actually worked in that game. Oh, and it was the 90s, so the 3D graphics looked absolutely awful.

  7. Someguy says:

    Maybe the game was Street Fighter 2010. I know in River City Ransom there is a gym fight.

  8. onReload says:

    Great show, love Rhea. For anyone who wants to know (way too much about) why the NES Zapper/SuperScope won’t work with modern TVs:

    Basically, they only work with CRT TVs (the big, boxy ones)

  9. Jono says:

    Could the game she was thinking of have been total recall for the NES?

  10. GuanoLad says:

    Kwazy Cupcakes is from Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s meant to be a parody of Candy Crush, which of course is already a rip-off of Bejewelled.

  11. FreshMetal says:

    The Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike games where the bomb on Sega Genesis.  They Also had another one called Nuclear Strike on PS1.  It was the same style as the previous ones, but with PS1 graphics and FMV cut scenes.  Good times.
    Also Mortal Kombat and Cool Spot were some of my favorite Genesis games, and I too hated Back to the Future II & III on NES.  I feel like Rhea is my new best friend.

  12. Seamonster says:

    The most famous person who went to my high school was Linda Lavin, Andrea Martin or Anna Kendrick who was in my graduating class (not that she was there, she was in NYC going for Tonys). If you’re a baseball fan, Ryan Flaherty of the Baltimore Orioles also went to my school.   
    Also, I couldn’t help thinking about the Simpsons episode “Hurrican Neddy”, season 8 (4F07 for nerds), which features a flashback to an angry and violent young Ned Flanders who is bullying his preschool mates by walking around and beating people up saying, “I’m Dick Tracy, take that Prune-face! Now I’m Prune-face, take that Dick Tracy! Now I’m Prune Tracy, take that Dick…” “Ned, stop it!” So funny to sneak onto prime time TV.