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Episode 16: The Indoor Kids
The Indead Kids Scare-oween …
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #16: The Indead Kids Scare-oween Bloodcast (with Blair Butler)

The Indead Kids host Blair Butler (G4’s Attack of the Show, Fresh Ink) as they each discuss their 5 favorite scary games. Blood is spilled! Lives are lost! Lists are read! Then, after Blair departs, Kumail & Emily do a Side-Quest. They discuss their final thoughts on Gears of War 3, their initial thoughts on Arkham City, and Emily’s baby steps into the world of StarCraft 2. BoooooOooooo!


The Road (movie & novel) Spoilers: 5:45 – 6:00
Gears of War 3 Spoilers: 6:40 – 7:45
Fallout 3 Spoilers: 13:30 – 14:10
Dead Space 2 Spoilers: 28:00 – 29:30
Silent Hill 2 Spoilers 49:20-49:40
Arkham Asylum Spoilers 1:02:14-1:02:30
GoW3 Spoilers 1:08:55-1:11:22

Check out Blair on Fresh Ink!

And here is a link to the tiger roar that Emily was talking about (Click Here to hear it).

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  1. Dan_Schmidt says:

    Hey, sorry for bringing back a dead episode, but I just re-listened to this and realized:

    1) You never mentioned Thief 3: Deadly Shadows. That game’s Shalebridge Cradle level: honestly terrifying. Look up a gameplay video if nothing else.

    2) This is more of a subtext, but Portal 2 has a creepy backstory. Just Google the Portal 2 backstory and “Rat man mumble”. It’s not scary, but still pretty creepy.

    Great job and keep up the good work guys!

  2. Lydia says:

    Great episode! Here I go commenting on old episodes again, so I don’t know who will see this, but: I just have to mention a game that gave me both hours of fun and sleepless nights when I was a little kid – Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House. It was for 8-year-olds, and probably only scary for that age group, but I have to admit it still gives me a little chill when I play it today. The idea is you wander through a 13-room haunted house, all stocked with material from the creepy and grotesque and hilarious imagination of New Yorker cartoonist Gahan Wilson. It randomly spawns items and you have to find the 13 keys that will let you escape from the house before the clock strikes 13. Lots of creepy atmospheric sounds, and nothing in the game is “cute” so you never feel like you’re being pandered to as a little kid. The scariest part is that if you go around breaking stuff or doing mean things to the residents of the house, the house gets angry at you and sends monsters after you. There’s this hair-raising chord that plays when a monster materializes. Plus before it comes you hear the sounds of it shuffling up behind you. It was sure hard to go down the dark staircase of our old house after I’d been playing that for a while at night. It’s a game worth checking out, if you can tolerate children’s games and like Gahan Wilson’s artwork. Anyway, thanks guys!

  3. Adam says:

    Batman treats women with respect. Criminals in Arkham City have issues. Honestly, that’s how I would expect bad guys to talk.

  4. Bradhole says:

    I totally agree with you guys on Gears 3. When dipshit Marcus killed the queen was a major WTF moment for me. It’s like they forgot what they were doing with the story leading up to that moment and just said fuck it, let’s go home. They totally missed the mark with that one.

    I must say though, that I don’t think they cared too much about the people who might actually appreciate a good story. Look at the stupid humor and crap dialogue. It’s like they were aiming just to grab the attention of 12-15 yr old boys and stupid adults.

    Also, fuck your cheap ass somersault and sawed-off shotgun move.

  5. Robi Dean says:

    Great show. One of your best.
    Like hearing Blair Butler talk about about games and nerdy stuff, cause shes not just going with the trend she knows her stuff.

    I lov listening to your show every week. Keep up the good work.
    Maybe your next topic can be your favorite RPG. and some DS nad Pokemon lovs.

  6. Jessica-Star says:

    Loved this Ep! Blair is definitely one to bring back–although I feel that way about most of your guests.

    The genre of gaming that I find lends itself really well to horror is adventure gaming…whether of the classic point and click variety like Amber:Journeys Beyond, or Gabriel Knight 2 or Phantasmagoria (both FMV btw**), or more modern nono-combat action/adventure like Fatal Frame II. Adventure games tend to have those camera angles that you were talking about and, especially with point & click, there’s a scary lack of control. You click on something and your character walks across the room independently, so many actions and animations remove you a level or two from direct control.

    I still love this style of adventure game even though there there are less being made and the (classic adventure went all hidden object casual the last 5 years…although Telltale and a few other companies are awesome). A couple great recent hybrid games are Scratches-Director’s cut or Grey Matter by the inestimable Jane Jensen.

    **FMV had some horrible moments, but these two were more good than bad. 7th Guest & 11th Hour were FMV too…but my list of good games stop there…and none of these were on Sega CD. 😉

  7. Jake Rutkowski says:

    Don’t wanna beat a dead horse with the amnesia dark descent, but its actually on sale for 4$ on steam for Halloween if anyone’s interested.

  8. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks everyone for listening! Truly awesome.

    I realize that I MUST play Amnesia, Call of Cthulhu & Eternal Darkness. They sound like exactly the kinds of games that I would love. So thanks for the recs guys!

    You guys are the best!


  9. CRanous says:

    Great podcast, but I can’t believe there was no mention of Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Silent Hill 2 was my scariest game of all time…until I played this game.

    Kumail – If you love games that put the hero at a severe disadvantage, Amnesia is the game for you. You never get any weapons to battle the evil creatures chasing you. And the soundtrack adds to the creepy factor in the same way the Silent Hill radio static does.

  10. Gary says:

    Anyone play Amnesia 2? Went fetal, cried into stomach for hours.

  11. dangeraardvark says:

    Thanks for turning me on to Locke & Key. And also fuck you. I can’t sleep after plowing through the first series. I want my mommy.

  12. Blackula Jonez says:

    In regards to your Side Quest segment and your final thoughts on Gears 3, I have to say that I too am conflicted with the ending of the game and the overall structure and execution of the narrative and character exposition in the games.

    Gears of War is a many splendorous thing, one of the best modern examples of the 3rd person action shooter genre, a intense multiplayer experience, and a deep and morally complex character study about the ravages of prolonged warfare and its effects on society.

    Granted the latter can only be found in the novels and comics and are barely touched on in the actual games. Which in the end may be one of the biggest flaws of the franchise, seeing as it is becoming a running joke about how one dimensional and stereotypical the main characters seem to be at first glance. Only by reading the material do you find out that each one actually has a bit of depth to them, both the authors for the novels (Karen Traviss) and comics (Joshua Ortega) have had some of their story elements added into the actual games.

    Just like how you can delve into the history behind Arkham City by reading a couple trade paperbacks the same can be done for Gears of War. Unfortunately the failure to implement deeper story and character elements in the actual game leaves Gears with the stigma of having stellar gameplay mechanics but a meager at best story when that isn’t the case necessarily.

    Sorry if I rambled a bit there, you guys are doing a great job on the show, maybe there can be a show about the side novels attached to major gaming franchises?

    Keep up the good work.

  13. FILMCRITHULK says:



  14. Emily says:

    Hulk: No, you keep up the good work! Emily love your stuff!

    Jeff MacDonald: I’d say Demon Souls was scary because it was the hardest game ever created, but you’re right about the money/souls thing. The idea of actually losing something permanently is terrifying.

    Brian: I went to UNCG! We come back to NC fairly often, and Kumail usually does a holiday show at DSI Theater in Carrboro, so look out for that! We may also do one in Winston Salem too.

    Pieter: Just reading that scared me. I was always slightly afraid of our dog growing up.

    Pitch White: Nice usage of “rape and buttfuck”.




  16. Marc says:

    The scariest game I ever played was The Dark Eye. It is a pretty old game now. It was a game based on Edgar Allen Poe stories. It was a point and click puzzle game, but all the characters looked clay-mation and the scariest part: They don’t have eyes! The whole game…no eyes!!. I think I was also eleven when I played this.

  17. Kevin says:

    I came on here to complain about going into saying spoiler alert with no way to know when it ended. My bad.

    Love the podcast!

  18. Jeff MacDonald says:

    I never play horror games since I just don’t like to be scared, but I do have a top most frightening game.
    Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls:
    The thing that is frightening about these games is the danger that is omni-present everywhere you go. You can lose all your souls (xp/currency) every time you die and you are constantly in danger of being ambushed by extremely powerful foes. The game is unforgiving in any mistake you make and dying happens often. The scaryness of the game comes from this fact because when I have a lot of souls I need to spend, but no way to spend them, I am on edge like I’ve never felt before. It is a real sense of danger that no other game has been able to create for me. Losing a large amount of souls is equivilent to losing hours of your progress in the game so the danger feels very real. When something ambushes me at moments like this i audibly freak out and run like my life is on the line. By the time I see the large letters saying “YOU DIED” on the screen I am shaking, red faced, and breathing hard. It is a similar feeling to being chased in a dream and waking up at the last second.

  19. Kevin says:

    I’m curious what you think about him in the game, but I personally think Robin is fantastic in Arkham City. I may have to take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about the “boy wonder.” I would actually rather play through the whole game as Robin instead of Batman. I don’t know what it is, or what I’m doing differently, but things just seem to be easier, and (at least for me) that much more exciting with him. Combat especially. His counters are awesome. I just wonder if I’m the only one who thinks he deserves to do more.

    And I completely agree on Silent Hill 2 being one of the most terrifying games out there. I was 19-20 years old when that game came out for the PS2, and it turned me into a scared 6 year old. It made me afraid of the dark again, and for a good two months, I would shut off the lights and quickly leap into my bed. It’s pathetic, but it was that scary to me.

  20. Brian says:

    My five scariest games:
    5. Burger Time – I had childhood diabetes.

    4. Dig Dug – I have Taphophobia.

    3. Bioshock – It was creepy. No joke here, just creepy.

    2. Duck Hunt – because of all the weird stuff the dog told you to do. Am I right or am I right?

    And my Number One pick for scariest game ever? Super Mario Brothers thanks to transference and the substandard vetting process for volunteers at the Lakewood Community Center during the summer of 1988.

    Also, Emily I live in North Carolina so when are you bringing your husband back to see the in-laws so he can get in a show or two? He’d do well in Chapel Hill or even in Greensboro where I live. Would love to meet you two. I don’t even play video games that much but love this show.

  21. Pieter says:

    The lion sound is really scary to me. I had a dog (a Weimaraner, to be exact, which is a large breed) that, we found out later, had a birthdefect in the brain that caused him to snap every once in a while. When he snapped, right before attacking, he’d make this exact sound. So hearing this actually made me look over my shoulder to see if my dog (who we had to put down a year ago, unfortunatelly) was standing there (he wasn’t).

  22. Julie says:

    That said I think I will skip this ep for now to avoid all the spoilers. I listen to these at work and cannot really be bothered to attempt to pay attention to the timing and skip through. :/ I am still debating reading The Road and I still have never played Silent Hill 2 all the way through.

  23. Julie says:

    Agree with Mandy completely.

    Fatal. Frame. 2.

    Play that game in a dark room with surround sound. The audio engineering they did on that game is amazing. Nothing quite as terrifying at 3 am when you are sleepy as walking down the road in an abandoned village and hearing whispering COMING FROM BEHIND YOU IN YOUR BEDROOM OH MY GOD FUCK WHY AM I PLAYING THIS.


  24. Jake says:

    Right, I got my scariest game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Two words, HOLY S#!T! This game isn’t just scary, it’s hard, plus extra brownie points for being lovecraft centered. Play it, love it, hate it, need it.

  25. Jake says:

    i got 3 more

    Condemned 2 bloodshot (bear in cabin, nough said)
    Half Life 2, specifically that ghost town

    man there are so many more i cant think of and it’s driving me crazy.

  26. jake says:

    oh geez, my favorite scary games, not in any order cause i couldn’t choose are:

    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 4
    Alan Wake
    Dead Space
    Deadly Premonition

    there are other scary games I love, I just can’t think of them right now.

  27. Vincent S says:

    Weird combo of Blair Butler and halloween… but makes sense in a weird way. She was awesome in that Horror School sketch they did on G4. I dunno who to credit with my discovery of Scott Pilgrim but it’s probably Blair. 😀 too many comic recommendations from Blair that stuck. If she doesn’t know it, she’s a kind of awesome.

    I got scared of Diablo when I was a tiny lad. Don’t really migrate to horror too much for some gaming fun. I always flinch but gore usually looks like a ketchup factory exploded. Last horror game probably was the Dead Space on wii… 🙁 I’m not awesome.

  28. Smirlax says:

    Diablo I was the scariest game of all time for me when I was a kid. I refused to play it at night or when no one else was home. The cut scenes were terrifying but I played that game years after DII came out, I’ve probably got 4 copies floating around my house.

  29. Pitch White says:

    Rad ‘sode, dudes. (What?)

    Just beat re4 HD this weekend; best $20 I’ve spent. But I agree with Scott S – In re4 you’re fighting Spaniards whom in the beginning aren’t even infected. Is this less uncomfortable than Africans in re5, many of which appear to be caucasian? When it comes to killing zombies/infected, I am color blind. Just saying.

    Three scary games not mentioned:
    3. Original “Dead Rising.” The zealots and fugitives on the jeep in the courtyard are pretty gnarls.
    2. Original “F.E.A.R.” The scariest next gen game I’ve played. The rest of the series pales in comparison and “F.E.A.R. 3” was wildly disappointing but the first one is amazing.
    1. “Friday the 13th” on NES. Think about it…

    Claudia Black does indeed voice Sam in Gears. And the lambant Berzerkers are fully ricockulous. When they kill me in horde, I go clean my house or something and wait for my teammates to finish it. Not worth buying back in. Is that lame? I figure if you can’t chainsaw it or stick the sawed-off in its mouth it’s not as fun.

    Only the female characters are likeable in Gears. Baird and Cole are those shitty twin autobots from Transformers 2. Super annoying. I wish Carmine would have beat Cole to death with his ego and Jack rape and buttfuck Baird. Marcus is too dumb to insult – like tripping a crippled kid.

    I’ll stop now.

  30. Drew says:

    So throughout this remember, I was six. So I’ve played scarier games, but I’ve never been more scared while playing a game than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. ReDeads still scare me to this day. Then there were enemies that because of what happened if they got you. If a Wallmaster grabbed you then tough luck, you have to go all the way through the dungeon again and hope you don’t get grabbed again and sent back to the beginning again. And if you get sucked up by a Like Like well then start collecting rupees because your going to need to leave the dungeon and get a new shield. Finally the Shadow Temple, save the boss fight, is legitimately scary, and above all having to go back in time as kid Link and go in that well, Fuck You, Fuck You Nintendo, that scared my child hood.

  31. sam says:

    Great podcast!
    I think you two touched on something in the end of this one that could easily be the topic of a whole episode, or episodes: sexist bullshit in games.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been taken right out of a gaming experience when one of the few female characters finally gets some screen time and is sporting gi-normous boobs, skin-tight garb, and just can’t seem to utter a single line in anything other than sultry mode. It’s lame and easy.

    My fave scary games would be:
    5. Silent Hill 3
    4. Dead Space 2
    3. Bioshock
    2. Silent Hill
    1. Silent Hill 2 (Admittedly, I’m a bit of a fanboy with these)

  32. Scott S. says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. A couple of thoughts:

    A. RE4- A way over-hyped game that I hated(see last week’s podcast). I hated the controls and what little scariness there was was completely undone by the goofy cutscenes and nonsensical story. Also while killing African people in RE5 is bad, I’m not sure mowing down a village of Spanish stereotypes is much better.

    B. The sexist characters in Arkham City are all hardened criminals, so I don’t think the game is condoning sexism so much as establishing the despicable nature of the guys you’ll be beating up for the next 15 hours.

    C. My 5 Scariest Games are:
    5. Aliens vs. Predator 2 (PC) – The human missions in particular are freaky because you are basically by yourself in the dark being hunted
    4. Alan Wake – Say what you want about the story or the stupid coffee thermoses, the atmosphere was phenomenally creepy
    3. Silent Hill 2 – Again, a great freaky atmosphere and super creepy monsters. Would be higher on the list but unfortunately never had a chance to finish it.
    2. Condemned: Criminal Origins – The homeless have all gone kill-crazy and you have to fend them off while tracking a serial killer. Realistic implementation of melee combat in first person makes every fight seem like you are fighting for your life.
    1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Having the game break the forth wall was an awesome idea as it totally messes with you.

  33. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    Regards to Starcraft 2.

    In campaign you pretty much play Terran (human) the whole time except much later, when some side missions you play as Protoss (The high tech alien types)

    In Multiplayer you can choose either every race.

    The reasoning behind this is because the will release new Starcraft 2 games with campaigns for every race right now for zerg (the insect aliens) called Heart of the Swarm that continues the story and adds new stuff to the multiplayer.

    I don’t know how much you can do in the freeplay version but if you wan’t to play the other races, you can play multiplayer style against a computer opponent (choose the easiest one) and play around.

    And search around for tutorials on how to practice hot keys and the control mechanics.

    Has a lot of content especially the newbie tuesday stuff – some presume some knowledge others are on pure mechanics – howto do hotkeys howto do mouse movement, even how to warm you fingers up.

  34. Brad says:

    You know what this ep needed? More spoilers.

  35. Andy says:

    Wow, I listened to that tiger noise and didn’t think anything of it, but its been like a minute now and I feel super uneasy and have this weird feeling shooting down my spine into my legs. It’s kind of awesome in a horrible way.

  36. Michael says:

    You have obviously never played Amnesia: The Dark Descent. That game is terrifying!

  37. Gospel X says:

    When I was really young, the final boss of Ninja Gaiden scared the holy hell out of me.

    Since then, I’ve only encountered brief jump scares in games:
    -I played Quake really late at night in a dark basement, and a dog jumped on-screen from what should have been my peripheral vision. (Damn you first-person games for lacking that level of reality…)
    -The bathtub scene from Eternal Darkness.

    The GoldenEye character’s name was Oddjob, by the way. I know it’s easy to forget over time, especially if you’re not constantly watching old James Bond films. The only reason I know it so well is because I had one friend who was really good at the game and would use Oddjob whenever we did three-on-one against him. Equally creepy to the midget’s running around is everyone crouching and basically sliding across the floor in multiplayer. Obviously, we were trying to get Oddjob, but it seriously freaked my friend out.

  38. Mandy W. says:

    Looking forward to this listen. I’m not sure if you mention them but my favorie scary video games are Fatal Frame Two and The Suffering. Also, I second DanD, Kumail you must come to the DC metro area! The Arlington Cinema & Draft House is a great venue, Chris has done several shows there.

  39. Bobby G says:

    Dead Space was scary for me, I remember the part where I walk into a bathroom and hear whispering voices but nobodies in there…..*shivers* I love that kind of stuff.

  40. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Argh! Sorry about the lack of link! Here is the tiger roar that Emily was talking about:

    Makes me uneasy.

    Robin, you mark Riddler clues by holding down the Left Bumper (LB). As you play, though, they introduce another mechanic for letting you know where the clues are, and it marks them automatically on the map for you.

    And please share your favorite scary games with us!

    Spookily yours,


  41. DanD says:

    I totally agree with Blair in regards to Resident Evil 4. That opening sequence was awesome, pulse pounding, scary, and reminded me of playing the very first Resident Evil. Great show guys, keep it up. Kumail, any chance you’ll be doing stand up in the DC metro area any time soon?

  42. Robin says:

    Maybe I’m just dumb, but how do you mark Riddler clues? I’ve just been messing around with side stuff mainly, so maybe you have to unlock it in the story? I thought maybe I did it in detective mode. Do I have to open the map and make a mark, or can I mark the actual clue?

  43. Jay Hernandez says:

    Blairr Butleerrr SO goddamn pretty (Sexy)

  44. blake says:

    My Scariest Game: Metal Gear Solid 2.

    It was two in the morning, sleep deprived, and you hit that part where the Col. tells you to turn off the game, and have been playing to long, starts speeking giberish. I slowly turned the game off, stared blankly into the tv…and ran upstairs to bed. Scared shitless.

  45. Gregga says:

    You guys are great! You make my Mondays less sucky.

  46. Brian says:

    Any chance for a link to that lion noise?