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THE HACKS OF LIFE – How to Sneak Into an Amusement Park


You take some food, pretend you’re a dad,
you steal some drinks and there you have
The hacks of life, the hacks of life.
There’s a time you gotta sneak around
for freebies now you know about
The hacks of life, the hacks of life.
When the world never seems
to match your financial dreams
And suddenly you’re finding out
the hacks of life are all about you, yooooooouuuuu.

Apologies. I’ve been informed I am no longer allowed to make up lyrics for things. Moving on.

The video above is the latest in a series by Adam Levine doppelganger and guy with more confidence than I’ll ever hope to have in my entire life, Mike Capes. If you’re unfamiliar, his channel The Hacks of Life teaches us all how to circumvent the normal pesky expectations of “paying for things”. With some clever contraptions, a little misdirection and a confidence level beyond human comprehension he manages to participate in all manner of otherwise expensive and/or exclusive activities for substantially less (usually free).

In the video, Capes manages to hack a popular theme park. Let’s call it D. Land. No, wait, that’s too obvious. Let’s call it Disney L. I won’t spoil the adventure, but it’s important to note that the key to most of Capes’ hacks relies heavily on misdirection and confidence (so much so that I’ve said it three times). Often exploiting stressful, awkward, or empathetic scenarios that cause the people involved to never second guess a thing. We as human beings enjoy going with the flow so often that we usually want to agree with whatever scenario is presented to us. With this, Capes is a confidence game Rembrandt. If you’re at all unsure of his skill, feel free to marvel at his ability to sneak into a ballgame or the way he manages to enjoy a hotel pool party for pretty much nothing.

What are your favorite Hacks of Life? Will you be using these videos as evidence when you get arrested for trying the same thing? Do you think Capes will be a character witness at your trial? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: The Hacks Of Life


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