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Episode 157: The Indoor Kids
Canon and Old Cartoons with Brian Thompson
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #157: Canon and Old Cartoons with Brian Thompson

Today The Indoor Kids welcome Brian Thompson ( to talk with us about games he’s playing now, cartoons from his childhood that get him excited, and much more! Also some gaming news!

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  1. niue says:


  2. cdr says:

    I can’t believe there wasn’t a Nancy Kerrigan “why me” callback when Emily’s computer came up. The “I statements” are like right there. 

  3. For any of you who enjoy pen-and-paper tabletop roleplaying I highly recommend “Cartoon Action Hour” from Cynthia Celeste Miller: The game does a great job at capturing the feel of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.

  4. David says:

    God Bless Mr. Thompson for mentioning Gene Wolfe and _The Book of the New Sun_ on this podcast network.  This is why you have the mandate to make fun of dumbshit tv shows, movies and fiction… because you have good taste, sirrah.

    It’s sad that more people by many magnitudes probably have read Star Wars extended universe fiction than Gene Wolfe’s novels, but what are you gonna do?  Make fun of that crap, that’s what.  Keep fighting to good fight bro!

  5. Matt says:

    HOLY FUCK!!!!! Thank you I have that same exact SilverHawks MonStar action figure and I could not place where it was from! I geeked out super hard when you mentioned Pirates of Dark Water. I had all the action figures from that cartoon two of them I still have. MMMMM The nostalgia! 

  6. Jake says:

    Pirates of Dark Water!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once you guys started talking about cartoon’s it popped into my head and almost yelled in excitement (at work “a quiet office job”). I couldn’t remember the name though. I was like “what is the cartoon with pirates and the oil spill that eats them called?”  

  7. Jenna says:

    Have you seen the tour of Adam Savage’s man cave? GREAT example of ‘DIY’ display cabinets

  8. NotMF says:

    There’s a laser tag place in Studio City I believe, and my friends and I (7 or 8 mid-to-late 20 somethings) played several games one night and were by far the oldest people and no one batted an eye. It was a blast.

  9. sarCCastro says:

    Thank god for “the internet.” I thought i had lost my mind because I played all of ENTER THE MATRIX when it came out(because it came out around the time of RELOADED and was supposed to have scenes not in the movie[didn’t matter; it was a terrible game]) and I DID NOT remember the ending you guys played on the show!
    Then, I looked it up, and apparently you guys confused it with THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO. PHEW! Crisis averted!

  10. Mr.B says:

    The stuff you said about Star Wars made me sad, just a little bit. So just to clarify: “Into the Great Unknown”, that story about Chewie becoming Big Foot was never canon. Oh, and it also starred…Indiana Jones cameo. So that’s fun.
    Some of “The Clone Wars” episodes are the best parts of Star Wars, much better than prequels. I would recommend following episodes: S1: “Ambush”, “Rookies”, S2: “Landing At Point Rain”, S3: “Padawan Lost”, “Wookiee Hunt”, S6: “Voices”, “Destiny”, “Sacrifice”. Please, watch those.

  11. Dan says:

    Prince of Persian cat!!

  12. Johnny says:

    Lets be clear about Devin Faraci who clearly had a meltdown on Twitter after getting responses for a set of jokes that came off as kind of racist.  He started calling Anime fans mentally ill and registered sex offenders, blocked several people including ones who wanted an honest discussion, and then compared these dissenters to rape apologists which he later backtracked from.  I’m at a loss to understand how his jokes were that of a sane person but I guess you can get away with saying anything about nerdy stuff not made for white people.

  13. HunterJE says:

    Oh man, the cartoon discussion. For me the big one was ExoSquad–I had a few of the toys but was absolutely obsessed with what I now in hindsight realize were at best little scraps of what in my head felt like a giant, lived-in, epic story.

  14. Ben says:

    King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.
    And they were totally football players.

  15. I had Monstar when I was younger, didn’t know who he was either. As soon as hesaid he had a big red guy thats the first thing I thought of.

  16. Mateo says:

    Where in the fuck is burnside?

  17. Totally with Brian Thompson on loving Divinity Original Sin. It’s immense, and it’s been eating me and the bf’s life but we are really enjoying it. It’s the first CRPG I’ve played. Enjoying the co-op and the story. It’s buggy at times for us too- my main ended up naked randomly a few times we quicksaved, and the cooking skill has what appears to be a perma-bug…but it hasn’t meant we can’t progress. I really love that you can play two characters at a time even in single player mode (though I haven’t really explored single player) and that you end up with 2 characters each in co-op too, gives you a better chance to explore the different classes. Also, the cheese guy is totally awesome, no matter who says otherwise. 😛

    The only saving grace (kinda) for me with this game is that I can’t play it during the week cuz I don’t have a gaming PC at home…just a laptop. But really…loving exploring this and really exploring more PC gaming, even though I grew up on consoles

    • bc says:

      I’m also loving divinity! i have to say it’s a fairly steep learning curve, but once you get going…man it’s so good!

  18. Adam says:

    Here’s a small correction for your discussion of board games. Monopoly should only take about 1 to 1.5 hours if played according to the rules. The goal is to drive the other players out of business. As players go around the board they should generally earn more money than they lose until the point where enough properties are owned and developed that this trend reverses for some players, causing them to spiral quickly into bankruptcy. Things like putting extra money in free parking and forgoing the auctions actually extend the game by delaying this turning point or extending the length of the losing spiral.