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THE FORCE AWAKENS Meets KILL BILL with a Tarantino Lightsaber Duel

After the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there seemed to be an epidemic of questions like these: “Oh man, it’s like, how was Rey so good at stuff with a lightsaber when she didn’t even have no training or nothing?” … mostly from people who didn’t pay close enough attention to the first half of the movie, where Rey could already kick ass and didn’t exactly need a ton of instruction in combat. You know, not like the kind of amazing training you can get over a couple of days, wearing your blast shield down, and having an old guy saying, “Good!”

Nevertheless, if you wanted a little more Jedi training in Star Wars: The Force Awakens you might be able to get it, along with a little dose of Quentin Tarantino direction. In this new video from the folks at How It Should Have Ended, Kill Bill characters Beatrix Kiddo and Jedi Master Pai Mei face off in a lightsaber battle.

Instead of wielding her samurai sword, “Rey” tries to strike down her master with that most elegant of weapons, yielding even way worse consequences than in Kill Bill.

The real star of this video though is not the fight (though I’ve already thought about Pai Mei standing on the lightsaber safely and have figured out he is actually hovering right over it), but rather the really funny meta Star Wars commentary that takes place in the subtitles.

“There is one thing though; you have to cut of this hand off!”

“No please don’t!”
“It’s a Jedi tradition. You have no choice. My father got his hand cut off. Then he cut off mine.”
“But why?”
“Because robot arms are awesome.”

He’s not wrong. About any of it.

What Star Wars role would you put the rest of the Kill Bill characters in? Tell us below.

HT: Laughingsquid
Image: How It Should Have Ended/YouTube/Miramax

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