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Episode 105: The Indoor Kids
Metagame and More with Jeff …
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #105: Metagame and More with Jeff Rubin

After numerous requests, we brought on one of our favorite guests, Jeff Rubin, to play the Metagame with us, talk about the games we’re playing now, and much more. Burnside was late but joins us at the end to play too!

Please excuse Kumail and Emily for not being able to remember the name Metagame in the intro. We recorded that part at 2am. You can buy Metagame here. While we’re giving out links, you can preorder Kumail’s special Beta Male on Amazon here. You can also watch it on Comedy Central this Saturday, July 20th, at midnight!

RIP Ryan Davis


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Metagame, The Ungame


Twin Peaks


Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, Pacific Rim

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  1. CapeMonkey says:

    Words With Friends is more derivative than Gears of Warbecause it is a copy of Scrabulous/Lexulous, which is a copy of Scrabble – so the only innovation that was credited to it, online connectivity, isn’t even something it innovated.

  2. Matt! says:

    Hey Indoor Kids,

    I haven’t really thought out the repercussions of the idea or not even saying it is a good idea, but Jeff’s talking about the merit of “Honor Badges” in a micro-transaction based game infamous for its harsh community got me thinking.

    What if in that like having a badge, having a respectable player representation offered price decreases (instead of charging more for notorious players). Like by being a paragon of the community or tutor conferred benefits.

    Just a thought. Not sure if this is even in effect elsewhere in the space.

    Love you guys and the show.

  3. s1yfox says:

    My god Jeff Rubin sounds just like burnie burns! But I digress, I enjoyed this show

  4. jhc says:

    This is the internet so someone could always prove me wrong, but what I’ve read is that the current pop culture image of ninjas came about through the portrayal of assassinations in Kabuki theater. When someone is assassinated, one of the stagehands (old timey techies) would step into the foreground of the stage and kill the person while dressed in the clothing Kabuki stagehands wore, which is the all black, head-to-toe clothing that we depict ninjas wearing now. Because that was how japanese theater depicted it, thats just how we adopted the image. Otherwise, real-life ninjas were just political assassins dressed like regular dudes so that they wouldn’t be recognized.

  5. Mark Willis says:

    Hey guy love the podcasts, just wondering since you got me hooked on The European version of The Bridge, if you had seen the US pilot yet?

    I’m just about to watch it now 😀

    Tahnk you for all the laughs i’ve had listening to every one of your shows, loads of love from the UK


  6. eriklee909 says:

    @dartanjal Dude… Chill out!

    Just kidding, I couldn’t agree more. It seemed to fall off early this year around the time that they started building episodes around spoilers (Bioshock). I used to listen religiously every week, but for the last 3-4 months, it seems like they are just throwing episodes together and their hearts aren’t into it any longer.

  7. Sam says:

    Jeff Rubin sometimes sounds like Roger Klotz from Doug sometimes. Listen again for that.

  8. dartanjal says:

    What is happening to this podcast? I used to be so excited to listen. Every week it gets more and more disappointing

  9. Wildride says:


  10. Spencer says:
    check out this link, it’s a rap song about video games, it references X-men vs Capcom and original Ninja Gaiden.

  11. Asshool says:

    *Kumail gets the ‘Starcraft’ card*

    Kumail: Oh darn, yet another game I don’t know anything about. Halo anyone?

    (I haven’t listened to the show since that episode)

  12. @Ben – Reuben sandwiches ARE amazing, thank you. Especially with an ungodly amount of corned beef and the sourest kraut you can find.

    Also, don’t stuff people in lockers, stuff reubens in your mouth! It would leave everyone happier.

    Video games yay!

  13. Ben says:

    First, Ruben sandwiches are amazing. I suggest you try them again guys. Second, I support and enjoy a lot of nerdiness in life. But good lord, watching strangers play video games will never be fun to me. And I feel the dark urge to stuff the people who do in a locker.

  14. mark says:

    Like Jeff I am a new/casual League of Legends player. I would say the community is no more hostile than say the Halo community (that is to say quite toxic with occasional flashes of decent folks). I was introduced to the esports side of it by a friend and have found myself kind of addicted.

    The same drive that makes people root for pro athletic teams is at work i believe. It is seeing others do things you could conceive doing but on a extreme level. We can move our arm forward and the ball will go forward but the pro pitcher does it and the ball goes 99mph. We can get a double kill in solo queue but a guy like say Scarra (a pro League player) can get a pentakill against guys who could wipe the floor with us. Part of the formula for sports (also esports) fandom is envy, part is admiration, part is fascination, and i think the biggest part is community. We feel connected to others who share our interest and allegiance to a team or the game.

    It helps that Riot (the publisher of League) do an amazing job of promoting esports and putting out high quality streams that clearly have an actual budget. I am not an insane person who thinks esports will become more popular than athletics but it is undeniably a huge movement and the more internet culture dominates our lives the bigger it will get. Thanks for letting me rant. Love the podcast. Also i just got the friendly player ribbon lol.

  15. Gerald says:

    There’s NO WAY that Words with Friends is less derivative than Gears. That was a layup.

  16. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    League of legendss sucks. Play dota 2.

  17. Spencer says:

    Kumail and Emily you should read Del Toro’s The Strain trilogy. It’s about vampires but vampirism is a medical disease not a curse. Also the vampires are badass killing machines not emotional hot guys for teen girls. Also check out the comic series by Image Comics the Manhattan Projects I think it’s something people here would appreciate and dig.

  18. Trent10 says:

    Ya’ll should do another game playing episode again soon. Change up the game though and do Cards Against Humanity.