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EXCLUSIVE! “Teen Titans Go!” Poster Premiere

Teen Go

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans has been off the air since 2006, and the void has been felt by fans of the DC animated show ever since. Now, we can stop worrying because a new series, Teen Titans Go!, is premiering in April; It reunites the team and the exact same voice cast from the original series for all-new adventures, and a whole new animation style. Check out the exclusive poster below; this is what the cast will be signing this weekend at WonderCon. Their signing session will be Saturday, March 30th, from 1:30-2:15 at the DC booth (#801) and later that afternoon, from 4-5pm, there will be a Teen Titans Go! panel in Room 300 AB. If you’re in Anaheim this weekend, do not miss either of these, and get ready for Titanic action on April 23rd at 7:30pm ET/PT.

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  1. Dank619 says:

    i knew this show was shit when i first seen the previews. talkin bout same personalitys.. bullshit.! teen titans was super dope.

  2. JessiKat22 says:

    My Boys Love this new Teen Titans GO on CN They are only 7 and 9 so have no idea about the earlier or comics. They just LOVE the characters of this show 🙂 The others were for older kids I wouldn’t let them watch those but they can watch this one.

  3. Erika says:

    I think the new show is pretty funny But I wish they could bring back the Teen Titans as they were a few years ago….there is a lot of questions that were left unanswered;/

  4. stormcloud says:

    Face it CN doesn’t care about anyone over the age of 12 and this new eye sore proves it.

  5. Ed Deh says:

    Yeah they [email protected]$cked it up sorry but this is ridiculous. I’m not gonna bother with this, hell I know I can run CN better. CN and [AS] have both list it. CN was awesome when dbz was on along with naruto and such and the cartoons like flapjack and Ed edd and eddy were awesome. CN can’t run in its own it keeps changing programming every year c’mon hole in the wall, dood what would happen? Stupid ass shows they need to really think things through

  6. Jonathan says:


    Why are we shunning this new found opportunity?


    This is great. Nowadays, a nerdy fan base is not enough to keep good shows running. Because shows like adventure time have action AND comedy, they are successful.

    This is the Titan’s opportunity to blend back into the world, and start up again! This is a really great show, and Just because they bring it back a bit different doesn’t mean it’ll suck.




    Give the titans a chance. Just give em’ a shot guys… please.

    If everyone keeps complaining, they may never come back again.


  7. Isa-chan says:

    This is idiotic! I was estatic to hear that teen titans was being brought back but this is just a bad idea! Me and my mom used to love watching teen titans because they weren’t afraid to be dark or dangerous. I cant see CN letting the show be dark. I was going to look past the animations, but then looked at Cyborg. Oh no you didn’t. What they fudge happened to him?! Did something go wrong with the animations or have the artists gotten that bad?! I can say that you wont catch me watching this trash.

  8. GA says:

    No, just no. I grew up with this show and, while I was sad to see it end, I don’t want it brought back especially like this. It’s breaking my heart to know that this once great show will join my TV B.S list. I can’t believe TV has gotten so warped that they will take a perfect show like Teen Titans and bastardize it like they are now. I pity today’s youth for having this junk when only a few years ago the shows were so awesome.

  9. Michael Alex Kawa says:

    This is a mistake . It might of worked as shorts ,but without the heart and the drama of the original show ,it is really just a waste .

  10. You know…… There is always YOUTUBE, HULU, CRUNCHYROLL. The CN Website. There is also CartoonHangover where the older teens can go and check out some of the more humorous side of animation IE The Bravest Warriors, a creation from the team that does Adventure Time with Finn & Jake. Yea, I get it……….. CN Isn’t IMHO working with a full deck at the moment or if it is? It was tainted with some of Joker’s Wacky chemicals. I’d love to see some of teh artistic talents that went into the DC to DVD movies head to series syndication and pick up where Justice League left off or DO the whole REboot thing and do a “52” of their own. I’d love to see Dexter’s Labratory return with the cast aged to say dexter being 13 or 14 or hell BETTER YET! WHY NOT CONTACT BLEEDMAN AND work out some contract deal and bring him on board! He’s cont.ed om with the CN Universe and even made it better.

  11. MK says:

    toonsmyth – This was a pretty darn good series with a decent sized run. They were full half-hour episodes with some pretty fun/quality stories. What small doses are you talkin’ ’bout? Was there another mini-series/interstitial like the clone wars?

  12. l.21 says:

    Hated seeing Young Justice go, especially after JUST finding it.


    Love to see Teen Titans back. Seems like a very “KID” animation style, but I said the same thing when TT first came out camparing it to JL & JLU.

  13. george rojas says:

    im still on the fence about CN canceling young justice, and i really hope that last weeks episode wasnt the last because it had one hell of an ending and also it wasnt as action packed as the episode before, and to bring back TT as a saturday nora the explorer style animation is not a good idea, i dont know what the hell CN is thinking, they should had at least made it look like YJ animation style. dont get me wrong it looks kind of alright, i mean i still watch it because i gotta get my Robin and DC hero fix, but CN needs to bring back YJ and theyll have more viewers, lets just hope that the new batman CGI show will help with that…

  14. Drakeo says:

    “ugh. Such a huge mistake to rehash something that worked in small doses into an entire show. They SHOULD make those SuperBFF shorts with Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl into something longer! Love to see more of THOSE!” – toonsmyth

    I also agree that SuperBFF should have been longer,that artwork by Lauren Frost is just Gorgeous! hell I’d love to see not just that but Animal Man..I loved those Animal Man shorts..

  15. geekmetal says:

    so they want to do another Americanized anime with the titans? is this why they cancelled Young Justice? F.U. Cartoon Network & DC.

  16. Dennis says:

    Teen Titans GO! Don’t you mean Teen Titans SD. Naruto already did this.

  17. Will Geisler says:

    As a young man who grew up watching teen titans the series has meant a lot to me. I still tear up when robin tells slade he already has a “father”, But this is not teen titans. Not only did they cancel “Clone wars”, “Young Justice”, and “Green Lantern” but most of CN’s current programming is terrible. I worry for today’s youth.

  18. may not be returning. No they are not returning. Also Korra returns at the end of April.

  19. CJ says:

    let me get this – they brought back what was a clever animated series back in 2006 into something so dumb down that it only works (in my opinion) via 1 – 2 minute bursts … yet there’s a possibility that Green Lantern and Young Justice may not be returning? What the fuh’hell, Cartoon Network? Your a r s e is getting steam rolled over by Nick via their Avatar: The Legend of Kora !!

  20. Chrispy says:

    Just wish it could have been an adaptation of Art Baltazar/Franco’s great comic Tiny Titans! That book was so great and was tailor made for an animated series.

  21. I just squeed so loudly that every TV and glass surface in my house and within a 5 mile radius has shattered.

    Totally worth it.

  22. toonsmyth says:

    ugh. Such a huge mistake to rehash something that worked in small doses into an entire show. They SHOULD make those SuperBFF shorts with Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl into something longer! Love to see more of THOSE!