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The Indoor Kids #126: Getting Grumpy with the Game Grumps
Episode 126: The Indoor Kids
Getting Grumpy with the…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #126: Getting Grumpy with the Game Grumps

Today Kumail and Emily welcome Arin (Egoraptor) and Dan (NinjaSexParty), aka The Game Grumps. We talk about how the Game Grumps got their start, what makes them so grumpy, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their new music project! Enjoy!

GAMES: BioShock, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Punch Out!, Fester’s Quest, Skyrim, WWE 2K14, Mortal Kombat, Oregon Trail, Dig Dug, Centipede, Star Wars, Paper Boy, BurgerTime, GTA V, Dead Rising 3, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania

MOVIES: The Goonies, Top Gun, He-Man, Ender’s Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze, iRobot

TV SHOWS: He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Game of Thrones, WWE, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell

BOOKS: Ender’s Game, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter

MUSIC: Ninja Sex Party, Star Bomb


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  1. MacGuffin says:

    Hmm… So far, they seem to not address that Jontron was on the show before Dan.  They’re giving the impression that it was always Dan and Arin.

    Watch me regret posting this before the podcast is over… though I doubt it.  Jon is never really addressed.

  2. Tyler says:

    Is it me or do the Game Grumps look like Bam Margera and Eric Matthews in that pic? 😀

  3. Valando says:

    Emily, just watch that Tyson thing. Put aside your preconceptions of the guy; he raped no one, for one thing, and was boxed in to pleading guilty. The whole he’s-a-dumb-angry-rapist-black-man thing is a bullshit mass-media narrative which he himself challenges with surprising amounts of honesty, intelligence, remorse, and self-awareness. Please. Watch it for me: the anonymous internet stranger you’ll never meet.

  4. post-meister says:

    I need to see Clockwork Orange and Requiem for a Dream. Saw Pi, and loved it.

  5. martenas says:

    Oh, ninja turtle discussion!
    My favorite was Leonardo as a child (and as a man-child). I mean, i know its was cool to go with mike back in the 80s, and then ralph when you were a rebellious teen, and Donatello as an adult WITH A NINJA TURTLE SHIRT (and I do have a ninja turtles shirt). But i still think Leonardo was the perfect turtle for me…always. He was like the archetypal ninja turtle.

    First he wore blue, which was my favorite color. He had the coolest weapons (two ninja swords) Which was more useful in the earlier 8bit games, cause raplhs reach used to suck so bad, and even mikes. He was the leader, and was considered the most skilled, at-least in general ninja mastery. I mean, they always used to have him face off against shredder last and he usually does slightly better then the other turtles.

    And then he is named after Leonardo Davinci, which is my favorite renaissance painter. As a young comic artist, I always found his work attractive and put him up there with bruce lee, and spiderman, LOL. I even named my son after him R.I.P. So while some people try to omit Leonardo from the “best ninja turtles list” I find him to be the absolute coolest turtle of the group. BTW Emily: So jealous that you got to meet one half of the Eastmen and Lard Team!

    Oh, and my example of an attractive racially ambiguous celebrity: jessica alba. I always thought she was some odd mix of coolaid…Never pegged her as Mexican. Not that it’s a bad thing !

  6. phil medoc says:

    ^ I see what you’re saying, but I totally get where she’s coming from. Pro wrestlers have always been presented as these ridiculous, larger than life personas — they’re practically superheroes. They do things “normal” human beings can’t do. This was especially true prior to the 1990s, when many fans still believed it wasn’t staged.

    If you want to get really bummed, watch “Beyond The Mat”, a 1999 documentary about wrestlers after their careers have burned out.

  7. Scott says:

    I don’t even like wrestling (Had like the briefest phase when I was 12 maybe? Two Weeks. Tops.) but the idea that Emily doesn’t acknowledge them as human beings so it doesn’t matter when they die is just sorta … not right? Haha I’m sure that’s not how she meant it but … yeah

  8. Alec says:


    Now I’m picturing that Sonic ’06 Games Grumps moment as being about workplace safety in the WWE.

  9. Brick Face says:

    By far one of my favourite Indoor Kids episodes! What a great surprise

  10. Aj says:

    Thanks, this was a pretty fun episode!
    You guys should try & get Two Best Friends Play/SuperBestFriendsCast on!

  11. JJP2D says:

    This needs to go the other way now. The Indoor Kids need to be on Game Grumps!

  12. Wildride says:

    WWE pretty much just got away with criminally negligent homicide as far as Owen’s death goes. The stunt was not safe, Owen was not qualified to perform it and they bullied him into doing it. They never came clean with the authorities about the extent of the stunt. They kept claiming it was just to lower him down to the ring, but then why was there a quick release? The quick release mechanism a) existed (see unsafe stunt) and b) was not rated for his weight.

    They compared the stunt to what Sting used to do, but, if you notice, once Sting is lowered it takes him a minute to get his harness off. That’s because it’s safe. What they wanted Owen to do was activate the quick release just over the ring so that he would fall the last few feet clumsily. That is way to advanced a stunt for an guy untrained in stunt work.

    If all they were planning on doing was lowering him to the ring, then they did a safe stunt in an extremely unsafe way. And if not then it was just plain an unsafe stunt. The very fact that there was a quick release to get his costume tangled in, and that it would fail based on said entanglement, means the stunt designer was incompetent. That Owen was eventually bullied into doing it means they didn’t make the danger clear to him. There’s no way he’d have agreed if he knew the full extent of the danger.

    It still baffles me that no one went to jail for this obvious failure to safeguard the lives of employees.

  13. Ben Z says:

    Tyson only knocks you down with one punch for the first 90 seconds. He’s actually not that tough. It just takes practice.

  14. Josh Glass says:

    This is all seven asses of Grep! The kids love grep. We all love Grep.

  15. Kris Leisman says:


  16. Louie says:

    Now, Kumail and Emily need to be guests on The Co-Optional Podcast. You just need to clear a whole Tuesday afternoon.

  17. Swiftasaurus says:

    Danny and Arin are my fucking heroes, such genuinely humble and human guys who don’t just entertain with their great humour and almost frustratingly poor gaming skills (I joke) but also impart life advice ranging from relationship pointers to battling depression. You can totally tell how much they care about their fan base and gosh… they’re just awesome. Woo!

  18. Damien says:

    Holy Balls! I love the Game Grumps. Can not wait to listen to this one later tonight.

  19. Geoff May says:

    OMG! I was wondering if this was ever going to happen. Now it has. And I am so happy 🙂 “Hey, I’m indoors!” “I’m not so indoors!” “And we’re Indoor Kids!”