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The Indoor Kids #175: Britanni Johnson: Dragon Age Politician
Episode 175: The Indoor Kids
Britanni Johnson: Dragon Age Politician
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #175: Britanni Johnson: Dragon Age Politician

Today we welcome gamer and voiceover actress Britanni Johnson to talk about all the amazing games recently out and coming out soon, as well as how she got into the video game business and more!

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  1. DylanNagy says:

    Britanni Johnson Will you Merry me? you are aboslutley stunning, with a personality to boot, you go girl, wish I was rich and handsome so I could have a shot with you

  2. Crystal says:

    Thanks to Emily for doing some damage control over the guest’s statement, the one about people not sharing her opinion not being “real gamers”. I find it very obnoxious when people pull that. Personally, I found it disappointing that Cereza was so hyper sexualized. It just seems cliche at this point. Plus it’s not that common to have a female lead characters so it’s not like I truly have a ton of other options. There is a middle ground between Daria and a character  whose clothes will disappear during certain attacks. The constant closeups of her crotch and breasts to me are not “empowering.” They’re voyeuristic. That said, I think the character is very empowered in other ways. It’s not completely black and white. I know female gamers with different opinions about this. I think it’s better to respect others points of view instead of trying to just say if they don’t agree they’re not gamers. I could easily say that she’s not a “real gamer” for liking button mashing and not liking Shadow of Mordor. That’d be just as obnoxious and untrue. 

  3. Fama says:

    The new Nintendo LDS. First game, Super Christio Bros

  4. Vicki says:

    Emily, Thanksgiving is next week!  You made me think I had lost a week somewhere!

  5. Aaron says:

    Ack! It IS Angel! I was wondering why the episode picture looked so familiar!

  6. Scott says:

    Just confused about Kumail’s comment regarding DmC vs. Bayonetta 2. I personally found DmC (while a better game than I’d expected) is far less challenging and technical than Bayonetta. Point of order: there’s a video on Youtube of this guy doing a no-damage run through DmC on the highest difficulty level … with one hand. Granted, that guy is a freak of nature but I doubt he could pull that off with Bayonetta …

  7. Alec says:

    Here’s a good article about Bayo 2 and why the traditional ‘male gaze’ ick factor doesn’t really apply:

  8. Wildride says:

    Too much 3DS at Berkeley!

  9. Aaron says:

    OMFG, Kumail’s racial slur slip-up…. I literally did a spit take all over my monitor. Holy crap, thank you for that. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Man, I love you guys! Funniest thing I’ll hear all day!

  10. CJ says:

    9 more hours!