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The Indoor Kids #155: Too Many Potions with Jesse Thorn
Episode 155: The Indoor Kids
Too Many Potions with Jesse Thorn
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #155: Too Many Potions with Jesse Thorn

Today we welcome Jesse Thorn (Maximum Fun, Bullseye) to talk about being a parent, his long and baseball-filled history with video games, and a ton of important philosophical, psychological, and social issues. Plus Skyrim. Enjoy!

Click here to read the Gamasutra article about the blue shell in Mario canon

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  1. Zach says:

    Holy snot, I remember that trucker game!  I remember I would keep putting chains on my tires because there was snow, I would forget to take them off, and I would get pulled over later, when it wasn’t snowing.  I was so excited when I figured out how to stop for gas.  Not a fun game.

  2. vismund says:

    so im a bit late to this i had to wait to listen to this. just one question. im rather curious what Emily finds campy about Game of Thrones? (not trying to be combative dont take this wrong)

  3. kerissaward says:

    Jesse does realize that the L.A. in “L.A. Noir” was recreated from its 1947 geography? And the plot of the game is great! Very true to the noir genre, I thought.
    But I guess it’s one of those different-strokes-for-folks-who-are-wrong kind of things.

  4. Noel says:

    Great chat.
    Jesse Thorne is so cute talking about video games and not getting the title right “GTA Miami Vice Edition”.
    It was interesting what Kumail was talking about with the gameplay loop of getting through in 45 seconds but if you get it wrong having to repeat it a lot. I wonder if that comes from playing a lot of fighting games because I know I do that playing the harder computer opponents in Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.
    Thanks guys, great show.

  5. Boss1000 says:

    I don’t know what’ s up with me, but I started to get really frustrated when Jesse kept insisting that “combos” were too hard for him. In no way do I want to be putting down people who want to have fun with the games they enjoy and are good at. But there’s a difference between an inability to perform in a shooter or RTS because of lack of reflex or management skills (me in Battlefield, StarCraft 2) and simply not invested a decent effort to understand how the game works.

    Calling Bioshock Infinite’s vigors “combos” like Street Fighter’s is a stretch and probably what set me off. It’s an extremely broad definition. In BI, you just have to have the mental space to consider the four or five offensive capabilities at your disposal and experiment a bit. Games without that variety would just be boring.

    Like I started with, part of this I’m sure is me being unreasonably fixated. But I feel like Jesse might be precluding himself from great games because of this.

    In chats and playing with other non-gamers, I notice a hesitancy to fail, and I wonder if that’s at play. My girlfriend didn’t want to play Portal 2 co-op because she didn’t want people to, perhaps, wait for her to work through a puzzle. I wonder if a culture of elitism and ridiculing bad play in some gamer culture is contributing to this.

    Anyway, I’m just speaking words into the void now. But this topic clearly brought out some dilemma in me that’s worth exploring.

  6. DMDown says:

    THAT!?! is what Jesse Thorn looks like? Not what i pictured at all.

  7. Big C says:

    I was happy to hear Lakers vs. Celtics get some love. That was my favorite Genesis game. Kumail mentioned the Tom Chambers dunk. In the game, He could dunk from one step inside the 3 pt line. That meant he could dunk from anywhere in the top half of the screen once he got past the line. There were several other players that had money shots like that. Bird could hit a spinning fade away on the baseline from long ranges. Barkley could do a gorilla dunk from the top of the key.

  8. Casey says:

    It’s Mekaneck for the He-man action figure. Quite possibly the lamest figure in the entire line. “Oh look, his neck extends.” They even make fun of him in the current comic run.

  9. Telferoo says:

    Is it just me or does Jesse look like a Jewish Wil Wheaton here? The cropping of the photo makes his hairline look like a yamaka

  10. Kevin says:

    Habit. It’s called a nun’s habit. 
    Also the Flying Nun was Sally Field back in the late 60s. She really flew.

  11. Wildride says:

    All Creatures Great and Small starring fifth Doctor: Peter Davison

  12. Seamus says:

    My wife and I have a system for playing Mario Kart since we’re mostly trying to set records and unlock items in the Grand Prix system. Whomever wins the first race of the Whatever Cup we’re racing in, the player who didn’t win is now their enforcer who’s job is to coast in 2nd place to try and ensure their partners victory, mostly by griefing any unlucky racer who tries to compete.
    Sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s her who are the champion going for gold, but it allows us to be competitive in the first race and then cooperative for the other 3. And in the end, there’s a better chance of getting sweet rewards. Give it a try, married couples who are sick of screaming at each other.
    Also, REBUTTAL SPOILER FOR Shadow of the Colossus (Agro doesn’t die, he/she is at the end of the game for the rebirth) END REBUTTAL SPOILER

  13. Max says:

    Started listening to the latest podcast, heard there was an X-Files podcast, immediately left to go listen to that podcast.

  14. Luke says:

    Jesse is the best. Also, it seems to me the idea behind the blue shell is to allow players doing really bad to move up a few places. Shouldn’t it target a kart a couple of spots ahead rather than always targeting the kart in 1st place? If a players is in 8th place and then their blue shell drops the 1st kart to 3rd … what’s the point? Would the 8th kart prefer the 6th place kart get taken out? (Sorry for all the numbers.)

  15. Sarah says:

    My mother played a ton of Mario Kart Wii. It was her stress relief while my father was going through treatment for colon cancer. She loathes the blue spikey shell with a vengeance that knows no bounds. She calls it the “winged devil”. She also hates to lose. Her favorite character to use was Yoshi and whenever she would get below 3rd place and Yoshi would cry, she would say, “You better cry, you little piece of sh*t.” So imagine a 55 year old woman cursing out a video game character for losing a race. It was very funny. And my dad is fine now. 🙂