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Episode 130: The Indoor Kids
Listsplosion with Steve…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #130: Listsplosion with Steve Agee

Today Kumail and Emily welcome one of their favorite humans, Steve Agee, to discuss some of our favorite TV, movies, games, and music from 2013. Plus both Emily and Kumail excuse themselves at different parts of the podcast. Also, Matthew Burnside returns!!

DMC, State of Decay, Tomb Raider, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Saints Row 4, GTA V, Far Cry 3, Year Walk, Gone Home, N 2, Peggle 2, Super Mario 3D World, Guacamelee!, Tearaway, Room 2, Animal Crossing, BioShock Infinite, NBA 2K14, The Last of Us, Borderlands 2, the Oculus Rift, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Pokemon, Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts

Frances Ha, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Phillips, Gravity, Star Trek Into Darkness, You’re Next, Enough Said, 12 Years a Slave, Serenity, At World’s End, Before Midnight, Evil Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Kings of Summer, The Hive, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Thor 2, Pacific Rim, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Prisoners, Silence of the Lambs, This Is The End, Dallas Buyers Club, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Sound City, Animism: People Who Love Objects, Anchorman 2, Boogie Nights, American Hustle

Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, The National, My Bloody Valentine, Sky Ferreira, Chvrches, Beyonce, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Nirvana, Atoms For Peace

New Girl, Mob City, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Eastbound & Down, Game of Thrones, The Returned, The Fall, Orange Is The New Black, Girls, Enlightened, Homeland, Rick and Morty, Community, Looking

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  1. Gloria says:

    Times are chngniag for the better if I can get this online!

  2. Fartbooty says:

    What up with the pants in Her? Are mom jeans all the rage in the future I mean God damn everyone must have wedgeeze lol!

  3. Alec says:

    Neat, a double podcast helping of Kumail and Steve!

    Also, the Oculus Rift people JUST put out a new prototype that uses IR tracking dots to do positional tracking. Hopefully motion sickness won’t be a problem at all by the time the thing becomes a commercial product.

  4. R E Miller says:

    Oh my god Emily I did that same thing with a bar of soap. Exactly. My dad was so mad when he had to rent the snake.

  5. Illusion-XIII says:

    I started out listening to “The Indoor Kids”, but for a couple moments there I thought I was listening to “Pop My Culture”. Surreal…

  6. Fartbooty says:

    I thought #3 was diarrhea, explosive diarrhea

  7. David Z says:

    Im so happy Steve mentioned QOTSA’s “…Like Clockwork” and Ken as well in one of the comments above. I still can’t get enough of that album, every single song of it! I don’t play many albums straight through anymore but this is definitely an album I can, and once it is done, start it all over again. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already checked it out.

  8. nicholas says:

    I shouldn’t have listened to this while eating pizza pockets.

  9. edward says:

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  10. Ken says:

    Queens Of The Stone Age: Like Clockwork! I love it so much that I wore out the cd. Pearl Jam’s: Lightning Bolt, “Sirens” is fantastic. Puscifer’s: Donkey Punch The Night and All Remixed Up.

    It’s funny to think everyone is praising Bioshock Infinite in past tense and yet the DLC isn’t complete. The big present has been unwrapped but there are still more presents under the tree.

    The same goes for GTA V, I don’t believe the train has come to a complete stop.

    I received Arkham Origins for X-Mas, I loved it considering I went in thinking it was emptier and less glamorous than Arkham City (there is a good reason for it). You get to solve individual crimes in their new Crime Scene Investigation feature. I can’t wait to play some of the new DLC.

    A Wolf Among Us (Fables) premier episode was great, dark and twisted.

    There are some fantastic games in 2013 that are still not done rolling.

  11. Wildride says:

    The, uh, bathroom numbers are a bitmask. I’ll leave it to others what 4, 8, etc represent. But, 1|2=3.