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THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR to Screen in 3D in Cinemas

It’s been on the air like so many vaporous ghost aliens, but it seems that the 3D screenings of “The Day of the Doctor,” Doctor Who‘s HIGHLY anticipated 50th anniversary special, will be showing in cinemas in eight countries, one of which is the United States! DoctorWho.TV announced yesterday that 216 cinemas in the UK would be showing the feature-length special, but also said that countries like America, Canada, Germany, and Russia would also get to see it, with the glasses, on the big screen.

BBC America will be giving more information later this week as to where and when the screenings will occur (it’s unlikely that everywhere will be showing it on Saturday the 23rd here, given that’s a big movie day). There’s also a site locator map on DoctorWho.TV as well, but as of yet, nowhere in America appears on the map, likely because tickets aren’t on sale yet.

Stay tuned for all the news regarding this special, for which we’ve been waiting for-stinking-ever, it seems like, and please give a read to my Companion’s Companion series.

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  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    Just looked it up ,it is being played in Las Vegas Nevada ,which is where I live ….so awesome .

  2. tomK says:

    50th Anniversary, 50 states…I’m just sayin’…come on, BBC…”merikuh.

  3. T. Perran Mitchell says:

    Any word yet if they they will be streaming 50th anniversary special anywhere the same day as it is broadcast? I’m having a party for it, but don’t have cable and rather pay for the show than steal it.

  4. moni says:

    such bullshit. Nowhere near the southwestern united states. One more cool thing I’ll miss.

  5. Paula says:

    Booked our tickets 2 weeks ago (Australian cinemas were announced a while ago)

  6. Alexander says:

    So pumped and already got my tickets booked