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The Comic-Con Constantine Trailer Sparks Excitement

On Saturday night, DC and Warner Brothers Television swooped in to close out the night with a massive bash hosted by Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell. There, the four current DC based television properties, Gotham, Arrow, Flash and Constantine, were put on display. Now, WBTV has released a brand new trailer for Constantine that you can watch right now:

During the screening of the pilot episode at the series’ panel over the weekend, many press learned that the original pilot released to critics during upfronts had been modified in two drastic ways that, while ultimately going unnoticed to fans who never saw the original cut, will have extreme effects on the direction the series takes. The most notable change involves the way a particular character in the pilot can be involved in the series’ future, but that’s all we can really say without getting into spoiler territory.

Overall, this trailer looks very well done and gets us even more excited for the cigarette smoking demon hunter’s small screen debut than the original trailer did from May. It’s just a shame October is such a far ways away because this looks like a series that’ll definitely make us want to stay in on Friday nights (while Hannibal is on break).

Constantine premieres October 24th on NBC.

Which DC TV show has you the most excited for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Nathaniel H says:

    Filmed in Atlanta!  And now, after seeing the “City of Atlanta Medical Examiner” car in the trailer, set here too!  Heck yeah!

  2. Jj Smathers says:

    I am really looking forward to The Flash the most, but I am excited about them all.

  3. Salome says:

    If Chaz dies, we riot?

  4. deklein says:

    i wonder if swamp thing will show up.

  5. d_hell says:

    Dr Fate helmet @  00:27