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Episode 143: The Indoor Kids
Miami Business with Kumail…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #143: Miami Business with Kumail and Emily

Please join Kumail and Emily as they end a very busy week and wind down by talking to you guys about video games and their lives. You’ll hear about their trip to Miami, hear stories of arcades and IPad gaming, hear about news from PAX East to NPR pranks, and much more! Plus, if you stick around until the very end, you’ll hear a bonus lesson in historical moments in social justice!

Photo by Benjamin Sawyer

GAMES: Pong, Pac-Man, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, WWF Superstars, WWF WrestleFest, Paperboy, Rampage, Titanfall, Gears of War 3, Little Big Planet 2, God of War: Ascension, Puzzle Agent, Goat Simulator, The Wolf Among Us, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Uncharted, Dead Space, Fantasia, Mario Kart 8, Infamous: Second Son, Watchdogs, Trials Fusion, The Crew, Don’t Starve, Chicken Run

MOVIES: Captain America 2, The Raid 2, Chicken Run

TV SHOWS: Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, Veep, The Meltdown, Hannibal, Portlandia, Community

BOOKS: “The Name Of The Star”

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  1. gilgamesh says:

    Chono Trigger!

  2. MurderFaceSamich says:

    Official Indoor Kids Drinking Game:

    1. Drink from beer every time “we’re so busy” in any form is said.
    2. Do a shot anytime Emily says “literally”

    Warning: Do Not Attempt if you have work the next day.

  3. ericmci says:

    All of the W Hotel bars are The worst. Every location. The only explanation is that they are instructed to act that way. It’s like the Bizarro version of customer service.

  4. Rik says:

    Great recommendations (especially Chrono Trigger is a good choice I think), but I can’t believe nobody recommended Kingdom Hearts yet. Sure it’s not turn-based and it hasn’t aged super well but it has tons of Maleficent!

  5. Phil Rosehill says:

    Kumail, since you’re looking for JRPGs, I’m amazed nobody has brought up Lunar. The Playstation-era remake is on iOS for $7. Not just a well-designed and very enjoyable RPG, but with a ton of personality and some of the best writing ever in the genre. It’s decently long but not excessively so and doesn’t require a lot of level-grinding either.
    FFX HD would also be a great place to start.

  6. Jim says:

    see if you can find “Radiant Historia” for the DS. Great combat and the game has a really cool story gimmick. Your main character can travel back in time to decision points (called nodes) and open up new branching timelines where things are slightly different. information from one timeline can help you change your fate in another. It’s really cool and super fun

  7. Ryan says:

    I really liked digial devil saga. It had a weird engrossing story and a super cool setting. you need to play the sequel to get the whole story but I really got caught up in the world. sun’s are turning people into salt God is really fucking pissed off at everyone shit gets crazy.

  8. Roy says:

    You should play Final Fantasy X. It’s pretty much the ideal JRPG to try after getting your feet wet with something simplistic like Stick of Truth (or Pokemon). The battles are fun, the visuals are gorgeous, and the soundtrack is memorable. It’s largely on rails, so it’s not overwhelming, yet it sill manages to give a great sense of freedom. I liked it so much when I played it, I bought and wore the necklace Tidus (main character) wears for like all of 7th grade. My parents were wrong though, I wasn’t gay.

  9. Klei_Wade says:

    Yup, the makers of Don’t Starve always love to hear Kumail’s and Emily’s entertaining podcast as we work. 🙂

    No plans for putting Multiplayer into the game, but it is definitely our most requested feature.

  10. Cobs says:

    I second the Earthbound recommendation. Add to that, Suikoden II, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Breath of Fire II and III. They’re pretty old games, but still fun rpgs and not that grind heavy.

  11. Werewolf Johnson says:

    No one mentions “Bravely Default” for 3DS? That would be perfect for them to try out!

    Classic turn based games I would suggest are “Final Fantasy Tactics”, “Ogre Tactics”, and “Fire Emblem” series.

    There is also a PC turn based MMO with a terrific art style and tons of personality called “Wakfu”

  12. Aj says:

    Ni no Kuni & Chrono Trigger are definitely great entry points to JRPG’s (at both the old/new end of the scale) but a great modern game is Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Great story, music & it looks gorgeous. Definitely something I’d recommend for someone looking to explore the genre!

  13. Taylor N says:

    Hey Kumail, Ni No Kuni would be a decent choice. The story is pretty cool actually but keep in mind it is long as hell. Probably like 60 hours. But that always seems to be the case with any jrpg.

    For this next part I’ll raise my shield. I also recommend Final Fantasy 13. If you scour the internet for people’s opinion of the game you will see that everyone pretty much despises the game. I still don’t truly understand the hate, I think it might be because they strayed from the previous FF formula. FF 13 is one of my favorite games ever though. Beautiful graphics, story and music, and in my opinion, the best gameplay of any jrpg. FF13-2 is very very good too.

  14. Ray says:

    Service in Miami (specifically South Beach) is notoriously bad. Most places have an 18% gratuity included for any bill. Seeing as it’s filled with tourists, including those from countries with no concept of tipping, I understand it’s there to protect the servers. That being said 18% isn’t terrible but the servers act entitled to the tip and the customer service is non-existent.

  15. Mark says:

    If you guys have time (we know how busy you are ;)) then you should check out FTL. There’s a new free expansion to it that automatically downloads to the game – although you can still play the original if you choose.

    The new features are really awesome, just the right amount, and for a free expansion it really improves the game a whole lot. New features are added and the overall gameplay is tweaked to make it a little smoother.

    Also just to add I’m really looking forward to watching Silicon Valley, the trailer a couple days ago got me really pumped, it looks great!

  16. onReload says:

    EarthBound is named as something of an inspiration, and it’s a great game with unique design and humor. Only thing is, the only modern console that has it is the Wii U. So, if you can manage blowing off all the dust, you can pick it up for like $10.

    When hearing the term “JRPG,” you think of the games that @Cameron C. took the trouble to name. Those are a bit more complicated than SoT, but I can at least vouch for FFX being a really good game. Long, not wonderfully written, but super fun.

    I’m more familiar with older games, but yeah, EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII…you have a fuckton of options, really.

    Also, yes, great job with Silicon Valley. Seen the premiere twice now

  17. tguff says:

    Re: Burrito salad. Check out Chipotle, they have a “Burrito Bowl.”

  18. doctorquién says:

    Aw guys, wish you had a better time in Miami. It has great cheap food that you can get in 5 minutes from every ethnic group. You really have to stay away from South Beach and rich douches. Some of us Miamians are your listeners!

    And we have comic book stores and indie theaters and arcades, like all you LA folk. I get that it’s a weird place, but like any big city it has lots of weird layers and history. It’s not just a one-note punchline for tourists. Not that you guys didn’t say some nice or valid things though.

  19. Angie says:

    I enjoy listening to your podcast, but I don’t actually play too many video games. Do you guys have an episode for people who are interested in getting into gaming, but don’t know what games or console would be a good place to start? If you don’t, I’d love if you could make an episode that’s sort of a “newbie’s guide to gaming”

  20. Cameron C. says:

    Here are some JRPGs that I think would be a good fit for Kumail

    Tales of Vesperia –

    Pro: It’s long, the characters and story are good. The gameplay is fun.

    Con: Its not exactly Turn-based.

    Reason for Recommendation: The combat and gameplay is very reminiscent of a low end fighter. Since Kumail is well-versed in fighters like Street Fighter 4, this game would do well to feel familiar and different at the same time. It’s also still very much an RPG and contains all the tropes. Also, Troy Baker voices the main character and since Kumail loves The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite, bingo-bango.

    Lost Odyssey

    Pro: It’s long, good story and fun characters. Classic turn-based gameplay.

    Con: At certain points, the game is not keen on letting you know what to do or where to go next. This can feel frustrating at times. Some stilted dialog. Can be complex later in the game. Loading screens.

    Reason for recommendation: This is a full-bore, turn-based JRPG. It came along when developers seemed to be trying to update the turn-based rpgs of the Playstation 2 era with the new technical capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3, while also giving some freshness to the genre.

    Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster

    Pro: Long, good story and characters, not overwhelming with concepts. Looks Great for a HD PS2 game. A lot of game here.

    Con: Atrocious dialog at points, and the lip syncing is worse than dubs on Kung-Fu movies. Cut scenes galore. Loading screens, wonky character animations at points. Also, Marcus Phoenix himself, John DiMaggio, is in it with a hilarious accent.

    Reason for recommendation: this is the grand daddy of the old school JRPG brought into the modern age. Despite that, the early hours of the game do a fantastic job of introducing the mechanics of JRPS to new comers. Sure, there are lengthy tutorials, but they explain in great detail the things you need to know. The game is the built on the template of what it is to be a Turn-based RPG. Its super fun and challenging in later parts of the game.

    Honorable mention

    Tales of Xillia & Eternal Sonata

    Reason for Recommendation: Same reasons as Tales of Vespira.

    Hope this helps!

  21. Wildride says:

    A Sub Zero sandwich.

  22. NotMF says:

    Chrono Trigger for the SNES is a classic (it might be on 3DS now, but not entirely sure), and for good reason. The story deals with time travel, and there are several characters you can pick and choose to be on your time, and multiple endings you can end up with.

  23. Kyle S. says:

    Can’t recommend Persona 4: Golden on the Vita strongly enough. It’s a “serious” RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a ton of charm. It’s long, but not too grindy, and has a phenomenal cast of characters. Great soundtrack too. Check it out!

  24. Kumail: If you’re looking for more great turn based fun ala The Stick of Truth, I highly recommend the Penny Arcade games (On The Rain Slicked Precipice of Darkness), and if you want to get really old school you can’t get much better than Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger and of course the Final Fantasy series.

  25. Tyler says:

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet, so I’ll just use this space to say that I loved the first episode of Silicon Valley. Kumail was goddamn great in it and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season.

    No disrespect to Emily, but Flower Deranger is going to have to be flawless if she’s going to top Kumail (though I did like the recent episode with Gary Sinise as a husband whose wife didn’t like the flowers he picked out.)