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The Indoor Kids #115: Movies, Games, and Tuna Lap: An Episode with Jordan Morris
Episode 115: The Indoor Kids
Movies, Games, and Tuna Lap…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #115: Movies, Games, and Tuna Lap: An Episode with Jordan Morris

Today we are joined by our favorite regular guest, Jordan Morris, to discuss all the latest gaming news, movies we’ve seen, books we’ve read, and Kumail’s connection to Tay Zonday.


Puppeteer, Bastion, Saints Row 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo, Dead Island, Child of Light, Far Cry 3, PS Vita TV, The Last of us, Titanfall, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Altered Beast, Vector Man, Bioshock, Cool Boarders, Gears of War, Animal crossing, Rayman Origins


Captain America Winter Soldier, The Avengers, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chucky, The Worlds End, The Coreneto trilogy, You’re Next, The Purge, The Strangers, Drinking Buddies, Cabin in the Woods, Escape from Tomorrow, Momento, Batman and Superman, Batman and Robin, New Harry Potter Movie, The Harry Potter series, Something About Mary, Men at Work. They Live, Horns, The Woman in Black, Thor 2, War Horse, Hell Baby, Bad Milo, Evil Dead, Funny Games


Children’s Hospital, Access Hollywood, Saved By the Bell, The View, The Talk, NCIS LA, King of the Hill, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Doctor Who


Manhattan Project
East of West


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Invention of Murder, If You Lived Here You’d Be Perfect By Now, Sweet Valley High, Wicked Bugs, Fun Fearless Porn Gynomite


Sisters of Mercy
Tay Zonday

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Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

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  2. Goon Diapers says:

    Hey guys, I always love the podcast. I just wanted to comment on Escape from Tomorrow. I was intrigued by the premise, but when I saw it at Sundance I disliked it quite intensely. I’ve heard a lot of other people really liked it though—I will be interested in hearing what you all think when it finally gets released.

  3. glitchbomb says:

    Hey Emily,Not sure if you ever get the chance to read these comments (wouldn’t lame you if you didn’t, such negativity in here!) but if you happen to enjoy Wicked Bugs, you might like Wicked Plants. Both books are the bees knees!

  4. Rob says:

    To Kumail and Emily (and Jordan because I love you and maximumfun),

    I love you all so much. Kumail and Emily, Im the guy that sent the snowboarding and Bioshock figure. Great podcast. The name Indoor Kids can be related to all things that can be done indoors so please keep talking about movies, video games, tuna laps, Kumails conditioner making, anything to your hearts want. I will listen to you guys endlessly.
    Thanks for making my shitty job great by giving me wonders to listen to. Say hi to Bagel for me
    Much Love,

  5. joeXmaspunk says:

    I had pet hamster I got for myself on my 30th birthday. It was awesome. It was potty-trained, its name was Grendel, and never bite me. So one day grilling, I thought it would enjoy the West Texas sun for awhile and after I was done grilling–like one hour–I found him dead. I really figured sine it had a water bottle and a desert animal, I figured it would be okay. Sad am I.

  6. rpenm says:

    Got to disagree with Kumail and Jordan on next gen. Game performance on the next generation of consoles will ramp up faster than the last.

    The new hardware is going to be much easier to develop on from the start, with PC-like architectures and much better early development tools. Unlike the last gen, which had an esoteric architecture and steep learning curve.

    Similar architectures mean that it will be easier to optimize and take advantage of the PS4’s performance.

  7. comic book guy says:


    At minute 32, you said the PS4 was 50% faster than the Xbox One; this is simply an unfounded rumor, and as such, you should issue a correction.

    At minute 50, you remarked that Horns started off as a graphic novel; this is incorrect. Can you please explain this misinformation?

    I would like to clarify that this is supposed to be a VIDEO GAME PODCAST and as such, every word you speak clearly should be about, or relate to a video game. I am disgusted.

    Also, I don’t believe you have ever played a video game, due to your constant and glaring errors and omissions. It’s almost as though your “show” is unscripted. Please look into this with your research department — I know you obviously have the funds for a research department because you are a fancy Hollywood rich person.

    In conclusion, please kill me. Thank you.

  8. GeoffyP says:

    Coming on bc of the negative and completely unwarranted comments I am seeing from Jdouchey. Just wanna say ‘ Keep up the great work!’. Its a thoughtful and informative podcast -an intelligent/funny modern art discourse that a lot of us with real-ass lives enjoy, and would never feign offense just to get a reaction from the peeps that make it. Peace out, K&E.

    -Long time listener, first time caller

  9. Flaco Jones says:

    Great show! Regarding Escape from Tomorrow, Disney probably could take legal action, but they’ve made it known that they are not giving the film any attention so as to not drum up any free press for the movie.

  10. david elliott says:

    hey, everyone, look! gta san andreas sold more than gta 4…

  11. Russell Duckett says:

    I just want to point out the PS4 being 50% faster than the X1 is just a rumor and you should report it as such.

    Also Horn’s is novel written by Joe Hill and it did not start off as a graphic novel. The main character in the story was not married.

    People respect your podcast so when you give out information at least get it correct before speaking.

    Otherwise good episode, you guys should check out Diablo 3 it’s one of the best co-op games of this console generation in my opinion.

  12. Mr.B. says:

    I only would like to poin out, that you said nearly nothing about video games…and it still was so great episode. Good job, you guys.

  13. David says:

    @ Kumail

    You made this completely worse. JGalley called your inconsistent spoiler warnings shitty, not you. You should take your own advice and read his comment again.

    Both of you guys are just being passive agressive cowards. Kumail grow a backbone, try to take whatever criticism they throw at you (earned or not),and stop responding. You are hurting no one but yourself, and you are looking like a jackass while doing it.

  14. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    JGalley. We encourage civil discussions on here. Read what you wrote first. It wasn’t constructive criticism; it was an aggressive attack. You called us “shitty.” But then you totally made up for it with two well reasoned posts.

    That was sarcasm btw.

    Thanks everyone else for enjoying the show! We do a podcast about video games. That shouldn’t open us up to personal attacks online. And the vast majority of our listenership gets that. We love you guys.


  15. Mark says:

    It isn’t really a spoiler, it;s in every review and is basically the equivalent of a blurb on the back of a book. That and you were a real dick about it.

    I loved the episode, any with Jordan are always great. Thought I’d add something if you do a console recap episode – check out how many great games that are STILL huge now came out in 2007. Off the top of my head, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty 4 (the game that tipped that franchise over the edge), Halo 3, Fallout 3. That was an incredible year for gaming and one that still influences the gaming industry today.

  16. jgalley says:

    remember everyone. No matter much you normally LIKE or LOVE “The Indoor Kids” if they do or say ONE thing you don’t like in an episode you should just stop listening because that would make them happy.

    At least according to the host

  17. jgalley says:

    Wow really Kumail? You’re a fucking child man. I said I usually love the podcast but because I had ONE negative thing to say you tell me to stop listening and you’ll be happier?

    Brat, lmao. Grow up man.

    oh no someone had something negative to say I don’t wanna play with him anymore!


    And whether or not it happens in the first few minutes is irrelevant and a really stupid excuse. It’s still a spoiler to anyone that hasn’t played the fucking game.

    Grow up, stop making bullshit excuses when you spoil something and someone calls you out on it.

    Good thing you don’t approach your marriage with that maturity level

  18. Alec says:

    This week’s Indoors Kids and Harmontown were as entertaining as ever. Thanks for the good listens!

  19. Anthony says:

    Classic Jgalley.

  20. phil medoc says:

    Christ on a bike, I love this podcast and thank you Emily and Kumail for putting this out here for FREE. But you should really just have no comment posting because it’s getting as bad as your average Youtube video. There’s zero discourse happening here.

    I don’t know about web coding but there should be a forum like Earwolf has or something. It’s unfortunate because I would really like a place to talk with other fans of the podcast, talk video games or whatever. It works pretty well over at Earwolf; Doug Benson has a message board for his podcast as well that is web 1.5 but works. I’m honestly surprised that Nerdist doesn’t have a proper forum because it’s one of the most popular podcast sites around.

    Thanks again for the free entertainment.

  21. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Jgalley. It is not a spoiler. It happens in the first ten minutes of the game. It is not a reveal. It is the second mission of the game. Please stop listening to our podcast. We will all be happier.


  22. jgalley says:

    what’s up with the fucking spoilers. Saints Row IV hasn’t even been out very long. You guys talk about when it’s “ok” to spoil being after “x months” but then….spoil anyway.

    thanks I had no idea Saints Row IV was set in a virtual worlc or the Matrix-y thing it had going on story-wise…but now, thanks to you two, I do.

    Usually love the episodes but your fucking inconsistency and lack of goddamn warning over spoilers is atrocious and, honestly, downright shitty.

  23. david elliott says:

    dear interesting,

    in my comment i provisioned the phrase”right” circumstances.

    obviously there are certain breeds that shouldnt even be allowed in the house, and hunting hounds are certainly a part of that exception.


    in my 12monkeys perfect world fantasy, i dream of people having absolutely no dominion over the animals, but i am also realistic about the needs of the typical urbane dweller for affection.

    dogs and cats are “acceptable” home companions, simply because they are mammals, and their brain/body-mass ratio are way more similar to the humans than, say, a bird’s or a fish’s; and because humans are (and i use this word carefully) “acceptable” substitutes for their social instincts.

  24. Interesting says:

    That’s interesting, David Elliott. I’m (genuinely, I swear) confused about the exceptions for dogs and cats. Why is it that living in a house is cruel for goldfish but not a weimaraner?

  25. david elliott says:

    i have been listening to the show since the beginning and never cared to comment on anything before, but…

    withe the exception of cats and dogs, ALL ANIMAL CAPTIVITY SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!!!

    – doesnt matter how much love you give them, or how healthy they are,

    – doesnt matter what the circumstances were when you’ve got the creature….

    (except for cats and dogs cared for under the right conditions)




    thank you for the show.

    keep up the good work.

  26. Gibbelstein says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that tries to explain who Keith David is by referencing Men at Work. People saw it, damnit! It’s a legitimate reference point!

  27. itsalrightpodcast says:

    Lovin Jordan Morris & the fact that you kids made Kumail’s breathing hilarious is totally chicken sandwich!

  28. Spencer says:

    Emily and Kumail other good comic series would like are Fatale (Image), Incognito(Icon), the new Deadpool run written by Posehn and Jerry Duggan(Marvel), and Bedlam(Image)

  29. rhzunam says:

    Yes! Jordan Morris is the best guest ever on the Indoor Kids! Thanks for this.

  30. chris says:

    Both Manhattan Projects and East of West are written by Jonathan Hickman!

  31. Chrononaut says:

    Yay! Fresh content and Jordan Morris!