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The Indoor Kids #164: Live from Denver with Pete Holmes and Ian Karmel
Episode 164: The Indoor Kids
Live from Denver with Pete Holmes and Ian Karmel
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #164: Live from Denver with Pete Holmes and Ian Karmel

In today’s episode, journey to Denver for the High Plains Comedy Festival, where the jokes are genital-related, and the toilets will be rated. Plus, you get an Intro Kids full of the TV shows and games Emily and Kumail have been consuming in the last week!

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Photo Credit: Carlos Madrid

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  1. kaneda33 says:

    how about you educate yourself before you decide to  “take a stand”. i commend emily for correcting herself when she tried to dismiss it as misogyny like so many hacks continue to do([email protected] kumail).

    the sheer amount of biased and nepotism on the GAMING media side of this that cannot be denied and for you to claim its not a gaming issue is laughable.

    • appliedill says:

      Oh, please. You don’t think the whole harassement is idiotic? Really? Your comment isn’t differential, not even remotely.

  2. clivodimars says:

    This thread was far too serious for a gaming podcast riddled with dick jokes. Relax. To me, gaming is NOT a serious medium. You can get games that evoke emotion or make a statement, but most are “shoot your buddy or random internet stranger in the balls and then tea-bag them in celebration”. Gaming “journalism” is often bought out by game making companies and is nothing more than click bate and biased opinions. Gaming inequality and other issues ARE INDEED ISSUES, however, getting on nerdist and ranting about “whats right or wrong” after listening to a podcast that has more than once used the word “tuna-lap” is ludicrous and pointless. Please leave those comments on facebook or some other from of lowly social media.

  3. onReload says:

    i know it’s dumb to even try and discuss ‘what really happened,’ but here’s to hoping somebody actually wants to understand this quinn thing:

    it was a dumb blog this kid wrote because he was angry at his ex-girlfriend for cheating on him, and it just so happens that they/their relationship is within the gaming industry.

    if you do a bit of digging (through the depressing, immature and gross internet) you’ll learn that the claims of corruption/conspiracy/self-attacks are bogus.

    a person’s sexually history is their business, and sex happens within an industry or workplace all the time.

    the problem IS HARASSMENT, and it’s pathetic that people are still pretending to care about words like “integrity” or “ethics” after observing everything that’s been going on.

    btw, for what it’s worth, depression quest is a good game and i recommend people play it.

    • Pedro says:

      Actually, most of what the ex-boyfriend wrote about this kid developer turned out to be true or mostly true.  That’s why this can of worms in gaming journalism/development exploded in recent weeks.  This immature person whom some call a developer also went as far as to sabotage a women in gaming movement called ‘The Fine Young Capitalists’ for her to then start her own competing fund-raising event.  The Independent Games Festival has also been under scrutiny due to alleged corruption.   
      I personally care about integrity and ethics in gaming.  This kid developer has clearly been involved in non-ethical behavior.  I will never support anything this person works on or writes about regarding gaming. 
      As far as Depression Quest is concerned, I haven’t played it so I can’t put a score on it.  But based on Steam reviews (which seem to be 40/1 bad:good ratio), this is more a string of web pages than an actual game that somehow got greenlighted in Steam.
      Mature human beings accept, comprehend, and understand that harassment and personal threats are not actions that should be allowed or tolerated under any circumstances.  The flip side of this argument, which many mediums are choosing not to discuss (probably due to friendships etc.), is that journalism should be free of bias, corruption, favors, and anything else that clouds objectivity.  Normal gamers are also being harassed, mocked, censored, and ridiculed.  #DescribeAGamerIn4Words was not created to happily describe us. 
      Let’s talk about both ends of the debate.  We’re all gamers here, right?

      • onReload says:

        So, you haven’t done any research, then. Zoe said something about TFYC, but never asked for anything to happen to them, which they themselves confirmed to be true. They explained that it was other people who sabotaged the site.

        Her ex-boyfriend never accused her of sleeping with someone for reviews, which couldn’t have been true, anyway, since the journalist she fucked NEVER REVIEWED HER GAME.

        Also, wow, basing your opinion on Steam reviews – maybe that would be fine in any other circumstance, but have you read any reviews of this game? They were mostly positive when it was first getting buzz, but now with this shitstorm of morons, they’re just filling Steam and other places with negative reviews. Probably because they also think they have an interest in “integrity,” as ironic as that is.

        Not saying some (or a lot) of those negative reviews aren’t honest, but it’s pretty crazy to see such a huge shift in public opinion of the game…plus, many of the reviews make reference to the OH SO HILARIOUS 5 guys meme, so it’s hard to take a lot of it seriously.

        It is a very solid game (or “experience,” if you want to split hairs) and is quite telling about depression. So not only is it a cool experience, it’s also kind of an important game.

        Listen, are you really going to believe all the completely made-up shit about her just because she’s a bad girlfriend? Does that make sense? You want to talk about bias, jesus H. christ, man.

        • kaneda33 says:

          40+ tweets about tfyc =/= “said something”. which included her publicly laughing about her “accidentilly” getting them doxxed. After which major gaming sites wouldnt cover the story about it, just like they removed any talk of her personal problems.
          Nathan grayson, one of the guys she “fucked”, absolutely publicized her game while going to lengths to make sure people didnt know they had a relationship.
          AND NO, most reviews on that “game” were not favorable… jesus are you just lying or are you this misinformed?
          Biased hypocrite.

        • onReload says:

          kaneda, none of that qualifies as “sabotaging” TFYC,  which is what people are calling it. laughing about someone being doxed obviously isn’t funny, but i’ll take your word that she laughed about it.

          nathan grayson mentioned DQ briefly in a blog before they were together. her scumbag ex boyfriend confirmed this.

          the game was received well before being the stupid blog went up. check the oldest pages of its greenlight comments (yes, i know it’s the second time it was submitted.) People who played it, not just anticipated it. Not to mention that it was successfully published. (go ahead, tell me how greenlight is shit and means nothing, quote TB or whomever)

          also, giantbomb, ars technica, indiecade all had positive things to say as well.

          listen, we can go on like this, but I’m not sure why we would. there’s only so much (so little) real evidence to talk about, and the rest is just bullshit anonymous quotes or interpretations. the important thing is, harassment is real, and disgusting, and undeserved, despite whatever you think happened. i guess i’m finally done arguing on the internet, at least for this week. 

  4. Chuck says:

    I want to preface this with saying that I absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE what you guys do for us. I can only imagine how busy you are and how much it means to stop and do this podcast for us…

    BUT oh my god please never do Google Hangouts again. LOL. I wanted to strangle Kumail because he sounded like he was talking on a phone from the 1950s.

    But seriously love you guys!

  5. Andy says:

    BoJack Horseman is fantastic. It’s one of the darkest black comedies I’ve ever seen. The depths of BoJack’s self-loathing (as well as the rest of the cast’s dysfunction) is both hysterically funny and “holy shit this is intense” compelling, especially as the season progresses.  So damn good.

  6. Daniel says:

    Not only is every woman sexually a snowflake — every man is too. When a man makes a claim on behalf of ALL men — as Pete does here about ball/scrotum play — that should trigger some skepticism.

    Just check out any extracted BJ scene in porn — I don’t know of a survey or research on the topic, but based on my own porn watching I’m pretty sure ball-licking occurs in more than half of girl-on-guy scenes (and in practically all girl-girl-guy threesome scenes), so I can’t believe I’m alone in enjoying it!

    I’d also hazard a guess it’s much more enjoyable for both parties if the balls aren’t hairy (as discussed on one of Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcasts). Uh, Philips Bodygroom for the win!

    • Daniel says:

      Hmm, I’d like to clarify I enjoy receiving it in real life — watching it in porn originally did nothing for me, so many men might not know it is pleasurable until they try it. So I’d recommend women just go ahead and lick, with the caveat that PRESSURE on the testes themselves is what is painful, not the scrotum getting licked.
      Also, the Indoor Kids should make a guest appearance on Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast!

  7. onReload says:

    in an effort to de-serious this comments section,
    i would like to say that i loved kumail’s little “i did” in reference to “seduc[ing] the goth girl” during the sims section

    great segments!

  8. Al says:

    Perhaps, but harassment equals harassment. The rumor mongering and social media badgering, followed by denial that such badgering existed, looks like self-indulgent form of “righteousness.” Legitimate complaints, like those of The Fine Young Capitalists, became minor footnotes. Instead, the conversation has been dominated by people who write “white knight” unironically.

  9. Sean Matthews says:

    Oh yeah, people who practice bad business ethics and crap all over journalistic integrity should be exempt from criticism. I guess as gamers we have no right to be vocal about being scammed by gaming professionals who are only looking out only for their personal advancement.
    Love you guys but there are a lot here you’re ignoring to make the stance you did. 
    The gaming community is finally being taken seriously then Zoe, Anita, and Phil come a long and spit in the face of the gamers by using shady tactics that would be unacceptable in any other area of business.
    Criticism =/= harassment

    • Emily says:

      If you actually think that this issue is about “journalistic integrity”, I will thank you to stop listening to our podcast. 

      • Disappointed says:

        If you actually think that this issue can be reduced to any one thing, I will thank you to stop commenting on it.

        That’s a very mature response, though, Emily.  “IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME, GO AWAY.”

        • Seamus says:

          When we’re talking about Zoe Quinn being told she should kill herself because she was romantically linked to someone who might cover her game, or Anita Saarkesian having to flee her home because of death and rape threats, these aren’t “journalistic integrity issues”.  
          These incidents sound like they’re from a country with Shariah, and yet people think this is okay because we disagree with their opinions? What mad house are we living in? I don’t always agree with Miss Saarkeesian and even if you assume Miss Quinn was inappropriate in her personal life, but when someone uses violence or terror as a justification, they’ve stopped being a “critic” and started being a monster.
          Let’s hope none of these people commenting on these two young women ever do anything appropriate at work, lest they be threatened with violence and sodomy.
          If you want to criticize the points of Women in Gaming tropes, or question the credibility of Zoe Quinn, do that. But stop defending the people who are going after these women on a personal level. You’re on the wrong side of this argument and history.

        • Still disappointed says:

          Would you care to point out where I was defending the people who are going after these women on a personal level?

          This is exactly the problem.  There can’t be any nuance because the kneejerk reaction is to paint it black and point at anyone who steps out of the line that says she’s a victim and this is about misogyny is labeled a misogynist.

        • Seamus says:

          Sarcasm is difficult to detect through text, so I don’t know if you’re “mature response” quip was in earnest when referring to Emily’s response (I assume it wasn’t at this time).  
          The point the show members seem to be taking, and the only issue they touch on, is how disgusted they are with the gaming communities’ reaction to the most base and horrific levels. At no point did they defend or even touch on what the parties involved did or didn’t do.  
          If we’re debating what Miss Quinn did and its ethical grounding, there may be some questions to be asked. But if the issue we are reducing down to a single point is, “are we okay with trolls and anonymous people harassing and threatening violence and rape on people they don’t agree with or like?” then 100% yes, I think we can reduce this to black and white. There is no other topic being touched on in this podcast. It is not okay and I don’t see how someone would argue this behavior is acceptable. But feel free to do so if you want. I won’t ask you to leave the conversation, I’ll just show myself out. I want no part of that dialogue.

      • Sean Matthews says:

        Whoa Emily you’re coming at me like I slept with 5 journalists to get good press and shut down a profitable charity that promotes women in gaming for personal gain.
        I’d understand if i said something horrific or scamed the gaming community for thousands of dollars like some kind con artist.
        Well I should ave perspective cuz i dont know what could drive a person to doxx themselves and send themselves death threats and still play victim when caught doing such. 
        Snide comments aside. No one should be harassed or threatened but these people have a lot to answer for. I could care less about their personal lives, how they conducted themselves as professionals is deplorable. 

      • Pedro says:

        Perhaps next week you guys can comment on the Twitter movement #DescribeAGamerIn4Words and how normal gamers like you and I are being ridiculed, chastised, mocked, and labeled as the new root of all evil in humanity.

    • Sunny says:

      You’re conflating criticism with rape and murder threats and it’s a really dangerous way of thinking. 
      Zoe may very well be a bad person and have a lot to answer for. These threats are actually then a distraction from what your point is so you should be against them too if you’re actually advocating for justice. If these threats didn’t exist, people would only have to focus on the actual problem at hand.
      This is an honest question since I’m uninformed about it but with all of this talk about journalistic integrity, were any of the journalists who are actually responsible for said integrity reprimanded?

    • Did you not listen to what they actually said?  Kumail and Emily did not address whether there were bad business ethics.  They simply said that it’s never ok to harass.
      I know it’s a complex issue, and they only addressed one aspect of it.  But they get to do that.  They get to opine on whatever aspect that they want to.  Don’t create a strawman argument from things they did not ever address.