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Episode 162: The Indoor Kids
Games to Write Home About with Jordan Morris
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #162: Games to Write Home About with Jordan Morris

Our best girl Jordan Morris joins us today to talk about games he’s playing and stuff he’s watching, and we go over 25 of the 50 games that are coming out in the next few months that we are either anticipating with bated breath… or shrugging over. Enjoy!

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  1. JF says:

    I couldn’t find the Game Informer list online, so here are the 25 games covered:
    1. Evolve2. Batman: Arkham Knight3. Destiny4. The Witcher 35. No Man’s Sky6. Call of Duty7. Far Cry 38. Bloodborne9. Assassin’s Creed: Unity10. Alien: Isolation11. Rainbow Six: Siege12. Dragon Age: Isolation13. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor14. Civilization: Beyond Earth15. Below16. Mortal Kombat X17. Ori and the Blind Forest18. Super Smash Bros19. Metal Gear Solid 520. Battlefield: Hardline21. Mario Maker22. Madden23. Borderlands: The Pre-sequel24. Axiom Verge25. The Evil Within

  2. Seymore B says:

    Didn’t mention The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth… I have lost all faith

  3. Mikey B says:

    One in the mind one in the spine!!!

  4. Wildride says:

    Genesis?!?  Genesis is Sega forbidden!

  5. Noel says:

    Wooo! Jordan Morris episode. I love it.

  6. It almost seems like they’re actually not allowed to go past a certain time or something. Why the rush?

  7. Vince says:

    I can’t believe that I listened to such a chat about Sonic fan fiction, haha.
    Also, f**k you guys for ignoring great, newer Sonic games like All Stars Racing, Colors and Generations. If you haven’t played it since the Genesis, that’s fine. But don’d jump on the “sh*tting on him” bandwagon unless you’ve actually played the games and that’s your actual opinion. That is such a lazy, lazy internet thing to do. What’s the point of Sega making great games when you’re not going to even check them out? Come on guys; you’re better than that. 
    Also, (can’t believe I’m going to say this), but if we’re gonna talk about “sexy” game characters, more people should know about Sly Cooper.

  8. The discussion on coconut water and tropical shocker were the highlights for me.  Jordan Morris for President!

  9. Gallifraid, Galliveryafraid says:

    Electrolytes were invented by Nicola Edison in 1492 and allow you to see without the aid of a torch. Not like a British torch. Like an actual open-flame-on-a-stick torch. See also: Main Street Electrolyte Parade.

  10. Anonymoose says:

    Damn was really looking forward to your thoughts on Silent Hills.

  11. Bugberry says:

    I find Jordan’s playtimes for Bastion and Transistor funny, because I beat both in about 5 hours.