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THE FLASH Extended Trailer Teases Backstory, Villains, and Spandex

If the teaser wasn’t enough for you, The CW has released a five-minute trailer for The Flash which would seem to set up pretty much everything for the pilot episode of the Arrow spinoff.

We’ve got everything: from the origin story, to the pre-origin mystery (what happened to Barry Allen’s mom), to the reason for the villain of the week (dimensional rifts!), to the first baddie of the season.

That, by the way, would be small-time crook/weather manipulator Mark Mardon AKA the Weather Wizard. I confess, I’m a little disappointed that The Flash showrunners went with “guy in black pants and jacket” for Mardon’s look here, but perhaps the series will have to work its way up to costumed villains.

Really, the whole trailer negates the need to see the first episode: we find out how Barry gets his powers, learn how he’s working alongside S.T.A.R. Labs, where his suit comes from, and even how he’ll likely take down the Mardon by the end of the episode. It’s kind of front-loaded, but I guess the network doesn’t want to leave anything to chance amid all of the other big comics-to-TV reveals of the last couple of weeks.

[Possible spoilers below]

If you can get past some of the really, really rough dialogue (the “legs/heart” bit was especially bad), the one intriguing element is that they’re teasing the murder of Barry Allen’s mother from the get-go. Comics fans know that she was killed by the Reverse Flash, and based on all of the electrical pyrotechnics on display here, it’ll be the same on the show. I’m intrigued because that opens up the question of whether The Flash is taking place in the “correct” timeline, or if Barry will at some point have to correct the murder of his mother.

The Flash premieres on The CW this fall. Will you be tuning in?



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  1. grant.walker says:

    cant wait to watch it

  2. Flames says:


  3. Nathan says:

    Barry cannot solve the murder of his mother.  He does find out who it was but He cannot change it.

    Flashpoint Paradox

    Unless that is going to lead into the Justice League movie

  4. Riri says:

    I Just Loveee it.. So Amazing!! Can’t wait to see… I Love Arrow.. 

  5. SharlzG says:

    Is it just me, or does the video thumbnail image of Grant bear a strikingly similar resemblance to Firefly era Nathan Fillion – I’m seeing flashbacks to the battle of Serenity Valley where Mal looks out the cave and sees the Alliance ships moving in…..