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Episode 166: The Indoor Kids
I'm Missing Two Sunsets with Pete Holmes
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #166: I’m Missing Two Sunsets with Pete Holmes

Today Emily and Kumail welcome their old pal Pete Holmes to discuss some Mario-related mysteries and how Pete is experiencing Mass Effect for the first time. Also, they talk about a million other different things. Very quickly. Including 90210.

The David Silver performances on 90210“Be My Girl” and “You’re So Precious to Me”, as mentioned in the show!

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  1. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t find Pete hilarious. When he’s on the show it basically turns into the “Pete Holmes Show,” complete with him laughing loudly at his own jokes. Also way too many inside jokes…

  2. Jackie says:

    No longer accepting survey responses? 

  3. nate says:

    First of who wouldn’t do Rachel Rey?  Have u seen her ass….

  4. Enjoyed this episode except i finally signed up for loot crate and they gave away what was in it. I was really looking forward to the suprise.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great episode as usual, but I gotta say that April O’Neil/Megan Fox rant may have been the weirdest nerd thing I’ve heard in a while. I genuinely couldn’t decide if Pete Holmes was joking or if he was actually pissed that Megan Fox didn’t have curvy enough hips to play a cartoon reporter.

  6. Bill says:

    Metal Man actually exists.  And it looks amazing:

  7. chris says:

    Hi, big fan. Sorry to say im pretty sad. See I got jfl42 passes mainly to see kumail, and look I like petey pants but its not the. Its just that I went to bed with one person and woke up with someone else. I’m certain that you were so popular they had to add a second show. I hope you do another show up here and a podcast..

  8. Noel says:

    Loved this episode, Pete Holmes is hilarious. I love the idea playing a game like mass effect a little tipsy, see how it changes my style. I might try it with a Telltale game sometime.

  9. Coppertopper says:

    A little too many inside jokes to be enjoyable. Barely got to the part where the guest starting singing then just couldn’t hit pause/mark as played quick enough.

  10. Pete Holmes is always great, he had me losing my mind a few times (Horseshit!), and I love his takes on Mass Effect weirdness, great episode!

  11. WierdScience says:

    What was the name of the flash game Emily is playing?

  12. Niue says:

    How come you guys are okay with making fun of every religion except Muslims?

    • Illusion-XIII says:

      Because it’s funnier to actually make the joke about not making a joke about Muslims, which is what they did.

  13. Rock H says:

    Does anyone else remember Brian Austin Green doing an episode of Fantastic Four as Johnny Storm? I just flame on, flame on… on and on and on.

    • N. Appropriate Shyamalan says:

      I remember that and the Thing’s song “What time is it? (It’s clobbering time)”. Also, I like how the microphone doesn’t melt in Torch’s hand.

  14. RedNightmare says:

    Little note about the survey: I think it’s only for American listeners. I found that out about halfway through when I had to fill in a 5 digit zipcode (my country doesn’t have that. or Walmarts :P)

  15. kerrell says:

    Thanks guys for another great episode,very funny and really enjoyed this one. Also lookin forward to the meltdown,every episode’s been hilarious and kumail always cracks me up. Love the show, hope you guys get a second season.

  16. Mark says:

    Pete’s connection between the attempts to kill the mystery Goomba and Braid is PERFECT. Both in the gameplay of Braid, somewhat, and more loftily in the themes of the game/storyline. Nice A->B, Pete!

  17. ai says:

    This Super Mario-fan and his Gumba-tests remind me of theoretical physics. Looking at invisible particles and such.

  18. Ryan Neal says:

    The audio ads popping up while I am listening to podcasts is starting to infuriate me. Most websites the audio in the ads won’t play while you are listening to or watching something and that have been interrupting everything I have tried to enjoy for the past few days.

  19. Chris M says:

    Emily, don’t feel bad that you thought it was an “obj” counter. In reality it probably is obj as that is a file format often used in games and other graphics programs to describe the object that is being drawn.