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The Best Late Night Monologue EVER.

I think the real winner of the whole late night clusterfuck is Jimmy Kimmel, who has whipped in and consistently lacerated this whole affair with hilarity like a champion fencer. This monologue further proves it. This is, without a doubt, the best opening show monologue I think I have ever seen. Monologues of recent years are unwatchable because they’re useless pap–timewasters to glide you into an antiquated show format. Monologues are usually soulless fluff, and it is almost always obvious that the deliverer couldn’t care less about the words coming out of his mouth.

THIS is what a monologue should be: honest, funny, personal and lathered in relevant social commentary. I hope it starts a trend.

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  1. Michael says:

    The late show with craig ferguson has the best monologues ever. Did you see the one where he talks the passing of his father? That was absolutely the best monologue ever. It was completely heartfelt, honest, emotional and funny all at the same time.

  2. TN_Spirit says:

    I have avoided discussing anything about Jay Leno except with the people in my head (who are very argumentative, and sort of dull-witted, honestly) simply because I was so irritated with the situation I feared being able to construct a rational sentence. Kimmel took Leno to task in quite a satisfying and funny manner. I hope to see more like this well.

  3. Deltus says:

    Kimmel has always been funnier and edgier than Leno. Leno shouldn’t have invited him on if he wasn’t prepared to handle him.

  4. Tamz says:

    ‘This video contains footage from Jimmy Kimmel live, who has decided to block it in your country’

    Ahh crap.

  5. FubarGuy says:

    I’d hardly call that the “best” monologue ever, unless it’s the best Kimmel has ever done. Which I’d believe. He’s mediocre on a good day, he was much funnier in that other hit show he had – what was it called again? Nothing comes to mind, I wonder why.

  6. Chris says:

    At this point making fun of Jay Leno is just too easy. Yes we know, he’s a big meanie and all of us cool hosts think he’s a jerk. Yawn. He might as well be making a Toger Woods joke at this point…I’m not sure what’s so honest and soulful…

  7. I never watch Kimmel but this was a good clip to peak my interest.
    BTdub, you’re hilarious during the brief moments you’re on AOTS.

  8. @BeauRyan says:

    Kimmel pwned Leno! amazing. If this starts a trend, I may just pay for cable again.

  9. Martha says:

    I totally agree with JohnO above. Jimmy Kimmel is my hero, and his remarks were great, but Craig Ferguson gave the best monologue in late-night history. Honest? Check. Funny? Yep. Personal? Very much so. Lathered in relevant social commentary? All the way. If you have never seen it, click on the link in JohnO’s comment (it’s two comments before this one).

  10. JohnO says:

    This monologue by Craig Ferguson discussing Britney Spears remains my all-time favorite:

  11. alysia says:

    I love that everyone was kind of having fun with the whole thing. It was fun to watch Letterman and Kimmel taking jabs at it, too. Fallon pretty much stayed out of the whole thing, though.
    As far as scripted monologues go, Craig Ferguson usually seems the less scripted.

  12. Well put, sir. This whole debacle has actually made late night watchable again, and Kimmel was the clear king. I’m hoping that Kimmel can keep up this trend and come September, Conan can rock it out as well.

  13. Michelle says:

    I like Jimmy Kimmel. I agree it was all funny, honest, and relevant. Everyone sounds way too scripted..Bravo Kimmel. Also, nicely done on the oh- so subtle wording with the vaginal insertion references.. no one would ever catch on “..pap–timewasters to glide you into ..”