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Episode 1: The Indoor Kids
Steve Agee
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #1: Steve Agee

It’s the inaugural episode of The Indoor Kids with Ali Baker and Kumail Nanjiani! We welcome Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) & discuss the creepy-uncle-lameness of Duke Nukem Forever, plot holes in LA Noire, and the first console systems we ever owned!

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  1. Dave says:

    Quinine is the medicine to take for malaria.

  2. Android says:

    I am a big fan!

    Anyone who puts this show down is an ass clown.

    “Don’t let no one in who’s not on the list ’cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi, so haters to the left.”

  3. matt says:

    Just wanted to point out that adultery used to be a crime in certain states in America at the time of L.A. Noire, and because its a crime a police officer can be demoted and publicly humiliated.

  4. Justin says:

    Theme song is awesome.

  5. P says:

    I LOVE this podcast. I totally related to all three in terms of their first systems, I had a commodore 64 and Intellivision. I’m surprised nobody mentioned that the intellivision had the controller with the little insert slot and every game you bought came with a overlay specific to that game that you slid in the insert slot of the controller.

  6. Anonymous Burrito says:


    *criiiinge* >_<#

  7. Just checked this out and I enjoyed it. I’m already a fan. About to download episode 2.

  8. Pitch White says:

    Beriberi has to do with a thiamine deficiency and is often linked with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome…

    I know this will never happen, but I would gladly join you guys as the fourth for a Borderlands campaign. Definitely the greatest overlooked game of all time. I’m dying for a sequel.

  9. K2TheM says:

    Wow. I asked and you guys DELIVERED! Wonderful addition to the Nerdist Library!

  10. Ben Z says:

    Now you’re setting the expectations higher. If all 3 are comedians, this podcast fell way short. I thought it was one comedian and two people that happen to know Hardwick. Steve was funny, Kumail and Ali were not. Still wasn’t enough to make me think that this podcast is worth listening to consistently, and still giving it a trial period. Listening to episode 2 now. So far, it still feels like 3 people having a conversation and I’m on the outside listening in. The good podcasts (Nerdist included) makes the listener feel included and brings something interesting. Again, they are just talking. They aren’t providing comedy, new information, or anything of interest. It’s boring.

  11. dangeraardvark says:

    Unfortunately, putting a bunch of Ben Z’s around a mic will result in a podcast with the charisma of a rock.

  12. dangeraardvark says:

    Definitely adding this to my weekly listening schedule. The great thing about having comedians talk about videogames/sports/sciencey things is that even if you’re not interested in the subject, it’s still going to be funny.

  13. Ben Z says:


    Thanks for the update. The reason that I think that people who main Ryu/clones have no credibility, is because that is as newb as it gets. Anyone can pickup Ryu, play, and just spam Hadoukens. It’s ridiculous and makes the game either a battle of spamming or plain annoying. I was coming back to add constructive criticism, now that I finished the ep. I’m glad you main someone where you actually have to learn the game and doesn’t make you sound like a giant newb who thinks he’s played enough to talk about games just because he’s played the basics of a game and not explored it thoroughly. I main Bison, Guile, and Balrog, depending on what mood I’m in (probably best with Bison, especially once they gave him a teleport).

    Constructive criticisms of the podcast:
    1) I would like some more depth. I feel like you talked about a lot of games, but only on the surface. Like, “This game was good” or “this game was bad.” Unfortunately, I don’t know how you would do this. I just felt like it was lacking content of some sort.
    2) Comedy is good. I had some laughs, and it was enough to get me to followup and listen to a second podcast. May need a little more though.
    3) I need something else to keep me coming back. What’s the goal? What makes this podcast stand out? Nerdist has Hardwick and a guest that always brings about really nerdy stories. That is why I keep listening to it. I get to hear things I wouldn’t with my friends like how Linkin Park got its name or stories of the stand-up road.
    4) There are tons of websites that talk about games. Find your niche. Again, why should I listen to you? I can go anywhere and read about games that only I care about. I can watch trailers and demos of games. Bring me something that makes me think you are unique and I should come back.

    I realize that was episode 1, but it was incredibly generic for a podcast. Enough that I want to see where it goes, but little enough that there is only about a 5 episode limit for you to hit your stride if the eps continue to be the same. Hopefully you’ve answered some of these in ep 2.

    I apologize if I came off as a douche, but 11 minutes into ep 1 I shouldn’t feel like, “Oh great, another SF newb who thinks he is good. Why am I listening?”

  14. Michael P. says:

    Pretty great first episode. Good times just sitting around with friends bullshitting about games.

    I’d say the community on PSN isn’t more or less mature, it’s just that the PS3 doesn’t come with a headset out of the box.

    It’s interesting to hear how other people play and enjoy the games I do. While you call the Beast Riders in Gears 2 the Riders of Rohan, I some how coined that name Dudes Ridin Dudes with the group of friends that I play with and that name has stuck to this day.

    Oh! and Seal’s face is all fucked up because he has and or had Lupus. Don’t feel bad though, I used to think it was because he got mauled by a cougar or something.


  15. ozze232 says:

    Sounds awesome! When do you think this will be available to download on Zune Marketplace?

  16. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Dear Ben Z,

    I main Blanka. Ryu was just an example. I never said that I only pick Ryu. Also, I find it weird that you think people who play as Ryu have no right discussing video games.

    As a bonus, here is my favorite SF pick up line: “Baby, they must call you Hadouken because you are downright fierce!”

    The next one will go up today.

    Jake, we are trying to figure out how to deal with spoilers. For the next one, we only have an Infamous 1 spoiler, and a super mild & vague Fable 3 spoiler. However we will post specific time codes to skip along with the podcast. Moving it to the end of the podcast might break up the flow of the conversation. But we’ll see how you guys like the timecode system.

    Thanks, everyone, for listening!


  17. Jake says:

    I enjoyed the podcast, but can you not talk about spoilers for games that are under 6 months to a year old? L.A. Noir has only been out for a few months, and I am still playing it. I had to skip the whole section when you decided that since it had been out long enough. DLC is still coming out and not everyone gets sick and can play through it non-stop. As a suggestion, move the spoiler section to the last of the podcast so the listener can decide if they should stop listening. This way there isn’t a chance of accidently hearing a spoiler trying to skip around, or skipping too far and missing other topics.


  18. Ben Z says:

    Kumail made me not like him about 11 minutes in when he talked about picking Ryu when playing Street Fighter. Ryu (and his clones) are for people who have no right discussing games.

  19. Andrew says:

    Very enjoyable first podcast!
    The first one is always awkward.
    I’m sure it will get lots better.

    I want to hear Ali Baker talk about her RPG characters! : )
    Dragonage? New Vegas? (Mass Effect maybe?)
    Those are my favorite games EVER.
    When I play them, I get SUPER into character.
    If Ali is at all the same way, I’d like her to talk about it.
    Kumail (Chris?) talks about “being in the world” when he plays, so I assume if he’s playing any RPG (and can get past the character creation phase), he’d play immersively as well.

    Anyway, you can tell a lot about a person by their RPG characters… : )
    I want to hear about it!

  20. Rob O. says:

    It was interesting. I look forward to sampling more.

    Good to hear that Ali is/was a Guild Wars fan. Can’t wait for GW2!!!!

    For a possible suggestion, even though this ep. did sort of go there, is to maybe elaborate on any upcoming games; shout out a few titles and what they’re about with any release dates.

    I enjoyed the loose format though.

  21. aerspyder says:

    good flow, good discussion, good voices. Great job, look foward to more.

  22. Nicole says:

    Haven’t listened yet (will be though!). Just wanted to say nice call with the name. Gotta love an homage to Wet Hot American Summer.

  23. (((d(–__–)b)))

    Very good Podcast. I would love to here more

  24. The Ragi says:

    Great podcast, funny and casual. Maybe next time you guys could introduce yourselves a bit, tell the people what you do, etc.

  25. Anthony N. says:

    This is a great addition to the Nerdist Industries! Regular people that love video games and sharing their experiences, good or bad, is always a good thing. It sure beats the hell out of some stuck up hipster jackholes sharing their views. Keep the good stuff coming, Kumail and Ali!:)

  26. Chas V says:

    This podcast is fun and a great idea, but unfortunately there are a lot of gaming podcasts with similar offerings from websites with very informed and funny guys and gals. All three people added something to the episode, but this felt very casual and uninformed about current gaming news. Maybe that’s not the target audience, maybe that could be worked on, I’m sure that it will evolve. Definitely worth checking out.

  27. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks to everyone who listened! It was our first one, and we would love to hear constructive feedback from you guys.

    Erik W, you actually have a good idea. We wanna be able to discuss spoilers, but you are right in that sometimes people can’t get to a game right away. We will put in spoiler warnings in future episodes. Apologies…

    Next one comes out Monday! We have Infamous spoilers in there, but we will put in a spoiler warning with the time code to skip to.

    Thanks again all!


  28. Erik W says:

    Hey guys!

    First I want to tell you that I really enjoyed the podcast. You’re all funny and did a great job. However I do think spoilers are a bad idea. Some people say it’s okay to spoil movies a month after opening, but I disagree. But even if that was the case, I feel it doesn’t apply to video games. Games cost a lot of money and the big titles often drop around the same time, so most people don’t get every game they want immediately. I’d wait at least six months before dropping the kind of spoilers you guys did from LA Noire. If you really feel the need to keep doing it, maybe you can edit in a proper spoiler warning and let people know how far to fast-forward. Over-all I loved it though. Thanks!

  29. Dr Freeman says:

  30. I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite podcast on the Nerdist site.

  31. Robin says:

    I listen to a couple videogame website podcasts and I hate how they always bring their game reviewer elitism to the shows, so this is a nice change of pace.

  32. Zach Coty says:

    5 minutes in, already laughed out loud

  33. Scotty says:

    Great podcasts guys!

  34. Brad says:


    I have yet to listen to this (saving it for a long drive I’ll soon be making) but seeing how this is their first ep, maybe you could be more specific about the other elements that you aren’t fond of. I’m sure they would appreciate the constructive criticism for future episodes.

  35. G. A. says:

    >>The new theme-song sucks
    >> Not so fond of other elements but I’m working through it.

    What is wrong with you? These people are making awesome entertainment for you for free.

    Nice job on the podcast!

  36. lirelent says:

    Have you heard the rumor that katimari is actually a commentary about consumerism society? I don’t know if it was ever actually verified, but it makes sense when you think about it.

  37. Bastien says:

    Here’s the thing about Duke Nukem Forever: they never brought it out because the developers didn’t think it was good enough. So everyone made fun of it for over a decade, to the point where the people behind it said, “OK fine, we’ll bring it out”. And then they went through hell to bring it out and then all anyone does is talk about how bad it was.

    Um, yeah, they told you it wasn’t good enough. That’s why it never went anywhere. It was everyone else who demanded it and built it up in their own minds, so I don’t think they really have the right to crap on it now.

  38. Ryan Z says:

    Took me half way through the episode to realize Kumail Nanjiani is Pindar from Franklin & Bash. He’s hilarious on that show. Great first podcast guys. I’ll be looking forward to this a lot from now on.

  39. Geoff says:

    I’d say that was a great first episode.

  40. VeronicaM says:

    I hope Jonah Ray doesn’t listen to this, or these guys are going to get an earful about the zombie chatter. But over all great gamer talk.

  41. Zak! says:

    YESSSSSSSS! This was great! I fart video games! I cannot wait for the next episode! I REALLY REALLY hope this is weekly!
    Great job!
    Also where is Ali interning? JDubs

  42. Mark T. Manning says:

    It was all I had hoped it would be! Hooray. I love it. Can’t wait to hear more, Kumail & Ali! Great job!

  43. Nico says:

    I LOVE listening to people talk about video games, so in turn I LOVE this!! MorePleaseThankYou

  44. Ben Clarkson says:

    I’m really good at the claw games.

    Thats not a humble brag, just a bag brag.

    I’m a bragoff.

  45. Mark T. Manning says:

    Holy crap! Excited to hear this. I keep furiously clicking play, and keep forgetting that PLAY turns to PAUSE after I click it once! Once I figure this out, I bet it is going to be awesome!

  46. Daveboy says:

    I like that this is a diverse cast. Not so fond of other elements but I’m working through it.