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The Indoor Kids #145: WonderCon LIVE with Kevin Pereira and Jordan Morris!
Episode 145: The Indoor Kids
WonderCon LIVE with Kevin…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #145: WonderCon LIVE with Kevin Pereira and Jordan Morris!

Today we welcome our good friends Kevin Pereira and Jordan Morris to the madness that is WonderCon in Anaheim! You’ll hear us talk about racist TMNT toys! You’ll hear Snoop Dogg! You’ll hear Matthew Burnside being teased for how young he is! You’ll hear top ten lists and more!

(We apologize if we talk over each other a bit, it was impossible for the panelists to hear each other on stage.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to listen to us talk for an hour in a big room, and special thanks to everyone who asked questions and to Bob the Sign Language Interpreter!

Photo by Aldrin Cornejo (@acornayho)

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  1. Scott Dale says:

    For anyone who wasn’t at Wondercon for the panel and was wondering what that clanking sound was during Jordan Morris’ entrance, it was him throwing his toy sword on the table. He and everyone else were amazing! Jordan signed my friend’s DS and Emily signed a shampoo bottle me and my girlfriend brought expressly for that purpose. It now sits proudly atop our dresser. Great show, guys!

  2. Adam says:

    If only there was video of this. Seriously, the sign interpreters for the deaf were awesome to watch. The one interpreter was doing the most awesome facial expressions. According to my girlfriend, they somehow where able to follow everything going on in the panel pretty well.

  3. Danny says:

    This was the highlight of my WonderCon, I was so happy to see my favorite podcast live, and so grateful that they let me plug my podcast. I’m the first dude to ask a question and me and my buddy can’t thank everyone enough for being cool about it. We mention this podcast a little this week, not that we are gonna bring you to many new followers, but thank you again. Hope you guys do a ComicCon panel.

  4. Sandstorm still isn’t as crazy, over the top racist as the old Shazzan cartoon.

  5. Tillburg says:

    Hey Emily,

    Not that I expect you to read this, but I know one of the chemists that works at the 5 hour energy facility. He says that 1 a day is fine, 2 is the max you should ever do, and all the people taking like 3+ a day are crazy asses. Seriously don’t ever take more than 2, where he suggested just kinda spacing out 1 throughout the day if you can help it.

  6. HunterJE says:

    I think the “boat hat” Kumail was looking for in Intro Kids would likely be the boater, a flat, cylindrical, brimmed hat, usually made of straw, best known as the hat you would picture folks wearing at a presidential nominating convention or in a barbershop quartet.

  7. Aven says:

    Can’t wait to see Emily snorting on @Midnight

  8. Pedantobot says:

    The Inhale Kids.

  9. Dave says:

    Intro Kids? More like Stoner Kids. More like 4/20 Kids. More like Pot Smoking… meh. Forget it.

  10. essar says:

    Highlight of WonderCon.