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Episode 135: The Indoor Kids
Indoor Kids of All Types…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #135: Indoor Kids of All Types with Rich Sommer

Today The Indoor Kids welcome Rich Sommer (Mad Men) to talk about the wonders of ’60s props, video games, and his lifelong obsession with board games. You guys, he’s in deep, and it’s awesome. Plus you get an Intro Kids beforehand in which Kumail and Emily discuss games they’re playing now and weird news!


Portal 2, Outlast, Don’t Starve, Minecraft, Rayman Legends, Flappy Bird, Resident Evil, Onimusha, Golden Axe, Midnight Club, Project Gotham Racing, Streets of Rage, D&D, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, Monopoly, Shrieks and Creaks, Doorways to Adventure, Doorways to Horror, Atmosphere (Nightmare), Fireball Island, Twilight Struggle, Risk, Diplomacy, Age of Empires, Gears of War, Texas Hold’em Poker, Portal, Call of Duty, Ruzzle, Halo, Babysitters Club, Parcheesi, The MAD Magazine Game, Mouse Trap, Batman: Arkham City Escape, The Settlers of Catan, Chutes and Ladders, Scattergories, Nothing Personal, Mafia, Werewolf, The Resistance, The Resistance: Avalon, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, A Few Acres of Snow, Dominion, Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering


Return of the Living Dead, The Host, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Alan Patridge: Alpha Papa


Mad Men, Sherlock, Nathan For You, Lost, Game of Thrones, X-Files, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, House of Cards, Jeopardy, Know Me Knowing You, I’m Alan Partridge

For a little trip down memory lane, watch Rich with his fellow Mad Men cast members on Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling!

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  1. Term Gerf says:

    Why do people hate the Paolo and Nicky episode from Lost? i loved it!

  2. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Awesome episode guys. It is weird when listening to diverse pod casts to have them intersect. I have been listening to the Dice Tower for a long long time. So weird to have it on the show. You guys should try board games. You will most likely love them.

  3. Great show as always —- the mark of an excellent podcast is being able to enjoy the conversation even when you aren’t familiar with the guest all that much.

    Maybe a few episodes down the line the comments section will be back to a regular temperature. These past couple were unfortunate. I would just hope that Kumail and Emily take a long break from reading them.

  4. I3linder says:

    Just letting you guys know I’m a huge fan of the show and I download your podcasts then listen to them, on my PS3 browser while I play Little Big Planet 2, Zen Pinball, and now Miinecraft. So if your fans wanna game while getting their Indoor Kids, or other Nerdist goodies, try it out. Love you guys my PSN usertag is I3linder, Game Good!

  5. JCDenton says:


    I think Emily was referring to A Feast For Crows.


    I think the book was dreadful. I skipped about 200 pages of it just to get through it all. A couple of friends of mine feel the same way. I don’t think it was an accident that the HBO series left some of the good stuff from book 3 for this season. I hope that book #5, which I’m reading now, is MUCH better. At least it’s more of Tyrion and Daenerys (atm) which is already making it more interesting.

    Emily and Kumail,

    Good episode. It was fun even though I don’t play board games.

  6. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:

    I dunno much about spirit bombs, but you’re definitely bombing…

  7. LaserEnforcer says:

    Best episode in awhile. It’s good to hear someone that is actually has passion for the hobby as opposed to the last couple of guest.

  8. GooseGanja says:

    Yes, more POWER! … Its over 9000! Spirit Bomb Bitches!
    BTW – Thanks for proving my point minions.

  9. Sol O. says:

    When you start being funny I’ll be the first to laugh, I swear. You’re being a shithead for “fun” and the only person you’re trying to entertain is yourself. I can forgive a dig if it’s funny – hell, I’ll forgive racism if it’s funny enough – don’t invoke comedic license when you know full well you’re not coming from a place of humour. And you’re the one acting weirdly in the comment section of a comedy podcast. Guys like Ichabod and me can’t help but wonder aloud what the fuck you’re on about. If you’re going to make fun at least MAKE it FUN. I mean, dick size insults? On the Internet? In 2014? I know you can do better than that – if your next response isn’t either conciliatory or funny or about your favourite board game, I’m afraid the conversation is over.

    This podcast jogged the memory that I used to have the MAD Magazine Board Game – even at the tender age of 10 I enjoyed giving Monopoly the finger.

  10. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:


  11. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:

    Yeah, I agree. If we let the little tyke run around he’ll probably tucker himself out. But yeesh. Look at him. He practically humping my leg now. Hand me a spray bottle or something.

  12. GooseGanja says:

    @ImATwat and @Sol O … Get the fuck off your high horse and learn to read a joke n laugh or don’t. The only people that give me “power” are you shrimp dicks that response weirdly to a joke in the comment section of a “comedy” podcast. If you guys want me to stop making you look like tools then don’t respond.

    (Followed by a bunch of responses that some how try to analyse and insult my psyche.)

  13. Sol O. says:

    Well, the sad part is he’s probably not really a bad guy in “real life” and is just living out some kind of asshole fantasy. He’s managed to bother some people and has what he sees as a little power, and he’s running with it – happens a lot. But we all know that purposely antagonizing strangers (and perfectly lovely, generous, entertaining, Hobbit-hating people like Kumail and Emily) is a nut-twistingly silly waste of time, don’t we? But we’ve all also probably forgotten ourselves and acted like assholes at some point and we’ve all probably had cause to hope for forgiveness. Very few of us deserve to be written off completely – change can be one of our greatest acts of creativity. Stop being a dipshit, Goose, it’s that simple.

    Now, as much as I love to hear myself speak/type, we’re probably here because we love The Indoor Kids (even when we don’t agree with them or they’re not perfect) and like, video games and other cool shit, right? We’ve got a lot in common! We should talk about those things!

  14. GooseGanja says:

    @ImATwat … Only way ill accept your proposal … is if we a get prenup. I want our inevitable divorce to be smooth and without complications. If your pleas for companionship continue to be filled with insults and falsehoods, its a no go baby.

  15. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:

    Mmhmmm. You found me out slugger. Thumbs up!

    And narcissistic personality disorder to boot. Sad really. He doesn’t know any better. Small brain, big ego; it’s just an unfortunate combination.

  16. GooseGanja says:

    @Ichabod aka ImATwat … You crushin on me bro … don’t worry it happens to alot of sexually confused young men when they are graced with my presence and stunningly handsome good looks. Not to mention my flawless record of helping you climax every time you see my name in the comment section.

    Love n kisses,
    GooseGanja 😉

  17. Great episode as usual. If I could I’d like to suggest a guest. Kyle Bosman from He hosts a show called The Final Bosman, I’ve always felt that your philosophies on gaming intersect.

  18. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:

    Yeah, he ain’t too bright, is he? Textbook Dunning–Kruger effect. I almost feel sorry for the little guy.

  19. Sol O. says:

    No, GG, you whinging cunt, Philip Seymour was a great talent, and by all accounts a great guy, whose life was tragically cut short by his disease. Bieber’s a little dickhead whose fame turned him into an insufferable twat and not enough bad things can be said about him. See the difference?

    And my apologies to beautiful vaginas for using those words in reference to assholes.

  20. Newo says:

    Chu isn’t the first person to use game theory when approaching Jeopardy, here’s a great article about what he’s doing

  21. GooseGanja says:

    Btw …. Beibers a “drug addict” for smoking a joint but Philip Seymour Hoffman is a “hero” for ODing on heroine? The news media can suck my dick n die chocking … not only are they scum but they are making me a Beiber fan nooooo!

    PSH was a great actor tho.

  22. Mark says:

    What an awesome episode! Rich is really cool. You guys are right that video games have really gotten away from that communal style gaming. This episode really made me want to try a few games and invite people over, the strategy aspects sound really fun. It actually reminded me of how, as a kid, I used to play Games Workshop games, mostly Warhammer. Not exactly a board game but I miss the strategy of collecting and playing armies. Also awesome that you guys love Alan Partridge too, one of my favourite comedy shows. The part where he acts out the Spy Who Loved Me is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  23. bernard says:

    I have no idea what A Song of Ice and Fire book Emily is talking about. I think maybe A Feast for Crows? (which is awesome contrary to popular belief)

    But it couldn’t be AFFC because Cersei has ten chapters in that book…more than any other character. There is no book that focuses a thousand pages on another race? Maybe she’s confusing this with another series?

    Regardless – love the podcast, keep up the great work! 😀

  24. ehron says:

    Great episode. It was really nice to hear the genuine enthusiasm from Rich Sommer talking about something that he’s really a big fan of. I heard him on The Dice Tower Live from BGG.Con episode kibitzing on the panel, and it’s great to hear him talk at length about board games.

    Since Kumail and Emily are into Game of Thrones, just thought I’d mention that there is a board game version that is supposed to be pretty good. It has a similar negotiation mechanic to Diplomacy where you can form and break alliances. There’s also a board game for Firefly that has been getting some decent reviews (haven’t managed to play my copy yet) and also a Gears of War boardgame.

    There’s actually been a lot of crossover between board games and video games (eg the Arkham City game they mentioned, the Doom boardgame actually provided the baseline for a whole bunch of dungeon crawlers, the sadly now dead WoW TCG). Recently there’s also been a lot of ports of board games to mobile devices (eg. Settlers, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Agricola, Le Havre, Lords of Waterdeep and much more on iOS.) Plus the whole war hammer 40k series of videogames based on the tabletop game.

    If Kumail does get more into boardgames or if Rich Sommer ever returns on the podcast, it could be an interesting topic for the podcast (re: the intersection of video games and board games).

  25. GooseGanja says:

    Never said his was small to begin with but… by now its gotta be down to particles.

  26. GooseGanja says:

    Subatomic particles? … nice try bub … my joke was better.

  27. Ichabod Mansfield Asbury Trevor Wilhelm Achilles Tanenbaum says:

    Nope. I think Kumail’s dick is big enough to allow him to act like a real man and be OK with the fact that his SO has a past just like everyone else.

    Your dick, however? Well…don’t lose hope. Scientists discover new subatomic particles all the time.

  28. GooseGanja says:

    You guys think when Emily mentions an ex-love on the show, Kumail’s dick shrinks a little more each time?

  29. Noel says:

    Great show guys. I love hearing about board games as it’s something game related that I rarely hear news about. Plus we should totally push Corp Hor as a thing.

  30. mrkorb says:

    Emily, I think you’re great and all, but you got that whole “Game of Thrones” thing near the start of the episode completely wrong. I’ve read the entire series 3 times, and nothing in those 5 books matches what you just described as “a book where you don’t know anybody.”

  31. gary says:

    Doorways to Adventure all on youtube:

  32. Mike says:

    I don’t think it was fireball Island(no dinosaurs) I bet it was
    Die Schlacht der Dinosaurier

  33. Kyle S. says:

    Never watched Mad Men, but I’d listen to this dude talk board games all day. Awesome episode.

  34. Chels says:

    Reading the news and everybody is talking about Dumb Starbucks, then when i listen to my podcasts they are talking about it 😛 nice

  35. Sol O. says:

    After reading the comments section for the last couple episodes (yikes!), I’m going to forego accidentally offending you guys with a failed attempt at humour and just say, great episode! I was listening to some old episodes on a roadtrip this weekend and, though I enjoyed them as well, the show has come a long way and keeps getting better – some really great guests recently and Rich was a pleasure to listen to (even if it wasn’t that much about video games) – he definitely gave me an itch to try out some new board games!

    Keep up the great work and don’t let the negative comments get you down – like all of us they’re just people with tastes, moods, problems, etc. and what they(we) say is generally more of a reflection of them(our)selves (in the moment more often than in general I would imagine) than whatever they’re commenting on. You shouldn’t feel the need to defend your opinions OR talk them out of theirs.

  36. NotMF says:

    Don’t Starve is really cool. It’s way more engaging than Minecraft, but god damn it is so stressful. I could never get a farm going or anything and always am desperate for food, haha

  37. Jesse says:

    Rich Sommer seems like an awesome dude. Fun episode!

  38. Spencer says:

    Great episode! you should have Wil Wheaton on at some point to talk board games.