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The Indoor Kids #165: A Dinosaur and Ninja Turtles Challenge
Episode 165: The Indoor Kids
A Dinosaur and Ninja Turtles Challenge
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #165: A Dinosaur and Ninja Turtles Challenge

Kumail and Emily are traveling and therefore are bringing you an episode from a hotel, which you will be pronouncing differently from now on. We talk horror movies, gaming news, dinosaur and serial killer news, and more! Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Georgia Hardstark

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  1. Jen says:

    ‘this culture was obsessed with sex and kitty cats’
    so egypt. lol

  2. Jen says:

    Dinosaur phases go away?….crap….i’m going 26 years strong on that phase…is it a 30 year phase?

  3. dylanNagy says:

    OMG! STEAM FRIED MY LAPTOP BATTERY AS WELL!!! whens the steam box comeing out? im a pc gamer but moved to next gen with xbox one cuz pc to exspensive, but I miss my hugge library of steam games. was holding out on buying an one or ps4 till I got a steam box but got tired of waiting

  4. Jon says:

    good news Kumail, the domain is available!!

  5. Jillian says:

    I wanted to buy Sims 4, but apparently it is only available on PC.  Mac users are SOL.  Kinda of a real bummer.

  6. Conner Fields says:

    Post Meister General

  7. Daniel says:

    Kumail, I think the online guide you were reading is for the original Metro 2033; the version you are probably playing is the “remastered” Metro 2033 Redux. The Redux version doesn’t have stealth armor! Several levels have been changed too. The guide I’m using is the PC walkthrough from GameFAQs. I’m not sure where you’ll have to restart (if at all) if you want the night vision goggles, which are very useful.

    I’m playing the game in Spartan mode but on Ranger difficulty, because I like playing more realistic, tactical shooters like Arma where you don’t have to hit someone with half a dozen bullets to kill them. I’m still finding the game scary as hell.

    I hope that if you guys do get a gaming laptop, you invite Thomas Middleditch back after you’ve tried some of the PC combat sims he mentioned, like Arma. (Probably under his guidance — the learning curve is steeper than with regular shooters.) When he was trying to explain the appeal of these games the last time he was on your podcast, it reminded me of someone trying to explain color to a blind man! Even if you stick to the games that are not exclusive to PC, a laptop is a lot easier to lug around to hotel rooms than a console, and can still be hooked up to TV via HDMI and played with wireless controllers if you prefer.

    I’m playing on a new Lenovo Y50 because it offered a lot of bang for the buck and was still thin and portable — but you can get more powerful machines, albeit heavier and more expensive ones.

    BTW, I think Emily is confused about what archaelogists do — they are not the same as paleontologists!

    Love you guys, love the podcast.

  8. Wildride says:

    *cough*Dinosaurs didn’t turn into petroleum*cough**cough*plant matter*cough*

  9. FreshMetal says:

    The Destiny not advertising for Xbox thing isn’t as unusual as you think. Just look at any Call of Duty commercial on television. They always end with an Xbox advertisement tacked on the end. This is the same thing.

  10. Russell says:

    Great episode, but that’s pretty standard for you guys.   

    I did want to say however that the cover photo for this episode is really, really awesome. You just look like a couple of people sharing a moment, enjoying each other’s company, loving this common thread you have. It’s pretty neat-o. 

  11. Agasin says:

    My dinosaur phase never ended.  I still get giddy when I see any dinosaur related media.  Owned the Jurrasic Park soundtrack on cassette when I was little and lissened to it nonestop.  Favorite dino has to be Stegosaurus, because Spike from The Land Before Time was a chill ass dino.   

  12. Matt Rebel says:

    they’re called pecks!!!!  peck peck peck Peck Peck PECK PECK PECK!!!!!!

  13. Bryan Culver says:

    How do I get into the Austin Meltdown show?