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Episode 10: Terrified
Petey Dammit

Terrified #10: Petey Dammit

Petey Dammit, bassist/guitarist in the acclaimed garage punk band Thee Oh Sees, joins Dave this week.  Recorded in Petey’s kitchen in San Francisco!  Petey, who is possibly the world’s sweetest and kindest man, straight-up hates himself, and spends this episode rooting around in his brain to reveal why.

Go to and catch him on tour!

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  1. Brittany says:

    I have no idea how or why either of you are single. The levels of self awareness, humor, politeness, acceptance… idk. It makes no sense to me. Neither of you will end up alone, it just can’t be possible.

    Talking about girls at shows though, and the lack of them hitting on you… seriously, I would never think to (or have the courage to) actually approach a guy who was in a show, comedy or music, for many reasons, none of which should make either of you feel inadequate.

    For one, you’d be incredibly intimidating just because of that level of “power” or whatever.
    I would assume both of you hook up with random girls in random towns and I would never want to be that girl.
    And also… my shyness alone is reasonably crippling, but add in the fact that you two put yourselves out there like you do for you music and your comedy, to potentially be booed off a stage… I would just assume we’re very different people (you as life of the party versus me, who’d be sitting in a corner somewhere reading or something waiting for my social friend to leave the party lol).
    And we can never leave out the general insecurities, predicting I’d be rejected. We all know that fear.

    But listening to both of you talk on here, and Dave I’ve listed to you many times on Sex Nerd Sandra (and soon all of these Terrified podcasts – they’re fantastic, keep it up!), I mean… I wish I had people this open and self aware to have these types of conversations with in my life, you guys are awesome. You’ll both be just fine. Happily married someday… or whatever you want to have happen.

  2. Melissa says:

    Favorite episode. Petey is a great guest, because he is perfect at articulating what he doesn’t like about himself. Amazing guy. Love the show!

  3. Robin says:

    How could a single woman listen to this and not want to date Petey? What a sweetheart! He really seems to have a good heart and I think he’ll find someone worthy – hopefully sooner rather than later. Great podcast!

  4. forlornfox says:

    Petey is my soul twin. Great interview, my favorite so far.