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The CW is Very Keen to Make a SUPERNATURAL Spinoff

Did you catch “Bloodlines,” the April 29th episode of Supernatural? It was an oddly Sam and Dean-light episode, focusing instead on the monster clan beefs in modern-day Chicago.

The CW really hoped you’d like “Bloodlines,” because they planned to use the episode as a backdoor pilot for a Bloodlines spinoff series. Even if fans didn’t gravitate toward the mopey, moody world of supernatural gang warfare, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the CW is still really interested in spinning a new series out of Supernatural, which is one episode away from its ninth season finale.

Speaking with reporters, The CW president Mark Pedowitz said that the network was really high on Supernatural and were looking to do something else with the brand in the future. And by “future,” I mean this summer: Pedowitz said that network executives will start discussions on the fate of a spinoff in June and July.

“I’ve already spoken to the creator and the studio. They know that we want to develop once more next season, a Supernatural spinoff. What it is and what it isn’t yet is still in the air.”

Supernatural has been a show without a strong purpose for a couple of years now, living on the charisma of its two leads, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. After Season 5 more or less wrote the show a perfect, closed ending, strong ratings brought it back for a sixth, season, leading us to wars in heaven, wars in hell, monster scholars living in bunkers, and Sam and Dean’s on again/off-again feelings of filial loyalty and willingness to slay some demons.

So where would you like to see Supernatural go?

HT: The Hollywood Reporter via Screen Rant

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  1. Casey says:

    If you want to do a “bloodlines spinoff”, focus on the bloodlines of Mary Campbell and John Winchester.

  2. Kyle Masiker says:

    Spin off about John Winchester during his younger years building his journal. Or a spin off about Samuel Colt

  3. stormkapow45 says:

    How about a spin off showing the early hunting days of Bobby Singer?  Or how about doing something with The Men of Letters? 

  4. Josh says:

    Regardless of abrupt detour, the episode was just plain boring. High hopes dashed.

  5. kmconley says:

    I feel like they were trying to capitalize on a female driven fan base and made a forbidden love family drama with hot guys, and underestimated the rabid love of the show’s mythology and the already established characters.  This was a throw away episode in a season that has been plagued by weeks off and a slow moving plot.  I love this show and I want a spinoff but only if they do it right and keep it within the known Supernatural universe. 

  6. Hayley says:

    “Bloodlines” was such a terrible episode, I’d be really glad if they discarded that whole premise for a spin-off and came up with something actually clever and original. I would have been down with a spin off for Garth or Sheriff Jody or particularly Felicia Day in Oz. And as much as I love Supernatural, it really should have ended at season 5. I’d be thrilled to see them really shake things up and get original too. 

  7. Jane says:

    Felicia Day and Dorthy (season 9 episode 4) fighting their way through OZ or having to deal with the creatures of OZ coming into the real world.

  8. cardsfanbj says:

    I would have liked the episode more if they hadn’t changed up the fact that shapeshifters don’t just morph shapes back and forth effortlessly. Shapeshifters earlier in the series made a huge mess. They shed their entire skin in a goopy pile and regrew it. In the bloodlines episode, the one guy shifted between frames, right before the other guy’s eyes. 
    I realize that it would make it a ton easier on the special effects artists if they were going to do it weekly and not gross out the fans and make him more likeable, but it feels like a complete cop-out. 

    • Chris says:

      They had the thing in Season 6 (which I wish I could forget) where there were Alpha monsters, and the Alpha shapeshifter could do that. It may be a skill that shapeshifters with a more “pure” bloodline have.

    • The shifter
       Issue truly bothered me, 

  9. unchelled says:

    I tried to type that exact thing the. My iPad ate it. The episode may have faired better earlier in the season. Interrupting the story arc with it was the kiss of death. 
    We need to get back to saving people, hunting things, the family business. Trying to turn one of them into the devil every season is played out. The story line with the Four Horsemen was an exciting detour, I would be up that kind of adventure too. 

  10. mad says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a spinoff of this seasons episode 119 ALEX ANNIE ALEXIS ANNE, starring Sheriff Jody Mills and her new reformed vampire step daughter

  11. The episode may have been better earlier in the season, it was such a detour from the arc of the story. It was an ok episode but could have been much stronger.

  12. rusty says:

    Not to mention there were a ton backdoor pilots last season, too (the one with the witch cop, the one with the social media werewolf kids, the one with the kid who owns a golem, the one with Prometheus, the one with the teenage hunters, and everything with Benny the World’s Least Interesting Cajun Pirate Vampire). I have a feeling Charlie was kind of an attempt at a spin-off character, too. 

  13. rogue3 says:

    That episode was jarringly disconnected from the rest of the episode, and if Sam & Dean hadn’t shown up I wouldn’t have even known it was related to Supernatural.
    While I wouldn’t mind a spin-off, it should be done with an already-established character. The problem is any spin-off worthy character has already been killed off. Bobby and Rufus are gone. Ellen & Jo.  Cas & Crowley are too high-level for their own show. Sheriff Jody is a possibility, but I don’t know if she has the charisma to lead a series.
    I could see maybe Garth or Charlie getting their own show, but I’m not sure how they’d bring Charlie back.
    As much as I love the show, perhaps it is time to just let it fade into the sunset.