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The Indoor Kids #156: Patriotic Games with Ian Karmel
Episode 156: The Indoor Kids
Patriotic Games with Ian Karmel
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #156: Patriotic Games with Ian Karmel

Today we welcome comedian Ian Karmel to walk with us through the hallowed halls of the most patriotic video games in our American history. Also we talk about a lot of other stuff, plus we discuss Snowpiercer and Shovel Knight in the Intro Kids!

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  1. Term Gerf says:

    Ian Karmel’s voice is the best <3

  2. For me (born in USSR, never been to US) the most US-patriotic game would be Sid Meier’s Colonization.It’s kind of always overshadowed by the Civilization series, but I must say, I will never be as involved in those, as I was in Colonization. That game literally taught me more about american revolution than any history classes we had.It was using a very similar turn-based strategy and town building mechanics as Civ did, but every aspect of the game was revolving around conquering the new world. You send ships with goods to the old world to sell your stuff, pick up immigrants and buy cheap guns/horses. You meet native tribes, and are able to either trade or fight with them, or even send Jesuit missionaries to educate them. You gather Founding fathers, produce Liberty Bells, and can even rebel against your European ruler, when he decides to up the taxes… It ends with you gathering enough influence to start a full-scale revolution, after which you have to fight off a huge European army.

  3. ColinJ says:

    I agree that SNOWPIERCER is a movie full of wacky tonal shifts. But then so is every movie Bong Joon Ho has made.
    He directed an incredible movie called MEMORIES OF MURDER, which is a procedural based on South Korea’s first serial killer.
    As dark as that movie is there are crazy moments of slapstick and broad humour, especially when they are ‘interrogating’ a mentally-challenged man. 

  4. Chris says:

    Thought you guys may want to see a speedrun of the amazing looking Metal Wolf Chaos:–206442

  5. Russell says:


  6. Clayton says:

    Oh man, how can nobody say for the twitter game, “Cabela’s 2006: featuring Dick Cheney”!

  7. Bryan Culver says:

    I LOVED Ultima Online so much. siege perilous for life!