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The Indoor Kids #180: Voices with John DiMaggio
Episode 180: The Indoor Kids
Voices with John DiMaggio
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #180: Voices with John DiMaggio

Today The Indoor Kids are joined by John DiMaggio to talk about his insane roster of voices (Bender, Jake the Dog, Marcus Fenix) and his relationship to the characters he plays. Plus an extended Intro Kids in which Kumail and Emily talk about the stuff they’ve been consuming over the holidays!

The Indoor Kids are doing a live show as part of RIOT Fest in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 18th at 5 pm!

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  1. chris says:

    Marcus Phoenix almost sounds like Duke Nukem!

  2. goat says:

    John is awesome and so was his jingle. But despite how good the jingle is, the twitter game will always be the worst (and only bad) part of the podcast. 

  3. Rhydon says:

    Would there be a possibility of including a  list of “Intro Kids” discussed games? I end up listening to the first 15 mins several times on most episodes. Either way, wonderful show! Thanks! 

  4. ryan says:

    prismo is one of the best minor characters on adventure time, and you guys are buds on the show! I was hoping when John said:”Can I have a ham and cheese sandwhich ?” I’d get a “Dude, I’ll MAKE you a sandwhich..”

  5. Nikki says:

    Emily did you say “meow 6 month subscription plan”during the intro? 
    the mercedes cars in mario kart look so ridiculous haha
    Emily, I agree about the last Hobbit movie – they tried to make the stakes high when they couldn’t ever be as high as LOTR. There were also a lot of moments like ‘let’s see how many gags we can pull’ (ex. legolas defying physics) and at the end when Thranduil tells Legolas to go find a certain someone, he may as well have said ‘And Legolas, remember, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is available on blu-ray’
    [I also thought jimmy smits first thing…PS he played Bail Organa in AOTC and ROTS]

  6. kerrell says:

    I’m sick with a cold right now. But every time John did Bender’s voice I couldn’t help but feel a little better. Bender will always be my favorite from Futurama. Thanks Emily and Kumail for such an awesome episode.

  7. mike says:

    really loved this episode was playing gears 3 when i was listening. 

  8. CXRengel says:

    I know Steve Blum best as Spike from “Cowboy bebop.”

  9. CodyH says:

    I love this man, so excited to listen to this.

  10. Wildride says:

    Mastiff Effect.

  11. Wildride says:

    Uh — Did Emily just betray her profound misunderstanding of male anatomy?!? 😉

  12. Bender says:

    Mary and Pippin are throwing rocks and killing orcs off of trees in the Two Towers. whats the difference?