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The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Is Headed to the Kitchen

The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Is Headed to the Kitchen

Sonic screwdrivers aren’t just for solving impossible galactic problems anymore; they’re for helping you make dinner. The geek-themed kitchen accessories trend has really taken off in the last three or so years – to the degree that it’s possible to makeover your kitchen from mini fridge to aprons with pop culture touches. Licensees seem to be sitting around conference room tables cooking up ways to put franchises in the kitchen, and someone at Underground Toys realized that sonic screwdrivers make the best possible handles.

They’ve come up with a whole Doctor Who cookware line featuring the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor’s sonic, and while these sonics don’t light up or make the iconic noise, they’re still rather wonderful. You can choose from: cutlery, a vegetable peeler, a pizza cutter, and/or a scrub brush. All the tools have a plastic sonic screwdriver handle. Are they slightly tacky? Maaaybe. But, they’re tacky in the good way. Plus, using a sonic screwdriver would make washing dishes more fun.

doctor who kitchen 1

doctor who kitchen 2

doctor who kitchen 3

If you decide you simply must have these Time Lord-approved tools, you can pre-order them at Entertainment Earth. The collection starts at $15.99, and the sonic-gadgets will ship in November. That means you can get them in plenty of time to host a Doctor Who themed party for the Christmas special. If you want to go all out, remember that TARDIS teapots and ice cube trays are available.

Do you think these Who kitchen accessories are creative or cheesy? Head to the comments and let us know whether you’ll be purchasing them.

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  1. Tippy says:

    The potato peeler would come in super handy if it could actually peel a pile of them in the blink of an eye. Especially on Thanksgiving. I made a batch of mashed potatoes from scratch one year- added some twists and turns and they were a huge hit so now I get to make them every year and I sure would LOVE to have a quicker way to peel them. Maybe just the sheer awesomeness of having a Sonic Screwdriver potato peeler would make the task less mind-numbingly boring. No offense to Strax and his people. 

  2. Ondra says:

    Just had a nerdgasm …

  3. Keith E. says:

    I want the silverware and the pizza cutter. Might buy it soon, especially if I need to sonic my food. “No I am not trying to build a cabinet, I am trying to microwave my burrito.”

  4. Veronica says:

    They have the pizza cutter at Hot Topic. Had it in my hand Saturday. 

  5. dannycodes says:

    $30 for one fork, knife, and spoon…I want them, but that seems a bit ridiculous, especially since they are made of plastic and I’m sure they aren’t the best quality.