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The “Doctor Who” Cast Videos Just Keep On Coming

The Doctor Who new-season hype machine keeps churning out videos. We keep watching them. Hence, even more, more than we can keep up with. So let’s just look at a few. Want yet another Doctor Who: Insider video from BBC America? This one has Smith-Gillan-Darvill-Moffat-Kingston talking about Amy and Rory and River Song:

Meanwhile, Arthur Darvill eats pizza and hot dogs in New York:

Another Matt Smith interview, this one by HitFix (and former Newark Star-Ledger) critic Alan Sepinwall:

He also talked to Alex Kingston:

And New York Magazine’s Vulture blog took the cast to play a Doctor Who pinball game:

If you’re not in for the premiere by now, you just aren’t ever going to be in.

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  1. Guss1470 says:

    Doctor Who season 6 filmed on location in Monument Valley, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME, I LIVE 40 MINUTES AWAY FROM THERE!!!

  2. Why says:

    The only thing good my borough of Staten Island does is Pizza

  3. yogahz says:

    @ Phil – Ha! Me too, only for one second though.

  4. ron says:

    Nothing can give a man a raging nerdgasim like a good Doc Who clip

  5. Phil Defibaugh says:

    Phew, I almost stopped thinking about the premiere for a second. Also, you can really tell Matt’s voice is starting to give out in the last video. Poor guy has probably been doing interviews for two weeks straight now.