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The Indoor Kids #181: A Look Back at 2014 with Jordan Morris
Episode 181: The Indoor Kids
A Look Back at 2014 with Jordan Morris
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #181: A Look Back at 2014 with Jordan Morris

Today we welcome our favorite guest, Jordan Morris, to talk about our favorite games, movies, TV, and books of the year. You may agree, you may disagree- everyone wins! Tell us your favorite things in the comments!

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  1. mattbep says:

    I love Jordan Morris! Him on your show is my favorite thing ever to grace my ears.

  2. Andrew says:

    Don’t actually get the new J Cole album because he’s homophobic as hell.

  3. Nikki says:

    it’s so funny how all the bioware writers and devs are like “reminder: leave the hinterlands!” Dragon Age Inquisition is most def the best game of the year–the writing was amazing, and I absolutely loved the abundance of diversity in the characters (lots of women, pocs, not all straight). I mean…a war room dominated by women–yes.This game also broke my heart given the person I chose to romance…. >.>
    E & K – who are you romancing?

    Second favorite game of the year is Alien: Isolation. Soooo good and I’m not a jumpy person – but that made me jumpy! Looking forward to another game in that world.

  4. Shawn Kroft says:

    Loved the final season of S.O.A. The big surprise to me this year was South Park. Revisiting every big joke almost ever episode was great.

  5. sarCC says:

    My favorite game of the year was BAYONETTA 2. In a year that was rife with gamers being horrible to women in the gaming industry, it was refreshing to play a game where not only was the main character a woman that dominated her world, but a character to that took the idea of a male fantasy and flipped it(and then stomp on it and humiliated it for even being such a neanderthalic baby).

    Probably second only to DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION this year in important representation in video games, BAYONETTA 2 did a remarkable job of tearing down the notion that women in video games are just there to make teenage boys jerk it. BAYONETTA 2 was clearly made to appeal to more than that now tiny demographic. And, hell, just setting aside the game’s reversal of gender dynamics, BAYONETTA 2 is just a great action game. One of the very best of all-time.

    Yes, it still has circa-90’s quality cinematics and a terrible Joe Pesci knockoff character that’s even more annoying than it was in the first game. But the action gameplay in BAYONETTA 2 simply has no parallel. It’s like a hyped-up version of DEVIL MAY CRY. Much like in Smash Bros, it’s easy to button-mash your way to victory. (Here, all really need to get by is knowing when to press dodge and then wail on your opponents with abandon). But for those that want it, there’s a deep level of detail put into numerous combo moves that makes SHADOWS OF MORDOR look like DOUBLE DRAGON.

    In a year packed with a ton of purely fun games to play(I also had a blast playing the new Mario Kart, Smash, Sunset Overdrive, and Titanfall), I had the best time of all playing BAYONETTA 2. If you have a Wii-U and love action games, don’t sleep on this one.

    • Bing bong says:

      Thank you so much for saying this. Bayonetta is such a fun video game character that I adore. I loved Bayonetta 2 and thought it was a fantastic action game  and my favorite game of 2014. I was kind of disappointed no one mentioned it but It is a niche game so a can’t complain.

    • Jose says:

      Were you horrible to women in the gaming industry?  Me neither.  Those are the kinds of generalizations that led to some of the unrest among gamers.  Not to mention that some in the gaming industry were pretty horrible towards gamers.  Are you Ebola? Neither am I.  Here’s to a 2015 where we all just play games.