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The Apple Sisters Come to NerdMelt Monday

You’ll see my regular post about what’s coming up this week at NerdMelt tomorrow, but for now, let’s take a look at the promo for The Apple Sisters: Ghouls Night Out!


(Promo by Christina Johns- @c_johns)

This show is Monday at 8pm, and we are so happy to have Candy, Cora, and Seedy on our stage for the first time.

Here are the details:

The award-winning, musical comedy trio set in 1943, The Apple Sisters present their Halloween spook-tacular GHOULS NIGHT OUT! Someone or someTHING is haunting their Aunt Gala’s mansion, and the girls must channel their inner Nancy Drews to suss out the suspect before they get sussed. And there is a murderer on the loose!

PREPARE yourself for the three part shrieks and mystifying moves of their ghouly songs and dances!

BEWARE of the terrifying slapstick and bloody mess beyond compare!

WATCH OUT for that razor in your Apple…Sister!

No one is safe from the gut-busting giggles of terror. Be afraid. Be very afraid. To DIE laughing!

Sing along with your favorite Apple Sister Halloween delights, like the yummy tune “Trick or Treat”; prepare to meet your match with “Three Little Merry Murderers”; and your eyes won’t be playing tricks on you when you see these ghosts come to life with the terrifying number “Rebels with Caws.” Sponsored by Corndy, the corn flavored candy.

Tickets are $15 and they are going fast. Get them here!

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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