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The All-Female GHOSTBUSTERS is a Go with Paul Feig and Katie Dippold

After all the talk, this one’s officially in the green: Paul Feig will be tackling that third installment of Ghostbusters and, just as earlier rumors assumed, it will be an all-lady affair. Get ready for the sky to crumble, dudes!

Kidding, obviously. Everything will be fine! More than fine, maybe/even! In fact, with Feig on board and The Heat writer Katie Dippold behind the script, surely there will be some funny to be found — even if the three ghost-hunting leads have vaginas instead of penii (which is totally the plural of penis, right?). It happens from time to time, as predicted in the urban legends surrounding funny females that has been passed down from generation to generation. And what with that recent blood moon we just had, surely that was a sign that the gods have called forth three worthy women who ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

And after years of waiting for Bill Murray to agree to suit up, it’s nice to see something finally come out of the long-gestating project — to say nothing of how a new take (rather than a repeat of what’s already been done twice over, cough) might breathe new life into the franchise and bring a whole new audience (and feel) into the world of stoppin’ ghosts. It’s time, America: isn’t it? Does everything have to really be all that sacred that we can’t have a little fun with it?

What do you think about an all-female Ghostbusters? Leave your nerd rage (and joy) in the comments below.

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  1. JoeJohnston says:

    My problem with this is that is feels like a gimmick. An all female Ghostbuster wouldn’t be a problem but they fact they’re not considering anything else BUT females, raises a flag. I’d rather see them cast funny people than lock into a gimmick for this. If they cast the right relevant comedians, this could actually end up being a HUGE film, akin to the original. I love the Ghostbusters mythos and have my pick for what I think are current-day comedians that sort of measure up to the likes of Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis in the 80s. They are:
    -Kumail Nanjiani-Chris Hardwick-Moshe Kasher-Amy Schumer-Natasha Leggero-Louis CK-Sarah Silverman-Bill Hader-Eric Andre-Aziz Ansari-Pete Holmes-Amy Poehler-Aubrey Plaza-Rashida Jones-Tina Fey-Adam Scott-Mindy Kaling-Chris D’elia-Brody Stevens-Bill Burr-Anders Holm

  2. Hector says:

    THANK GOD it’s going to destroy there careers and we won’t have to see another all female crap-fest for the next 10 years!

  3. Jack Creed says:

    I have not issue with a female cast, but making it a reboot just sucks!  There’s no reason you can’t take twenty odd minutes of screen time to pass the torch and make it a part of the original film series.  I don’t think I could bring myself to watch a reboot.

  4. Kurono says:

    Welp. I hated The Heat so if it’s writing style is similar to that, I’m rather uninterested. But hopefully that’s not the case. And please keep Melissa McCarthy away from the project. And someone here said Nikki Glaser would be good… no. Just no.

  5. Stanz says:

    The only major problem I would have with the film is if it’s a reboot because the first movies were so perfectly done that to reboot them would be a slap in the face to the fans… but a sequel would be ok, hopefully.

  6. Jims says:

    I love this game: Tilda Swinton as the uptight scientist, Lisa Kudrow as the excitable scientist, Olivia Coleman as the wisecracker goofy scientist, and Kristen Bauer Van Stratton as the hired muscle.

  7. Jdawg says:

    Jenny Slater should be in the cast, somewhere, somehow.

  8. Saeed says:

    Man. Woman. 1980’s style androgynous human.As long as it’s a great movie, I’m all in!

  9. Marissa says:

    It’s penises. If a word ends in “us” the plural is “i”. If it is “is” then the plural is “ses”

  10. TheEnd8888 says:

    I want to make a Wonder Woman movie, but have Wonder Woman be a man.

  11. TheEnd8888 says:

    If Melissa McCarthy steps anywhere near this movie I will get really mad and complain on twitter, No seriously that woman is not funny.

  12. It’s ghostbusters. If the writing stays true, I’M IN!

  13. I hope they cast some young female comedy talent. Nikki Glaser would be perfect.

  14. #YvetteNicoleBrownForGhostbusters

  15. Brian says:

    WoW! Another reboot with a dumb gimmick I can skip. Thanks Hollywood!

  16. meh says:

    Why is every single piece of entertainment treated as some sort of social statement , on this site. From movies to t-shirts to video games. I come here to find entertainment, not be preaced at about the -ism of the day. It’s a movie, if it’s good I will be happy. If it sucks, then Hollywood has raped another part of my childhood.  I am, somewhat, discouraged by  the use of a gimmick, like an all (whatever) cast.

  17. Amelia says:

    Yeees!! Really Im so happy!!! I want Kristen Wiig and Anne Farris on this! and Ana Kendrick and Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey, oh God, wouldnt hurt me if Felicia Day or Tatiana Maslani joins the cast. Finally I have a reason to say I cant even. (also Tea Leoni)

  18. Jim says:

    If Sandra Bullock even sniffs at this thing I’m going to hurl myself off a building.

  19. Ponyboy says:

    If Fleetwood Mac, a band in their late 60s and early 70s, can come back and tour succesfully in 2014… then the living actors from a flick like Ghostbusters can surely come back and do GB3! 

  20. jess says:

    Please let Kristen Wiig be in  this.

  21. Josh says:

    We can only hope that it’s so bad that no one ever speaks of it.

  22. If the cast is going to be filled with women who are funny, irreverent, kooky, and just as wondrously eccentric as the former cast – I am all about it. If it’s gonna be babes in jumpsuits get slimmed….I’m gonna go cry in my corner.