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Episode 103: The Indoor Kids
Nerd Consensus with Jordan…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #103: Nerd Consensus with Jordan Morris

Today the Indoor Kids welcome back one of their favorite guests, Jordan Morris, to sit around and discuss some of the weirder aspects of nerd culture: dissenting opinions, piling on criticism, changes to origin stories, and more. Plus, they talk gaming news, stuff they’re playing now, and take a walk on the Burnside!

The Last Of Us, Injustice, Far Cry 2, Halo 4, The Arkhams, Guardian Heroes, Dungeons and Dragons, State of Decay, Animal Crossing, Fable 2, No More Heroes, New Super Luigi U, Remember Me, Knack

Man of Steel, Superman 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel movies

Doctor Who, Angel, X-Files

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  1. commonperson says:

    BTW Jessie is an awesome guest, I enjoy every time you bring him on the air!

  2. commonperson says:

    I love you guys’ show and I agree we don’t need to have concensus as gamers/geeks but some times you two are just so negative! I know you’re doing this show from a place of love it because you love stuff but I want to hug you guys so you’d cheer up some times!

  3. shotoclone says:

    Good episode, but what was up with the your guest host refrencing ” black guys watching a girl pee in a cup” under his breath? Is that something that we apparently do now,LOL ? I cant keep up ! I wanted to laugh…a little, but it made me feel a bit uncomfortable cause i didn’t want to be laughed at. Tell me its OK to laugh…guys, guys ?

  4. oilslick 2.0 says:

    “He was wearing his AnalCunt shirt…..That’s the name of his band” Jordan is the best IK guest.

  5. easytarget says:

    Hey Emily and Kumail – If you like intense, British detective shows like The Fall, try Cracker (Netflix stream:
    90s, gritty, Robbie Fucking Coltrane. Stick with it until you’ve seen To Be A Somebody, because oh my fucking god.

    Other people reading this, you should also watch it, it’s straight up good TV.

  6. Sir_D says:

    Pizza talk reminds me of The Onion skit about Domino ‘s disgusting food research center. True story: my wife orders chocolate drizzle sticks from Pizza hut for the first time only shortly after I saw that skit. I laughed so hard at her and may have been called an ass afterwards, lol. Emily & Kumail, all I can say is that I love you guys and as some one who commutes and studies a lot your podcast is very appreciated.

  7. Russell says:

    Question! I have never played BioShock but with the Xbox sale coming up for infinite should I just get it? Do I need the backstory? With the new consoles coming out I just don’t feel like paying 60 for a game anymore.

  8. Bobby G says:

    Okay, first I hope everyone realizes I was kidding about Jordan….I mean i did put a smiley face with its tongue sticking out. Just giving him a hard time,I really like it when hes on the podcast. Also, I didn’t mean to make Hard mode on Last of US sound like cake walk because its not, its just that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I played the game with all the helpful things like that Batman/vision/hearing thing that Joel does turned off, which I think doesn’t really fit with the game. I’m telling you the game is sooooo much better without that ability. Not knowing where the infected and hunters were was so intense and cool, I really think that’s the way the developers wanted the game to be played…….just brutal raw, messy, visceral fighting and gun play. Now, on to SURVIVAL MODE anybody with me?

  9. Pedak says:

    I LOVE what Joe Friday wrote.

  10. Ben says:

    Crocs are awesome.

  11. SimonLee says:

    Hey–another great episode. This has become my most looked forward to piece of entertainment every week! Kumail is my favorite comic in the business right now.

    Now I have to go get Last of Us.

  12. Pingpong says:

    Daawww. =)

  13. Joe Friday says:

    No belligerence intended. Humble apologies for any unintended belligerence. Just sharing some thoughts. Sorry if I brought anyone down. This should help. 😉

  14. Tina says:

    I don’t know what all the other Drama is about because I’m barely into the potcast, but you really do need to start playing the new Borederlands 2 DLC. It is amazing. We played it once, and then started the game over so we could play it again.

  15. Pingpong says:

    I have no idea what is going on. But there seems to be a belligerent tone around, and its, like, totally bringing me down man…

  16. Joe Friday says:

    Content Creator: Hey everyone! I have opinion X and opinion Y!

    Almost Everyone (to Content Creator): Wow great show! I agree with opinion X, but not opinion Y. Here’s why. Great show, though!

    Troll (to Content Creator): You have opinion X? Well you’re wrong and you’re the stupidest person alive for thinking that. Your father is a horse thief and your mother chews the used gum she finds on the underside of restaurant tables! Go jump off of a skyscraper and land genitals-first on a fire hydrant!

    Content Creator (to themselves): Wow, almost everyone likes me and was respectful, but there was this one character….boy howdy….he sure was mean. I just can’t get him out of my head! I’m going to teach him a lesson by responding to him and explaining decent human behavior to him!

    Content Creator (to Troll): Hey Troll! You’re mean and rude! You should really learn how to communicate with people better! You’re clearly an unhappy person who feels that lashing out at people and negatively affecting their lives in some way will comfort you! It’s almost as if you’re trying to attack someone you admire in the hopes that they’ll…..respond and thereby….validate………your………..behavior. Fuck.

    @Emily & @Kumail
    As the hosts of this podcast you’re kind of in an elevated position in this forum. You may not feel like you are when you’re attacked, but both the trolls and the “almost everyones” see you as being in a position of power here. Your responses and opinions carry more weight with the people here than they would elsewhere. Don’t believe me? By just expressing your opinions on a podcast and posting it on the web you’ve provoked every single response on this thread. Each comment here is a direct response to something you decided to bring up on the podcast. You decided these things were worth paying attention to and your audience responded accordingly. Thus, when you respond to trolls on the podcast and here, as dumb and counter-intuitive as it may seem, you encourage trolling.

    I know you guys are busy, and that trolling affects you on an emotional level. Trolls aren’t right to troll. But if you’re going to spend time responding to comments might it not be worth it to use the power you’ve accrued here to engage and encourage a different kind of behavior? The vast majority of the people are polite, thoughtful, respectful fans who were enthusiastic enough about your podcast to come here and talk about the ideas you presented. Might not your time and energy be better spent tossing a comment or two their way? Not because you owe it to them, because you don’t, and not because you should feel obligated, because you shouldn’t. But the economics of internet commenting dictate that you’re going to reap what you sow here in the sense that you’ll see less of what you ignore and more of what you encourage.

    Not that any of this is any of my business. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it.

  17. cory says:

    @Ben, I’m cool with you. You have an opinion and you aren’t being a dick. Those are two things I like.

  18. drayfish says:

    I know you guys weren’t fishing for this, but truly, Emily and Kumail, ignore whatever mindless, jackass internet-hate is being thrown your way.

    (I have no context; I don’t know what has been said; but I have experienced these interweb-blog-o-twitter-series-of-tubes, long enough to guess at the innumerable possibilities…)

    You guys are great – and a delight to listen to.

    One of the finest things about your podcast – aside from the facts that you are both charming and hilarious as hell, and invite some fascinating guests – is that you are honest, and heartfelt in your opinions. I would hate for you guys to feel that you should strangle your willingness to speak openly and from the heart because of the directionless scorn of people with nothing better to do than complain (an example of which, extraordinarily, has somehow even popped up in this very thread. Yikes.)

    Personally, I love that there are times when it feels like you are mirroring back perspectives that I have had on games (and films); but I appreciate just as much (if not more) the many times that we differ in opinion, because I get to see people who are passionate as they honestly respond to texts that meant something to them, with something new and legitimate to say.

    In short: I don’t need to be pandered to in my entertainment – and I love that you guys don’t cynically try to. …After all, it makes the moments we do agree even more enjoyable.

    One of the most ironically wonderful and yet self-destructive things that we nerds have built into our psyches is the desire to seek out validation and solidarity in our opinions. It is a quality that has in the past defined us as a subculture, and allowed us to gather together like-minded souls, but it is also, sadly, a quality that can breed petulant reactionary bile that does nobody any good, and strangles our capacity to critique and explore the very things we adore.

    Obviously none of that is news – you all said it far more eloquently than I in this week’s podcast – but I would hate to think that you felt you were speaking into a thankless vacuum.

    Sure, one of the great things that we nerd-humans can do is agree; but the BEST thing we can do is agree that there is more substance and opportunity to grow in having different perspectives, and trying to understand why.

    In short: both you and the podcast are great. Don’t go a’ changin’.*

    All the best.

    * Please forgive my informality and tedious penchant for colloquial abbreviation.

  19. Ben says:

    Can we get a new racist game reference? I have been hearing about RE5 since indoor kids started. Should I stop listening too?

  20. rhzunam says:

    Haven’t heard this one yet but Jordan Morris is the best guest in Indoor Kids history. So I hope this lives up to expectations.

  21. Cameron C. says:

    3 things I’d like to say as a long time listener, some of which may sound hokey.

    1) Instead of putting the focus on the few people who’re spouting negativity with no other purpose than to make themselves feel some semblance of self-importance. I’d like to put the focus on the people who’ve come to The Indoor Kids defense and support Kumail, Emily, and their guest’s views. Even if those opinions differ from your own. Good things should be rewarded with attention, not bad. I think that’s a consensus we can all get behind.

    2) About the Uncharted movie: I don’t understand why they wouldn’t write it. Just because it’d end up being Indiana Jones isn’t a bad thing. Reiteration is a staple of most story elements. Hollywood writers don’t stop making ‘buddy cop’ movies because they wouldn’t’ top the best movie in that genre. (Turner and Hooch for my money is the best B.C. movie…I kid) If an Uncharted movie can come close to any of the first 3 Indy movies, that’s be awesome!

    3) Lastly, this has nothing to do with anything. But as I was listening, I started to wonder if there can be such a thing as an eclectic racist. I feel like that’s another comedians joke…but I don’t recall who it could be from.

    Anyways, thanks guys. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  22. niizuma says:

    its available to watch on crunchyroll or funimations websites

    the series is what you get if walking dead and game of thrones had a animne baby with spiderman maneuver elements its just awesome

  23. niizuma says:

    hey kumail and emily i have a game recommendation its a independent game designed and built by 1 guy the game is called the “shingeki no kyojin tribute mini game” aka attack on titan available here a few examples of yt lpers playing the game
    criticals lp
    melonie macs lp

    this anonymous playthrough is the best ive seen someone play so far

    its incredibly fun and its based on a amazing manga/anime so please check it out the game is addictive similar to the anime it was spawned from

  24. Hey gang! This week’s guest Jordan Morris here. Just wanted to say thanks for listening to the show. IK has become my podcast home away from home. Some thoughts:

    @BobbyG – Man, in hard mode I die like 20 times before completing a mission. My stealth needs work. Too much Gears maybe?

    @Pieter – I didn’t catch any of that stuff! I am awarding MoS +2 nerd points retroactively.

    @Anthony – What Kumail said. Just stop listening dude. IK fans are typically nice, awesome and hilarious. Let’s keep it that way.

  25. smallerdemon says:

    So so so SO close to being a classic episode… and you cut Burnside’s scrotum nick comments off short. *shakes head* I don’t know who you guys are anymore.

  26. Mescalineous says:

    Oh snap. Shit just got real up in here.

  27. Emily says:

    Hey Anthony, your hair is bad and I think you probably don’t have a lot of female friends.


  28. Eroge is the general term for adult video games in Japan, and the subgenre of the ‘dating simulator’ that you are referring to is the bishōjo game. I’m surprised Burnside didn’t know this, since he was the advocate for more adult-themd video games. I personally am an unabashed eroge and hentai fan. Hell, I made erotic CG/3D comics for a living. So if you guys ever need information on ‘that’ section of the games market, gimme a shout. I can blow your mind with the insanity that is Japanese eroge.

  29. cory says:

    I couldn’t agree with Kumail more.

  30. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Anthony Httr Picket,

    Please stop listening to our podcast. Your sexist negativity is not wanted. Spend your time on something you love, not something you hate.


  31. Pingpong says:

    @Dapper Dan

    Ah, was wondering what that was about. This commenting system really needs an edit function. =)

  32. Dapper Dan says:

    That was @Anthony Hater Pickett by the way.
    and *what appeals to one

  33. Pieter says:

    Hey, you mention Man of Steel doesn’t have the kind of references to secondary characters like the Marvel movies have. (BEWARE: SPOILERS MIGHT FOLLOW) Just wanted to let you know that the woman who says “I think he’s kind of hot” is Star Sapphire (a secondary character).

    Obviously, you’re going to see LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises since both are giant corporations in the DC universe (easily bigger than Sears) and it’d be weird if they weren’t visible. There is also a small reference to Blaze Comics, a comic book publisher in the DCU that publishes the Booster Gold comics.

    In the Canadian ship Clark walks up to a set of pods. One of them contains what looks like a Kryptonian mummy. One of the other pods is opened. This, supposedly, was Supergirl’s pod.

    In the Krypton scenes you can also clearly see Wegthor. One of the two moons of Krypton that was accidentally destroyed.

    Clearly, the movie has it’s fair share obscure references to the DCU.

    *NERD OUT*

  34. Dapper Dan says:

    At least as unappealing as reading some douchbag’s trolly, bitchyass, dickwad posts on a comment thread, I’m sure. But, then again, what appeals one to one may not appeal to another. Taste is one thing for which there is no accounting.

  35. Pingpong says:

    “The Last of Us” is great. I didn’t know about the hype and fell in love with it.

    Popularity should neither be here nor there when judging quality in my opinion. Just play and and have fun is the bottom line. =) Sure it has its faults, but name one game that hasn’t. 😉

  36. EmmanuelV says:

    I agree with The Last of us having it’s share of problems still my game of the year so far along with Bioshock infinite which i would argue was just as overrated but still awesome.

  37. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    Oh my…Emily mentioned a female actress without judging her looks or personality. Maybe she finally noticed how unappealing it is to listen to a socalled cultured nerd gamer girl bitching about other females on a videogame podcast.

  38. Spencer says:

    Did anyone else see Emily on Tripping Out w/ Alie and Georgia?
    Also, My take on the aggressive nerd thing is that i understand why some take things so seriously (I tried to avoid a Batman reference there) and can forgive it to an extant but the nerd outrage is probably a momentary gut reaction to something that happens to be public on the internet.

  39. Kyle S. says:

    How Jordan feels about The Last of Us is how I feel about Heavy Rain, but I would agree that the most hyped games have often been the ones trying hardest to be movies, which is pretty sad if you actually like videogames. But I take it as a positive sign that non-AAA, non-movie-aping games like Journey and The Walking Dead (Telltale’s, not Merlenderl’s) have getting the accolades and attention they deserve.

    Octodad’s here. Everything’s gonna be all right.

  40. Bobby G says:

    Last of Us Hard Mode is not that tough, good lord Jordan is a pussy. 😛