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The Dark Knight’s Golf Cart


Look, no matter how much evil Batman squashes with his Death-Monk training, at the core of it he’s still a rich white guy. As such, he is innately drawn to hit the links on weekends.

The armored golf tumbler is great in the rough, marauding through sand traps and protecting its driver from stray golf balls. It can even help you play an entire round in under 30 minutes. The only thing it can’t do is improve your short game–that’s where you have to “become an idea” and relentlessly attack chipping and putting like they killed your parents in an alley.

via LikeCool

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  1. Hurricane Ditka says:

    The question is: If I hit my ball into a water hazard, can I jump the water hazard and retrieve my ball at the same time? Or will I have to move to a laying position when I jump the water hazard?

  2. Titsmagee says:

    Oh my god that golf cart could have made Paul Blart mall cop watchable!

  3. Cam says:

    I used to work at a golf course and I hated it (probably because I know diddly squat about golf). If we had these golf carts, it would have been an infinitely more enjoyable job.

  4. Heather says:

    Batman is just a rich white guy with toys, after all.

  5. @beauryan says:

    dude. your last few posts have had me RT’n. people are gonna think i’m a super fanboy. argh. damn you with your great posts.

  6. Keri says:

    Is he Tigers new Handler to make sure only sweet moral good natured mistresses get through.

    Kind of an oxymoron like military intelligence.

  7. CeltJono says:

    Comin from a golfer (a young one, te boot), I say tha thing is brilliant. Make me 5 an we’ll ride the lanes till some maniac drives by in a semi with a rocket-launcher.
    … I wonder if it has golf-ball cannons?…

  8. Al says:

    lol yup, I read somewhere that’s what Christopher Nolan uses to get around on the Warner Bros. lot

  9. nemo says:

    Darn! I knew i lost my golf cart. Oh well 😉

  10. gigdrummer says:

    Holy shit that thing is seven shades past cool!

  11. Patti says:

    That looks awesome. I can’t play golf for shit, but I’d sure love to tool around the course in that baby! My Dad works at the pro shop at a golf course. It’d be fun to take this thing there and stop by to show him. LOL!

  12. Joey Hill says:

    I’m not a golfer per se. I like to play now and then, but if I had one of these, I would fucking be on that course every day just to scare the shit out of all of the old rich white guys on the course. Well, maybe not scare, just annoy the shit out of them. 🙂