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Episode 141: The Indoor Kids
Completionism with Jason…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #141: Completionism with Jason Ritter

This week Kumail and Emily welcome actor Jason Ritter, a Twitter guest request, to talk about working, gaming, and growing up gamer. Plus, we play a Twitter game! You’ll love it.


Titanfall, Assassin’s Creed 4, GTA V, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Professor Layton, The Room: The Azran Legacy, Halo 3, Dead Rising 3, NBA 2K14, Back To The Future, Fester’s Quest, Metroid, Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, Golden Axe, The Simpsons Arcade Game, Centipede, BurgerTIme, Q*Bert, Super Mario Bros., Mrs. Pac Man, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Don’t Starve, Street Fighter 2, The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Ghostbusters, Bruce Lee, Jaws, Batman, Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, Madden


Wild Canaries, We’ll Never Have Paris, Being John Malkovich, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Misery, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, The Wizard of Oz, Good Dick, Total Recall, Howard The Duck


Silicon Valley, The Big Bang Theory, The Event, The Nine, Twin Peaks, The 4400, Flash Forward, True Detective, American Horror Story, Lost, X-Files, The A Team, Game of Thrones



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  1. FrothyHam says:

    I totally have to third the recommendation for Dark Souls. That’s all I could think about when Kumail was talking about learning how to take down a boss…no game has ever done it better than Dark Souls.

    I was one of the people who was “scared” of the game for years, and that kept me away, but once I started, I immediately knew it was one of the best games I ever played.

  2. KajusX says:

    1826 on March 30, 2014 at 12:14 am said:
    PFT beat Bioshock Infinite on hard!!

    CORRECTION: Monsignor Damien Fearnly beat Bioshock Infinite on hard. It was his second of the three ‘petite miracles’ her performed that got him the promotion to Monsignor!

  3. teezeCrost says:

    Jason Ritter is such a sweetheart! I wanna be friends with him! And I don’t want to be friends with ANYONE!

  4. 1826 says:

    PFT beat Bioshock Infinite on hard!!

  5. Roy says:

    You guys should ask Bobby Lee, I know he’s really into video games. Also, Kumail and him are both minorities and comedians. Bam, that’s 3 commonalities right there, I’ve rubbed genitals with less.

  6. Pedak says:

    If you watch it like a “monster of the week episode”, The X-Files: I Want to Believe is a lot better than people give it credit for.

  7. Jerome says:

    Yeah, I second trying Dark Souls if you want a feeling of mastering tough bosses.

    There are fights in that game that when I first played them I thought, “This is ridiculous. I’m never going to beat this guy. As soon as I step in the room he and his minions are on top of me.”

    A few playthroughs later I can beat the same bosses casually like it’s nothing. Awesome feeling.

  8. Andy Best says:

    Great pod. I did some training in a school right above Toys R Us in the Singapore Forum Mall, stayed up the road at the YMCA. Good times, in Shanghai now.

    Ritter knew his games, I’d like to see someone like me on the pod though (but more famous and funny) … around 40 yrs old and a life time gamer who could go super-deep down the wormhole.

    I mean, very brief snapshots of my gaming life: Pong and then Atari 2600 in my house, text adventure games, Shadow of the Comet, Jet Set Willy, Gauntlet and Joust at the arcades, Tron the movie blowing my mind in the theatres when I was 10, the start of Sega vs Nint. isometric adventures like Head Over Heels, Sonic comes out on the Mastersystem, Amiga vs. Atari ST … Playstation one arrives … etc etc etc.

    Also – Civ 1-5 for ever!

    PS All that stuff is probably in the pods in you mixed and matched,, I know. This pod just triggered a lot of thing in my mind. Thanks guys.

  9. Noel says:

    You can add The 100 to shows with big story arcs with numbers in the name.

    This is an interesting article about a games company trying to make a modern religious game. Reminded me of that show you did a while back about religious games.

    Great show again guys. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  10. Mark says:

    Ken Levine! I’d love it if you had him on, he’s one of my favourite game designers. It’d be awesome if we could post some questions beforehand that you could ask him, picking his brain would be really interesting. Plus I’d like to hear more about what got him into gaming, what games he likes etc., how he approaches game design as compared to the usual questions about Bioshock,

  11. Brian C says:

    Hey i listen to all kinds of crazy metal sub-genres and your podcast!

  12. Matt L. says:

    Oof. I didn’t realize I wrote that much. Like a crazy person.

    Anyways, you guys should play the game, its awesome. I’m sorry!

  13. Matt L. says:

    Whenever I hear Kumail talk about how he loves finally overcoming an obstacle in a game—learning the patterns, getting incrementally better, then finally overcoming—I wonder why he hasn’t played Dark Souls yet. Dark Souls 2 is out, I’m serious guys, play the game.

    The thing about Dark Souls is that despite its reputation, it’s not unfairly tough. When you die, you blame yourself and try again. It’s It’s actually kind of similar to the last couple Rayman games— the central mechanic of “fun” in the game (aside from the great combat) is the feeling of achievement as you make real iterative progress towards your goal, slowly learning the game, death after death. And while it’s a totally different genre and world, Dark Souls 2 also has a lot of character, atmosphere, and cool art design. It’s a great exploration game with a huge open world, full of bizarre secrets.

    While the combat isn’t as flashy as Arkham Asylum (or, using another famously hard game, Ninja Gaiden for the xbox), it’s every bit as responsive, rewarding, and skill based.

    I’m sorry to evangelize this hard for Dark Souls, but I’ve been listening to the podcast for a long time and I’m pretty sure you’d really like the game.

    Playing Dark Souls for the first time, going in blind— it reminded me of when I was a kid, renting some bizarre game, trying to suss out what its boundaries and rules were—back when the logistics of programming never entered my thoughts, and it felt like nearly anything might happen if I brought the right strange item to the right strange place.

  14. Wildride says:

    “Choppin’ down trees! Choppin’ down property!” – Mr. T

  15. Fartbooty says:

    Ducks are kinda okay omg lol

  16. ericmci says:

    Let’s be clear.
    EVERYONE Needs to play Centipede.

  17. hoben says:

    That’s awesome about Ice-T calling in. I love how excited Emily got about it. I’ve been listening to his new podcast and I like it so far.

  18. Bill says:

    Kiefer would most likely be Stryker in Mortal Kombat. Cage is too cocky and Kiefer can’t really do that.