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The Indoor Kids #124: The Indoor Kids/Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Podcast Crossover Spectacular!
Episode 124: The Indoor Kids
The Indoor Kids/Jeff Rubin…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #124: The Indoor Kids/Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Podcast Crossover Spectacular!

This week, The Indoor Kids combined forces with the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show for an event that will blow the doors off the podcasting world! Jeff Rubin, Pat Cassels, Kumail Nanijani, and Emily Gordon get together to play the newest prototype of The MetaGame! Hear them argue the relevance of various pop culture things! Hear them make impassioned pleas about Harry Potter! And up top, Kumail and Emily talk about all the gaming news with the release of the PS4 and the upcoming release of the XBox One!

Need For Speed: Rivals, Knack, Resogun, Contrast, NBA 2K14, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Destiny, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killer Instinct, Forza, Madden 25, BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1, Temple Run, Dead Rising 3
Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, RuPaul’s Drag Race
Girl’s Generation

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  1. Emily says:

    Hey WetNightmare, stop being so easily bummed out. No one said that you were culturally illiterate if you don’t LIKE Harry Potter, just if you aren’t aware of Harry Potter. Calm down friend, no one’s forcing you to like anything!

  2. Bobby G. says:

    Girl Generation, Meh. I do like their video “Run Devil Run” though.I like the Koran girl group……….well I don’t like them, I just like looking at them, is SISTAR “Alone” video, its sexy as hell.

  3. Benson Yee says:

    Quick notes re: the Bioshock Infinite DLC – Ken Levine has stated the Elizabeth we see in the story is the same one we were with in the main game (he referred to her as “Elizabeth Prime”). The DLC is relatively short compared to others, but if you explore thoroughly and take your time with it you can easily get about 3 hours of play out of it. If you just charge through it’s only a little over an hour.

  4. WetNightmare says:

    Ugh I HATE the idea that not liking something that happens to be immensely popular means that you’re culturally illiterate! Can I just acknowledge Harry Potter for the cultural phenomenon that it is and also dislike it without being an asshole? I know it’s lame of me but that bummed me out -_-“

  5. Noel says:

    I don’t see why everyone love Girl’s Generation so much. I’m more of a 2NE1 fan myself. All their songs are killer. Plus G-Dragon is pretty awesome as well.

  6. Scatmanson says:

    And here i was thinking it was the Aerosmith version of the 60’s Spiderman cartoon theme. =(
    Probably peaches.

    For those seeking nostalgia:

  7. Nichole says:

    “I said but so loud that you flinched”

    I thought “I have a straight up Magic card in here” was “I have a straight up Magikarp card in here”

  8. PCMan says:

    If Pornhub is going to PS4, then you should go with PS4. Otherwise you will have to put the Xbox One in the storage with your Betamax tapes and HD-DVDs.

  9. PCMan says:

    They better have fixed the boxout function in NBA 2K13. That was fucking annoying having a bunch of big men just stand around while Mugsey Bogues comes out of retirement, signs with the opposing team, suits ups, and gets the rebound instead.

  10. melf melfman says:

    i have been exposed.
    to girls generation.
    the horror.

  11. Mark says:

    Kumail you never get excited for betas? Your special is Beta Male! Come on!

  12. Al says:

    If anyone is inexplicably drawn to Girls’ Generation, then check out Miss A’s Hush. Weird, but appealing, like much of KPop.

  13. Wildride says:

    Mmm — Dulcet!

  14. Joe says:


    The Presidents of the USA – Peaches

  15. Emily says:

    We’ll obviously I didn’t mean YOUR mullet….

  16. Jerry says: