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The Indoor Kids #179: Sillycon Valley with Martin Starr and Thomas Middleditch
Episode 179: The Indoor Kids
Sillycon Valley with Martin Starr and Thomas Middleditch
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #179: Sillycon Valley with Martin Starr and Thomas Middleditch

Today Emily and Kumail welcome two of the other cast members of Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch and Martin Starr, to talk about how they game on set, what their gaming obsessions are, and lots of randomness.

Get tickets to Thomas’ show Extreme Gaming Championship with special guests Emily and Kumail Thursday 12/18 at UCB Franklin in Los Angeles!

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  1. bigharryonion says:

    “Ash Wednesday 514” comes from the game “Dust 514”

  2. bigharryonion says:

    There is a rainbow level through rainbow goblin and there is a secret cow level that you randomly get when opening a rift! Diablo 2’s cow level was better, but the nostalgia is there!

  3. boB says:

    Little Drummer Meat Boy

  4. PunkMunky says:

    Twas the Arkham Knight before Christmas, and all through the madhouse, not a criminal was stirring, not even a Joker (none of them rhyme with house). escape plans were laid, by the villains with care, in hopes that the Batman, would  not be there

  5. ericmci says:

    Kissin’ the mouse- very well could be an industry term since Disney owns just about everything.

  6. matt L says:

    I do think Kumail has a point about being non-comital— I watch twitch streams fairly often, and it’s always one window open in my browser, while I also browse the internet, or do homework,  or idly watch sports on my actual television. It’s one mode of entertainment amongst many. That said, I still don’t understand the pewdiepie thing.

    I love twitch, but for me, it’s always one of two types: 
    1) Speedrun
    2) Educational

    So I’ll watch a weekly scheduled stream that breaks down advanced Street Fighter 4 techniques, or I’ll have someone’s world record attempt speedrun on in the background. Speedruns are cool just because they combine insane technical mastery with insane game breaking, and when you add in the real-time tension of “is this the run?” It’s very entertaining. There’s real drama and excitement when someone is ahead of the time-splits on what could be a world record Megaman 2 or Mario 64 attempt. 

    As an indoor kids fan though, I’m also a comedy nerd. And I can’t start to understand the appeal of Pewdiepie talking like a baby while he plays video games pretty much the same way I do. Forget the crazy amount of amazing comedy you could be watching, Pewdiepie is *less* entertaining than just watching the game played in silence. Or just silence.  What I’m trying to say is that he’s actively bad.

  7. Nikki says:

    you could just have a whole podcast where you react to what bagel does and how cute she is. (I’d listen >.>)
    wait–why are there donations attached to twitch broadcasts for games?
    Plants v Zombies in Dragon Age Inquisition!? I finished it and I never saw that….what area is it in? Fallow Mire?
    Also, there were some sex mods for Dragon Age Origins…they were pretty funny

  8. Kevin says:

    The guy with the shaky eyes is Pruitt Taylor Vince.

  9. Tim says:

    I think Twitch is used for a few different reasons:
    1.  Education – Learn by watching better players.  This is especially true for a competitive game like League of Legends that has a steep and long learning curve to be good.
    2.  Entertainment – Not as a replacement for playing a video game, but as a replacement for TV.  Some streamers are just funny and entertaining.  And they interact with viewers.  Sometimes I use it to unwind right before going to bed whereas gaming would probably wake me up more.
    3.  Availability – When I travel or don’t have access to a gaming computer, I’ll watch Twitch streams to get my “fix” of a certain game.  When on the road, it’s much more convenient to use the Twitch iPad app rather than trying to console game.

  10. jen says:

    Judge Dreidel.

  11. melf melfman says:

    is the app/game Thomas talking about “Knights of Pen and Paper”? That one is nice for classic rpg’age

  12. Ben says:

    Don’t we already know Emily’s middle name?

    • Ryan says:

      Yes, unless that was an elaborate ruse to throw us off the search for her real middle name. #MiddleNameGate the truth is out there

  13. Wildride says:

    Oh Tannen Bomberman!

  14. Tyrone says:

    Thomas’ Jesse Pinkman impression had me in tears.

  15. CodyH says:

    I will defend the Director’s Cut of Daredevil till my dying breath.

  16. Agasin says:

    Road Rash =  Road Rosh Hashana

  17. Seamoose says:

    I’m with Thomas that stars need to be held accountable for playing a superhero in a wooden and lifeless fashion, like Ryan Reynolds. Green Lantern was terrible, and I hated him as Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins, so he already got his shot. Even Val Kilmer didn’t get a second shot, and I didn’t hate his portrayal as much as I hate Reynolds body of work. (Don’t read to much into that; he was still bad)
    Anyway, it does not fill me with hope that they didn’t change their casting, just like it bums me out that DC won’t take away Zack Snyder’s control over their franchises. Yeah yeah, he did Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen and 300, but he also did Sucker Punch and his one shot at a super hero movie was arguably better than a really sub par Superman reboot. Hardly seems worth entrusting him with the future of DC.