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Episode 101: The Indoor Kids
The E3 Audio Diary Episode!
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #101: The E3 Audio Diary Episode!

 This week, you’ll come along with Kumail and Emily as they brave the crowds of E3. You’ll be at the conferences and on the floor with us as we watch games, play games, become obsessed with the song from Metal Gear, and listen to Mario talk. Although we never ran into Burnside on the floor, we do a wrap up with him too! E3 forever!

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2013-06-15 06.41.00 pm

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  1. phil medoc says:

    >“Drastic my soul” makes total sense.

    Sure it does.

  2. I loved S-Cry-Ed. “Drastic my soul” makes total sense. You’d have to be an idiot not to understand.

  3. Dingo says:

    Xbox One Eighty :p

  4. Curtis Kendall says:

    Well after all the discussion and debate MS goes and pulls a 180 on their policies:

    Mixed result for me. I’m happy for those without regular internet and who sell and buy used games, but it seems like the online family sharing dies with this change.

  5. Sean says:

    Hey guys Just wanted to point out a couple of ways Microsoft didn’t dick us. So I work at a retail big box store and I just got done doing some training on the new Xbox and they kept pointing out that other people besides you can use your Xbox live membership to play on line and use services like Skype and the like. I kept thinking “duh of curse they can the xbox has my log in saved and if some one turns on the xbox it will work” But then I got to thinking and with this new Kinnect BS they could see that the person using the xbox wasn’t me! I bet this crossed their mind but they didn’t implement it.

    Live memberships will carry from the 360 to the 1 so that’s good, right? my live membership is about to end and I didn’t know if I should buy a year or just a few months because I didn’t know if I needed a new one or not but now I know they will carry.

  6. Curtis Kendall says:

    The price difference may well be a significant factor. I understand why MS want to include a kinect with every Xbox (it gives developers a consistent and standard platform to develop for) , it just really does seem that most consumers are at best indifferent to it. I don’t mind the kinect, but will not likely be a significant user of it unless MS shows me something amazing. My current tv has some form of voice or motion control. I’ve never used it. If it works really well I could see using it to switch inputs or to tune into tv shows or channels but that’s not exactly I feature I would have chosen to spend $100 on.

    I don’t think MS is doomed, but they should really shed some more light on how they will handle used games, and which publishers and retailers are involved.

  7. Curtis Kendall says:

    That’s a very fair complaint. Unless MS does a really good job in implementing a system to sell or trade used games to retailers I understand why people who buy and sell lots of used games would go with Sony. I just wonder what the numbers are. Am I unusual in almost exclusively buying new games, and then holding onto them?

    • Rob says:

      Hard to say, everyone I know who games buys many used but I think it just comes down to what you can afford. If I could afford to buy new games I would, in the past 3+ years the only game I’ve bought when it first came out was Mass Effect 3, and I had planned to wait but just couldn’t.

      I also think price is going to be a big deal to a decent number of people to. Being $100 less is a nice little gap. That’s enough to buy an extra controller and maybe even a game. Whereas Xbox will be running you over 600 to do the same, nothing to sneeze about.

      And while I realize the Kinect is undoubtedly responsible for the price difference I don’t think people care that much about the Kinect. Even if it’s as good as they say, which I imagine people will have doubts just because of how much they talked up the original Kinect compared to how it actually worked, I still think to a lot of people the Kinect just isn’t that big of a selling point.

      Now with all that being said, I think both systems are going to be great and will both sell really well. Sony will definitely have the early lead and may maintain it through the whole cycle, but the difference won’t be anything like the way the 360 outsold the PS3.

      I also agree with Kumail that with Sony allowing all games to be sold and rebought, I think Microsoft will decide to allow it as well, which will make a huge difference in the eyes of gamers.

  8. Rob says:

    I think the biggest factor to most gamers will be the lending of and buying used games. For a lot of gamers the buying of used games is a big deal, as evidenced by how big stores like Game Stop have become. So while it may not be a big deal to you, there are many people who have a big problem with allowing publishers to decide whether or not you can buy used games.

  9. Curtis Kendall says:

    I really don;t understand the anti-Xbox hysteria. Very few of the policies bother me. Really makes me wonder if my approach to games is fundamentally different then most other people.

    I am already used to owning digital goods – books, music, apps, and games (XBLA, iOS, and PSN). I rarely loan games, rarely sell or buy used games, and have never been more then a couple hours without internet. I really like the idea of digital family sharing. Most of my friends live elsewhere so the ability to share my collection is very appealing. The ability to play my games from any Xbox One without taking anything with me is appealing.

    I like the idea that my digitally owned games could be available for streaming over the cloud on future consoles. Worst case scenario happens and there gone it will be little different then my current situation. My original Xbox hasn’t left a box in my closet for over 5 years. I simply don;t play games that old anymore (older games are usually better in nostalgia then in practice). I barely even play current generation games that are more then a year or so old – there’s just too much new content.

    All I really want is for MS to clarify their policies. Does family sharing cover all games? Does it work everywhere or are their region restrictions? Can publishers/developers opt out? Can more then one person be playing a shared game at the same time?

    I’ve pre-ordered my One as I actually like most of what I’m hearing. If MS doesn’t clarify, or the clarification makes the One less appealing I can cancel.

  10. Tyler says:

    Nice pod, really hoping you guys get a chance to talk about Last of Us next week, its incredible

  11. israel V says:

    ur love for xbox sucks ps4 will rule the world !

  12. Pieter says:

    I’m going to have to go with Cliffy B’s statement about how Sony’s playing everyone. They spent a large portion of their presentation saying they didn’t do DRM and didn’t have online requirements, etc. When in reality they’re at the very least leaving it to developers to figure out and probably are working on similar systems. Yet, everyone applauds when they show essentially a PS3 with a bigger CPU. There’s literally no innovation in it whatsoever. But, hey, Sony never lied before during one of these presentations right…. right… you guys? right?

    Add to that XB1’s policies aren’t nearly as bad as people are saying. I mean, it needs to occasionally ping a server (like your phone, tablet, tv settop box, etc. also does), you can play and share games without needing the disc (which by the way, how is that even a bad thing? Try sharing your games on Steam) and you need to have a Kinect plugged in (which can just be switched off). What you get in return is the possibilty for innovation, stuff like the cool sounding AI Forza is doing (seriously, out of all the things coming from E3, that was the most innovative sounding feature).

    The real winner of E3 is the batshit amount of cool looking videogames that were shown. Compared to the last few E3’s this year was a tidalwave of awesomeness.

  13. Rob says:

    I really don’t see them eventually seeing Xbox1 and PS4 being equal, unless Xbox goes back on the once every 24 hour online connection and used game policy. The only advantages Xbox has is the Kinect, which I don’t think Kumail and Emily care about that much, and all the stuff from the HDMI pass through which, again, I don’t think they care that much about.

    In the end Kumail and Emily are more concerned about the gaming aspects and with the used game policy and no need to sign online, plus everything I’ve heard is that PS4 seems likely to have an advantage in graphics, PS4 will continue to be their preferred console, though I think they’ll both be very close in their eyes and I’m sure they’ll get both.

    And the whole kinect camera always on is just another thing that, while may be no big deal, just the potential privacy concerns are a major negative.

  14. Pedak says:

    The Burnsideless podcast is now a collectors item!

  15. Emily says:

    The episode was uploaded without the Walk on the Burnside, but it’s been corrected now! Reupload if you like!

  16. Kevin says:

    Indoor Kids Drinking Game – Take a drink every time Kumail corrects Emily in slightly testy, condescending tone.

  17. Adru says:

    Is the nerdist version of the podcast usually different? The one I downloaded through iTunes did not include the Burnside conversation.

  18. Bandit says:

    How do you view these videos you keep telling me about in these emails, Nerdist?

  19. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    Destiny is not going to be a tv show. Bungie is not crazy.

  20. Evan says:

    I never thought I would cry during a video game but… damn, naughty dog kicked me right in the feels. Look forward to what they produce for the next gen!

  21. Alex Bragg says:

    I can see you guys slowly chagning your stance on the Xbox One. I think it will all balance out, but you cannot deny how great it is after playing it. I broke the rule and preordered it. I can’t wait for next week when you guys take a minute and really see all the features of both features and compare them.

  22. Jibberjabber says:

    Thanks for the peek into E3! =)

    Also: Having just finished “The Last of Us”. That game is absolutely an amazing piece of art. One of my new favorite games ever. Naughty Dog is turning into one of the best (if not THE best) developers in the industry. So I hope you guys get to play it and discuss it in a future ‘casts. It’s a case of hype well deserved.