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The Indoor Kids #178: The Salty News Hour with Emily and Kumail
Episode 178: The Indoor Kids
The Salty News Hour with Emily and Kumail
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #178: The Salty News Hour with Emily and Kumail

So much stuff happened this past week that Kumail and Emily decided to settle in on their own couch and talk gaming news and awards and everything else. Hear our thoughts on the Playstation Experience, the Video Game Awards, and more!

Meet Pontrathian, our Qunari Mage:









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  1. DylanNagy says:

    EMILY! im also unable to play any of the games in my steam library because of my crappy laptop, my question is WHAT EVER HAPPEND TO THE STEAM BOX?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel like iv ben waiting for it to come out for years now, I really don’t wanna build/buy anther game pc because they don’t last long at all. sold my alienware x51 because guild wars 2 upset me by being so bad and not like the orignale.

  2. Colleen says:

    Agree completely about Smash Bros! I purchased it because my boyfriend played them all since college, even though I never played. It was so hard to figure it out the controls, I’m just terrible. I’m not even fun to play with because I just die right away. Please have JoMo on to explain it to the rest of us!
    PS Love you guys and all you do.

  3. Nich Hustler says:

    I feel nerds have a very special way of getting upset about things where we say things like: “really another sequel or remake of this movie”; of some things we love but we don’t say things like “really are they still making Spider-Man comics” or “boring this band put out another album” of other things we love. Sorry about the punctuation issue in that last sentence. 

    Anyway, I am the same also, so no judgement.

  4. ghrantt says:

    When it does happen to make it’s way to ps4 do pick up the forest I’ve played it since launch on PC and even though its not complete I love it. A great mix of creepy and beautiful.

  5. kerrell says:

    These kind of episodes are my favorite. When it’s just Emily and Kumail cause you guys are awesome. You weren’t kidding about salty news,Kumail was  fired up about some stuff.

  6. melf melfman says:

    Very salty, thank you! 

  7. CJ says:

    Odd that Emily mentioned the whole bullshit story about people supposedly being diagnosed with depression after seeing AVATAR.
    What a load of crap. I;m sure it was all pumpued-up by the Murdoch press since he owns the studio that released the movie.
    I say it was odd because I was thinking about it the other week when the equally fake ‘black stormtrooper controversy’ was beaten up by the lazy hack media.
    One’s a non-story, the other is a completely made up load of shit.

  8. Newton says:

    In all seriousness I would like to give Salty Kumail a standing ovation for this podcast.

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks for making me aware of The Forest – looks amazing!  I really want a PS4 now, and I finally played Mario Kart 8 at a friend’s house so I’m pining for a Wii U too.  There are too many good games these days!

  10. Tina says:

    I’m in the middle of the podcast, but I couldn’t help but comment- You haven’t gotten to the personal missions yet, and you might not get them. I’ve finished the game but didn’t get Cassandra’s or Solas’s but I know they are there because internet. Leiliana’s was heartbreaking because of the struggles she has gone through during the series. Part of the problem is that you are missing a lot of the back story of some of the charactors because they were in the previous titles in the series (I’ve wanted to romance Cullen as a mage since DAO, so I was super happy that was a possibility) and part of the problem is that there are just too many people to travel with. I never travel with Dorian, Vivian, or Blackwall unless I am doing one of their fetch quests so I don’t really know them.

  11. Agasin says:

    Took me 60 hrs to beat Dragon Age and it was totally worth it. I too was a Qunari and focused very hard on getting my interspecies smoosh smoosh on.  Once you establish that relationship with a character, mine was Josephine, every time you engage in dialoge with that character you can get busy.  That took up at least 5 hours of the 60, try to resist the temptation.