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The Indoor Kids #163: Terrifying with Kumail and Emily
Episode 163: The Indoor Kids
Terrifying with Kumail and Emily
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #163: Terrifying with Kumail and Emily

Today you’re getting a special Kumail and Emily episode chock full of game talk and news talk. And yes, to answer all your questions, we have played P.T. Plus, in the intro, Kumail realizes the X-Files episode of The Simpsons is on and freaks out.

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Art by Andrew Nixon

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  1. Oh man. P.T. was a huge surprise for me. I did not expect to play it, my boyfriend just randomly started into it for fun one night while we were figuring out what to do. Next thing you know, I’m covering my face with a pillow half the time, too scared to take over and play myself sometimes. I was so excited/freaked out by the game I convinced my editors to let me write about it on Chicagoist. If you do look it up,  pardon the headline, it was not mine, and doesn’t headline Kojima as I wanted it to, but the article itself is mine and I’m so excited that it gave me a chance to write about games. 
    That said…holy crap. I am so psyched for Silent Hills. I would have been either way, but the trailer being that phenomenal, affecting and just…scary…yeah. There’s not been much that’s made me scream or hide behind pillows like that in years. So excited to see what comes of it. 

  2. DAVIDPD says:

    Ugh! LOVE CHILD is a fabulous documentary. I live in South Korea and can corroborate the country’s addiction to the Internet is really bad!!! There are PC Rooms all over the place, no windows, A/C, no human interactions and very inexpensive. There are even these sick web shows in which people pay some one to watch them eat large amounts of food. And to Kumail’s point, getting access to high speed internet is insanely easy and cheap. I pay about 10 USD for unlimited access to 100 mbp/s!!!~ And I live in a more rural city. 

  3. Graeme says:

    At the very end of the podcast, Kumail mentioned having a discussion about sexism and the reaction to Zoe Quinn, but I don’t remember hearing anything about that. Was that in a previous episode, or did I just tune out during this one (if it was in this one, could someone help me with a timestap, please)?  Thanks!

  4. You’d never make a casserole?  What’s wrong with casseroles?  I loves me a good casserole!

  5. Svenser says:

    Is something horrible sounding happen around 39 minutes? Tell me I’m not crazy and it’s not my computer.

  6. GlumChum says:

    Did anyone else have a weird audio issue from 38:00(ish) to 40:00(ish) in this episode?

    That aside, great episode…

  7. Colossus Prime says:

    Just from the episode description:  I had the Simpsons marathon on last night when the X-Files episode aired and could not help but wonder if Kumail was watching it.

  8. Agasin says:

    WoW is also doing an easter egg character for Robin Williams.  A blue genie type character that turns into two other characters, a women with a manish voice (Mrs. Doubtfire), and a gentlemen wearing suspenders (Mork).