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THE FLASH Delivers in its First Teaser Trailer

As promised earlier this week, during the Arrow season finale tonight, audiences got their first glimpse at next season’s Grant Gustin starring spin-off, The Flash:


It may be only a minute long, but you gotta love the vibe coming off this thing. While Oliver’s Arrow is all dark and brooding, Barry’s Flash is a happy-go-lucky hero with, obviously, really quick running speeds. While he may be a planted spin-off that lives in Oliver’s world, Barry is very much his own person with his own personality, at least in this trailer.

Also, in context and under proper filming conditions, the suit actually looks pretty sweet. It’s as close as it can be to the source material, so it’s interesting that The Flash hasn’t taken the Arrow route of slowly building to a completed wardrobe. It took Oliver a season and a half to build to his eye-wear; it’s taken Barry the length of a pilot episode — another example of how these two series will differentiate themselves.

The CW is currently expected to announce its fall schedule tomorrow morning, but we expect Flash to be paired with Arrow on Wednesday nights in a full blown DC comics drama block. The only question that remains now is what characters will DC look to adapt next on The CW? And no, before you get your hopes up, the chances of Fox’s Gotham interacting with The CW’s world are slim to none… although a Jim Gordon/Oliver Queen team-up would be pretty cool.

Are you guys happy with your first glimpse at The Flash? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jessica Duffy says:

    Can’t wait for the show but I’m kinda pissed that they usurped the phrase Don’t Blink. 

  2. Nich_Hustler says:

    Woot! This trailer is more than a little cheesy. But I am looking so forward to this…